What is AST YES 9222208888 – Use & Video e-KYC Process?

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What is AST Yes 9222208888 – Video e-KYC Process?

Use of AST YES 9222208888 SMS / Call Banking Number? We have been Working in the Blogging Field for the Last 7 Years, In this Long Time we have been Helping and providing Our Users by Solving Their Online Queries and Requirements.

Recently a few Users have asked for a Particular Number and Used that Number. Today we Will Explain the Use of the Number and Link ICICI Bank. The question is: –

Do ICICI Bank persons are giving a call to clients for Video e-KYC for credit cards. They are asking for PAN, DOB, etc. asking to send SMS as AST YES on 9222208888. Is it the authentic process or some fraud?

What is AST YES 9222208888 - Video e-KYC Process?

Where ICICI Official Twitter Handel Answers this Question Hi, we appreciate your vigilance and urge you to not share any confidential financial information with anyone on call, SMS, or email. We request you to write to [email protected] with your contact details in case you receive any such call, SMS, or email.

We confirm to you that, the call you have received has not been made by ICICI Bank. ICICI Bank never asks for personal, account, or financial information from the customers. Please do not reveal your financial details or passwords too.

What is AST YES 9222208888 Number by ICICI Credit Card:

1: Sometimes Many Froudstar and Scammers Call You as ICICI Online Credit Card Department Team.

2: Then He/She Says You Am From ICICI Bank Credit Card Department

3: They Tell You are Eligible for an ICICI Bank Credit Card and You Will Get a Credit Limit Upto Rs.10,00,000

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4. Sometimes They are SMS as Same Way and Told to Send an SMS to the Below Number.

AST YES 9222208888

5. They Tell You after Sending the SMS You Will Check Eligibility and Your Credit Scores.

6. If You Receive this Kind of SMS or Call That Isn’t Real, It Can Be a Fake / Scammer

7. So Always be Safe from this Kind of Fake Call and SMS and Don’t Do any Action as They Request.

8. If You Think it Suspicious then Must Report it On ICICI Banking Customer Care.

9: This Time Lots Of People Getting SMS and Calls from Fraudstar.

10: You Can Check the Below Witter Handel Post to Get a Better Information


What is AST YES?

Saying “AST YES” Means You Agree To A Regular Payment.

Does ICICI Bank Call for Credit Cards?

Actually, This Isn’t True. It’s A Trick To Get Your Card Details. Someone Might Call Or Text You About Extra Charges On A Purchase.

What Is 9222208888?

If You Use Icici Bank And Want To Find A Branch, You Can Send An SMS to 9222208888. To Find The Bank Branch, Text From The Phone Number You Have With The Bank. Automated Screen Trading Is A Computer Program That Lets You Trade All Day. Globex, Used For Foreign Money Exchange, Is A Well-known Example.

How Can I Stop Unwanted Calls From Icici Bank?

To Stop These Calls, Register With Your Phone Company On The “Do Not Call” List By Trai. Can Icici Send A One-time Password To Email? Yes, During Sign-up, Icici Will Send An Otp To Your Phone Or Email.

AST YES 9222208888

How Is The Ast Test Done?

The AST test Uses A Blood Sample. A Doctor Or Nurse Takes Blood From Your Arm With A Needle. The Blood Goes To A Lab To Be Checked. Your Doctor Will Tell You The Results Later.

What is AST safety?

Advanced Security Training (AST) is needed for security workers to get permission to use handcuffs. They need to renew this certificate every three years.AST is a way to check apps for security problems to make them safer against threats.


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