Amazon Diamonds Redeem – Get Free Diamonds to Use Save Money

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Amazon Diamonds Rewards Offer

Get Free Amazon Diamonds to use without spending money From Amazon Diamond Offer

Amazon Diamonds Offer, Free Amazon diamonds, Amazon Diamonds Redeem Loot- Hi Viewers, hope you guys all are doing good. Today I am here with an interesting Loot Offer from Amazon, named Amazon Diamonds Offer. Amazon Great Indian Festival is started on October 2nd, 2021 for Prime subscribers, and for all users from October 3rd, 2021, enjoy the wonderful offers by amazon.

Amazon is back with a new offer to earn free Amazon Diamonds from Amazon Diamonds Offer and add those with existing Diamonds and Use those to buy in Amazon. 

Amazon Diamonds Offer

This Amazon Diamonds Offer offers Diamonds to its users, Diamonds or nothing but the points. The Points are offered by shopping, sign up for prime membership, playing games, referring friends, watching videos, and doing some other activities on Amazon.

As a part of Amazon’s Great Indian Festival it offering Bonus Diamonds to its users or customer who has to make shopping at Amazon in the last 1 year.

How to Get Free Amazon Diamonds from Amazon Diamonds Offer?

1. First of all, you have to update your Amazon App through the link given below.

2. Open the app and go to the Home section.

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Amazon Diamonds Offer

3.  Here you can see new Images of products and their details.

4. You have got the Amazon Diamonds to Gurrenteed Cashback in Amazon Pay Balance.

5. Here you can collect a Cashback Coupon by using the available diamonds.

6. You can make shopping, do some sales by completing the purchases, then you will get instant Cashback to your wallet.

How to earn Amazon Diamonds? 

  • You can earn diamonds worth min of Rs.100 by doing Shopping in Amazon.
  • There are so many ways to earn Diamonds, you can play games in games section and earn Diamonds.
  • If you Sign up with Amazon by Annual Prime Membership then you will get More Diamonds compared with Normal Account holders.

How to Redeem Amazon Diamonds?

  • You can convert your Diamonds 
  • And do shopping and get Coupons through that Coupons you will get Cashback rewards.
  • If you have prime membership, you have more diamonds an get more rewards.
  • You can play Jackpot by using Diamonds and get the chance to win big rewards.
Amazon Diamonds Offer

Note: The diamonds you earned are valid only till the Amazon Great Indian Festival’s end time.

When did I receive Amazon Diamonds into my Account?

You will get those won Diamonds into your account after 7 days from the order has been placed. But remember that, if you cancel the products then you will not get Diamonds. And also remember that, if you redeem the diamonds for a game/reward at once then you did not have the chance to refund back those diamonds. 

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