BHIM KotakPay App Offer – Rs.25 Cashback On Each Transaction Upto 750


BHIM KotakPay UPI App Loot Offer / Cashback 750 / Rs.25 Cashback On Each Transaction

Bhim KotakPay UPI App Based On BHIM Is Offering The Rs.25 Cashback On Each UPI Transactions. I Hope You Everyone Will Enjoy This Offer & Able Earn Unlimited Bank Cash Like Our Previous Post Bhim UPI Exchange Offer, So KotakPay User Make Transaction & Get This Offer Benifit. So Let’s See This Offer & Enjoy Real Cash Earnings
Bhim KotakPay Offer – Generate Bhim KotakPay UPI Handle & Make Transaction & Get Rs.25 For Each & Every Successful Bank To Bank Money Transafer.

Biggest Loot Offer Of Bhim KotakPay UPI :

All government & non government bank has personal upi handle for bank to bank money Transaction without paying any cost. after Bhim Loot Offer almost maximum bank launched official upi app & among them KotakPay is app app of Kotak bank

BHIM KotakPay App Offer

In this blog we try to provide best offer and loot, Free Recharge Tricks and user favorite & Free Paytm Cash heavy popular at this time, similarly UPI App Loot also is popular in internet, so we never missed to update you biggest upi loot offer.
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Todays we talking about Bhim KotakPay UPI offer where user get ₹25 cash in to bank account gor making 100 transaction, so you have a opportunity to earn 750 bank money every month.

Bhim KotakPay Future

1.Create your Virtual Payment Address (VPA)

2. Send Money or Receive Money
3. Collect Money
4. Link all your bank accounts (part of UPI)
5. Balance enquiry
6. Set/Reset UPI PIN
7. Check transaction status
8. Raise a query
Get Started:

BHIM KotakPay UPI App Offer – Get Rs.25 Cashback On Each Transactions :

1, First Of All Just Download Kotakpay App From Here

Bhim kotakpay

2. Now Install & Open The App

3. Signup New Account In KotakPay App Selecting Bank Registered Number

4. On The Next Page It Will Ask Refer UPI Address Put [email protected]

4. Now Set Up Your UPI Id There With Selecting Your Bank , Now You Will See Your @Kotak VPA Address
Now Send Minimum Rs.100 From Your @Kotak UPI Address To Different-Different UPI/Account Number/Mobile Number (You can Use Different @paytm , @PhonePe UPI Address For Send Money)

6. You Will Earn Rs 25 for Each Send money Unique Transactions Of Rs.100+

Rs.500 Total You Can Earn From This Offer

Terms & Conditions :

This offer is made to the usersof Kotak Mahindra Banking App and BHIM Kotakpay App.

Offe are honest to goodness for trades done till 31st March, 2019 (“Offer Period”).

This Offer is non-far from being obviously true, non-encashable and can’t be clubbed with some other offer.

Customers are met all requirements for both Offer 1 and Offer 2.
Timetable month will be used for calculation of “Month”.

he exceptional trade/uniqueness will be checked start UPI ID + Account No/IFSC + Mobile Number. Simply first trade between the sender and recipient is seen as stand-out.

Any subsequent trade between a comparable sender and recipient won’t be seen as noteworthy.
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In the above case, if payer sends money to any payee with capabilities as showed from serial number 1 to 4 in the above table then these trades should not be viewed as partitioned trades. If payer exchanges each to Sr. No 1 to 4 at that point rather than considering these 4 novel trades, this will be viewed as single excellent trade. In addition, if a customer exchanges to any Sr.No 1 to 4 above and to Sr.No 5 then these ought to be two stand-out trades.

If User A has sent money to customer B (before this offer period or in this offer period) by then next trade between customer An and customer B won’t be fit the bill for cashback
Customer is met all requirements for most extraordinary 750 cashback consistently through both Offer 1 and Offer 2.

Customer can trade money through UPI ID, Account number + IFSC or compass QR code yet sending money through AADHAAR number ought not be considered for the both Offer 1 and Offer 2.

Terms & Conditions

Cashback on the trades ought to be paid to the customer whose record is charged for the true blue budgetary trade and cashback whole will be credited to qualified customer’s bank a/c associated agains

So Any trade where in the appraisal of the Bank there is sensible confirmation that the trade isn’t dependable or bona fide and the customer has appreciated misleading/coercion of any nature to ensure these offers, won’t not be met all requirements for these offers.

Any interest in these offers are unshakable. Any individual profiting of these offers may be respected to have recognized these Terms and Conditions.

The Bank guarantees the out and out specialist to change/alter/pull back/suspend/cross out these offers at whatever point without giving any notice and without designating any reason.

The decision of the Bank in all issues in regards to and coincidental to both Offer 1 and Offer 2 is keep going and should tie on all individuals.

The customer is urged to scrutinize and appreciate the Terms and Conditions before benefitting the upsides of these offers.

About Bhim KotakPay App Information

Presenting BHIM Kotakpay, Kotak Mahindra Bank’s first UPI (Unified Payment Interface) based, bank skeptic installment application.
This application will give clients a chance to send and get cash utilizing UPI stage without showing their record number.

Clients can make a virtual installment Address (VPA) that is connected to their ledgers from which cash can be sent or got.

The Virtual Payment Address goes about as a one of a kind installment identifier for a bank client. UPI can likewise be utilized to pay vendors who acknowledge UPI as an installment mode.

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