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Fossil Smartwatch Amazon Daily Quiz Contest Today Answer (21 February 2019)

Amazon Quiz Time Daily 8-12 Answers , Amazon Daily Quiz

Apple Watch 21 February Quiz Answers. Today Amazon Quiz Time , Amazon Daily Quiz Time Answer , Amazon 8-12 Quiz Answer , Amazon Today’s Questions Answers, Quiz Winner – If You Interested To Winning Free Prizes Just Giving Some Simple Amazon Questions Answer & You Have Littlest Bit General Knowledge Then Must You Have To Participate On Amazon Quiz Time Today. Free Recharge Tricks

How To Play This Today Amazon Daily Quiz Content –

1. First Of All Download Latest Amazon India App

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2. Create / Login On Account

3. Scroll Down Home Page & There You Will Get To See Amazon Quiz & Win Prize

4. Click On That Content Then Click On START & Starting To Play

5. There You Will Receive 5 To 10 Questions & Each Of Questions Have 4 Different Answer

6. You Have To Select Correct One & Then Automatically Move On Next Questions Again Choose Correct Suggestions

7. Once You Done & Answers Correctly Of All Questions Amazon Give You A Congratulations Meninges On Screen

8. Now Select & Lucky User Will Win The Prize & Delivered It Within 3 Month

Amazon Quiz Answer Win Apple Watch (21 December 2019)

Qm1 King Edward, Maris Piper and Romano are all types of which vegetable?
Answer: Potato

2 Which of these planets does NOT have a ring around it?
Answer: Venus

3 Which highway makes up the longest road in India?
Answer: National Highway 44

4 In India, the highest temprature ever was recorded on 19 May 2016 in Phalodi, Rajsthan. How much was this?
Answer: 51 degree celsius

5 Zoya Akhtar’s film Gully Boy recently hit the box office. Which movie was her directorial debut?
Answer: Luck by chance

29 January 2019 Fossil Smartwatch Quiz Answers –

1. This actor died in 1984 and also starred in a movie named ‘1984’. Who is he?

Answer – Richard Burton

2. Which famous superhero movie quoted ‘With great power comes great responsibility’?

Answer – Spider-Man

3. If you are spotted eating this in Singapore, you will be fined. What is it?

Answer – Chewing gum

4. A shrimp’s heart is located in it’s head.

Answer – True

5. What is the name of the museum in Croatia where one can find displays such as a memory jar, champagne bottle corks and a positive pregnancy test?

Answer – Museum of broken relationships

Amazon Quiz Answers 2 January 2019 Today Win Oppo RI7 Phone

Q.1 Which nation’s athletes traditionally enter last in the Parade of Nations at the opening ceremony of the Olympics?
Answer : The host nation

Q.2 What is the official residence of the Pope?
Answer : Apostolic Palace

Q.3 What is the largest living bird by wingspan?
Answer : The Wandering Albatross

Q.4 Which state recently organized the 3rd Dwijing Festival 2018?
Answer : Assam

Q.5 Oscar Swahn holds the recod for being the oldest Olympic medalist. How old was he when he won and made this record?
Answer : 72

Amazon Sony Portable Party System Quiz Answers – 29th December 2018

1. Which was the first Indian movie that was submitted for an Oscar?

Answer: Mother India

2. Which country boycotted the 1980 Olympics?

Answer: USA

3. What newspaper does Peter Parker work for?

Answer: The Daily Bugle

4. Who was the first Indian to win an Oscar?

Answer: Bhanu Athaiya

5. Featuring over 70 songs, which of these bollywood films holds the record for the highest number of songs?

Answer: Indrasabha

Answer And Win An Armani Watch Today (28 December 2018)

1. Which element was discovered on the Sun before it was discovered on Earth?
Answer: Helium

2. In which country is Mount Vesuvius located?
Answer: Italy

3. In 305 BC, which Maurya ruler defeated Alaxander’s general Seleucus Nicator?
Answer: Chandragupta Maurya

4. The Portsmouth college in UK offers a course to its students in which of these languages?
Answer: Hinglish

5. Which team won the 2018 FIFA Club World Cup?
Answer: Real Madrid

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