[Top 23] Colour Prediction Games Hack Website & Apps In 2023

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1 Color Prediction Games Hack

Color Prediction Games Hack

[Top 23] Colour Prediction Games Website & Apps In 2023

Colour Prediction Games Hack Website & Apps: Making Money With Video Games Is An Idea That Has Exploded In Popularity Among Today’s Youth.

The Modern Gamer Has Many Options For Monetizing Their Time Spent Online Because Of The Proliferation Of Online Content.

We Have Put Up A List Of Around 23 Places Where You Can Make Money By Making Educated Estimates Regarding Color Schemes.

[Top 21] Colour Prediction Games Hack Website & Apps In 2023

All These Games Use The Ability To Anticipate A Color To Win. If They Predict The Winning Color Combination, Participants Can Win Cash Rewards.

What is a Colour Prediction Game?

The Color Prediction Game’s App And Website, Along With Those Of Other Games Like Fastwin, Fiewin, Daman Games, Big Daddy Game, And Vclub, All Share A Format That Is Identical To One Another.

All-color Prediction, A Game Available On Many Sites, Has Seen A Meteoric Rise In Popularity In Recent Years And Is Now The Most Played Video Game Of All Time.

Every Day, Gamers Compete For Real-world Financial Rewards By Making The Most Correct Color Predictions In This Game.

1. Fastwin App: No #1 Colour Prediction Game

Fastwin Is An Exciting Platform That Offers Two Different Time Commitments For Color Prediction Games: A Leisurely 2.5-minute Option And A Lightning-fast 30-second Variant. Fast Parity Is An Option For Those Who Choose Speed Over Accuracy.

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Fastwin Also Provides The Fun Andar Bahar Game. The Platform Offers Players The Chance To Win Real Money Across Five Distinct Game Types.

Dice, Andar Bahar, Minesweeper, And Circle Are All Examples Of Games That Fall Into The Category Of Color Prediction Games. Each Of These Titles Features A Spin-wheel-to-win Mechanism that Is Sure To Keep Players On The Edge Of Their Seats.

Spin And Win’s Success As An Online Cash Game Is Largely Due To The Player’s Ability To Rely On Their Luck. The Lightning-Fast Withdrawal Time Is Just One Of Many Reasons Why Fiewin Is So Popular. After Requesting A Withdrawal, The Money Will Appear In Your Account Within Five Minutes.

FastWin App
Fastwin Referral Code: 201027747
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Key Features

  1. User-friendly Interface: The Fastwin app and website are designed to offer a seamless and intuitive experience across platforms.
  2. Diverse Game Selection: Fastwin offers a variety of games, from the trending Colour Prediction to others like Fast Parity, Sapre, Dice, Andar Bahar, Wheelocity, and Minesweeper.
  3. Attractive Bonuses: New users receive an instant ₹50 bonus upon registration, and they can get an additional ₹50 bonus using an invite code. Plus, referring friends earns them ₹250 directly credited to their bank.
  4. Low Minimum Recharge: The platform is accessible to many users thanks to its low minimum recharge amount.
  5. Direct Bank Transfers: Earnings made on the platform can be effortlessly transferred to users’ bank accounts.

2. Fiewin2 App: No #2 Colour Prediction Game

Following The Success Of The Fiewin App, Which Offers Instant Withdrawals And The Opportunity To Earn Free Paytm Cash, We’re Excited To Introduce The Fiewin2 App. Like Its Predecessor, Fiewin2.in Not Only Provides Fun Online Games And Predictions But Also Rewards Users Handsomely For Their Engagement.

Please Ensure You Have The Necessary Permissions And Rights To Promote Or Discuss The Platform, Especially If Sharing Referral Codes.

Always Make Sure To Present Online Earning Opportunities Transparently And Responsibly To Potential Users.

Fiewin2 App
Fiewin2 Referral Code: JG0RQ76
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Key Features

  1. Instant Withdrawals: No need to wait for days. Get your earnings transferred immediately!
  2. Multiple Ways to Earn: Play games, refer friends, and earn commissions on referrals.
  3. Direct Play on Website: No mandatory app download is required. Play games like Dice directly on the website.
  4. Generous Bonuses: Sign up using the Fiewin2 Referral Code and get an impressive ₹100 bonus to kickstart your gaming journey.

3. FluxWin App: No #3 Colour Prediction Game

Fluxwin Is The Latest Entrant In The Realm Of Color Prediction Games. Simply Download The Fluxwin App, Register An Account, And You Will Be Greeted With A Welcome Bonus Of ₹20. This Game Promises Its Users An Opportunity To Win Real Cash Prizes By Participating In Color Prediction Challenges.

Fluxwin Offers A Simple Yet Rewarding Gaming Experience. It’s Not Just About Predicting Colors; It’s About Strategizing, Playing, And Winning.

With Bonuses At Every Turn And Real Cash Prizes Up For Grabs, Fluxwin Is Quickly Becoming A Favorite Among Mobile Game Enthusiasts.

Fluxwin App
Fluxwin Referral Code: H59OE11
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Key Features

  1. Welcome Bonus: Every new user receives a bonus of ₹20 upon registering.
  2. Engaging Gameplay: Participate in the Fluxwin color games and stand a chance to win real cash that can be transferred directly to your bank account.
  3. Referral Program: Introduce friends to Fluxwin and earn a substantial ₹450 per referral, directly credited to your bank account.
  4. Referral Commission: This is a great platform for earning money as referral commission, keep refer keep earn.

4. VClub App: No #4 Colour Prediction Game

The Vclub Community Offers A Chance To Earn By Predicting Color Trends. Click Here To Join And Use Paytm For Easy Profit Withdrawals. Additionally, Vclub Has A Great Referral Program.

2. VClub App: No #2 Colour Prediction Game

Invite Friends And If They Fund Their Wallet Or Recharge Their Phone, You Get 121 Inr. This Money Is Sent To Your Account Immediately After The Transaction.

Vclub App
Vclub Referral Code: 2023217
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Key Features

  1. Color Prediction Earning: Vclub allows users to predict colors and earn money based on their predictions.
  2. Referral Bonuses: Users can refer friends to join Vclub and earn commissions, amplifying their potential earnings.
  3. Scratch Card Rewards: In addition to commissions, users can earn scratch cards which may provide additional rewards or bonuses.
  4. Mandatory First Recharge: To ensure user commitment and security, a first-time recharge is necessary before one can withdraw cash.
  5. Trusted and Verified: Vclub is presented alongside other verified platforms like Mantrimalls, Fiemalls, and Cooe, indicating it is trustworthy and has been vetted by the article’s authors.

5. Mantrimall App: No #5 Colour Prediction Game

Mantri Mall Is A Web Game Where Users Can Earn By Predicting Colors Using Algorithms Like Parity, Sapre, Bcone, And Emred. An Added Benefit Is The Referral Bonus. If Someone Joins Through Your Link And Recharges Their Account, You Get Rs. 138.

This Offer Is Once A Month. Moreover, If Your Referrals Invite Others Who Spend Money, You Earn A Commission. The More People You Refer, The More You Earn.

3. Mantrimall App: No #3 Colour Prediction Game

For Withdrawals, Simply Log In, Go To “my” On The Navigation Bar, And Then “Wallet and Withdrawal”. It’s Straightforward.

Mantri Mall App
Mantri Mall Referral Code: N/A
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Key Features

  1. Easy Registration with Bonus: Users can register on MantriGame, and upon their first recharge, they will receive a welcome bonus, adding immediate value to their account.
  2. Referral System with Commission: MantriGame offers a “Refer and Earn” system. By sharing the MantriGame Recommendation Code, users can earn commission from the people they refer.
  3. Diverse Game Options: Beyond the main Colour Prediction Game, MantriGame offers several games such as Parity, Sapre, Bcone, and Emerd. This variety caters to different user preferences, increasing engagement.
  4. Instant Withdrawal: Users can easily and quickly withdraw their earnings either through a bank transfer or UPI, ensuring accessibility and ease of transactions.
  5. Recommendation Code for Added Benefits: By using the MantriGame Recommendation Code “3645185”, new users can gain special benefits, possibly enhancing their starting position or rewards.

6. Zeus989 App: No #6 Colour Prediction Game

Zeus989 Offers A Top Referral Program. When You Refer Friends And They Recharge Or Top-up Their Wallets, You Earn 50 Inr. Plus, There’s A 50 Inr Sign-up Bonus.

Zeus989 App

You Can Also Get Free Paytm Cash On The Platform. However, Only New Users To Zeus989.com Can Claim The Free 50 Inr.

Zeus989 App
Zeus989 Referral Code: N/A
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Key Features

  1. Broad Range of Games: Zeus989 offers a variety of quick and engaging games like Emerd, Parity, Bcone, Sapre, Racing, Motorcycle, and Emerd Five Digits with durations ranging from 1 to 5 minutes, allowing users to choose according to their preference.
  2. Attractive Sign-Up Bonus: New users receive a substantial ₹250 USDC as a sign-up bonus, giving them a head start on the platform.
  3. Invitation and Referral Benefits: Using the Zeus989 Invitation Code “9PPEIP”, one can get an assured ₹20 to ₹100 in Free PayTM by prediction. Additionally, users can earn a free Rs 120 cash bonus by registering with the Zeus989 Referral Code.
  4. Real Money Earnings: Zeus989 is not just for fun; users can play games and earn real money, which they can then enjoy or reinvest in the platform.
  5. Refer and Earn System: The Zeus989 app has a dedicated section for promotions where users can share their referral code. By referring friends, users can earn free commissions, further enhancing their earning potential.

7. Daman Game App: No #7 Colour Prediction Game

Daman, Which Is A Casino Game, Has Attracted A Lot Of Attention, And Many People Have Shared Stories About Their Experiences With It.

5. Daman Game App: No #5 Colour Prediction Game

Downloading The Daman App Makes Participating In Online Play Easy.

When Used Well, The Daman Color Prediction App Has Earned A Stellar Reputation And Offers Its Users The Chance To Earn A Considerable Monthly Income Of 20,000 To 30,000 Indian Rupees.

Daman Game App
Daman Game Referral Code: yMOaf3192480
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Key Features

  1. Intuitive Gaming Concept: Daman Games offers an easy-to-understand color prediction game, making it accessible and appealing to a broad range of players.
  2. 24/7 Chat Support: Ensuring a smooth user experience, Daman Games provides round-the-clock chat support for any issues or inquiries players might have.
  3. Recommendation Benefits: By using the Daman Games Recommendation Code “jFbi21407924”, players can unlock special benefits or bonuses, enhancing their gameplay and earnings potential.
  4. Robust Refer & Earn System: Players can earn additional commission by referring friends to the platform, and this commission is 100% withdrawable directly to their bank account, adding an incentive for user referrals.
  5. Diverse Game Options: Apart from the main Color Prediction game, Daman Games also offers other games like Win Go, TRX Hash, 5D Lotre, and K3 Lotre, allowing players a variety of ways to engage and win.

8. Rxce App: No #8 Colour Prediction Game

Rxce Is A Color Prediction Game, Similar To Mantrimall And Daman. Players Guess Color Combinations To Win Cash. The Game Features Mini-games And Three Color Options:

6. Rxce App: No #6 Colour Prediction Game

Green, Red, And Violet. Players Can Also Make Predictions On Aviator And Lucky Hit For More Chances To Win. Rely On Your Luck And Instincts When Playing.

Rxce App
Rxce Referral Code: N/A
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Key Features

  1. Color Prediction: Earn by predicting colors Red and Green, similar to platforms like Fiewin and Mantri Mall.
  2. Diverse Games: Apart from color predictions, enjoy popular games like Office Fish Boy, Zombie Assault, and Drag Racing.
  3. User-Friendly: RXCE boasts a straightforward and intuitive interface.
  4. Referral Bonus: Use the RXCE Referral Code “2H89X267” for a Rs.100 bonus per successful referral.
  5. Regular Updates: RXCE periodically updates, as indicated by its new version 0.6.0, ensuring fresh content and improvements.

9. Colorwiz App: No #9 Colour Prediction Game

Colorwiz Advertises Itself As A Thrilling Color Guessing Game With Numerous Interesting Components. Players Have The Option Of Playing A Number Of Side Games In Addition To The Main Color Prediction Game.

Colorwiz App

You Can Win Real Money Playing These Games, But You Should Play Responsibly Because Gambling Of Any Kind Carries With It The Possibility Of Losing That Money. Users Will Have An Easy Time Navigating The App Because Of Its Intuitive Design.

Colorwiz App
Colorwiz Referral Code: N/A
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Key Features

  1. Color Prediction Earnings: Colorwiz allows users to earn between Rs.500 – Rs.5000 daily through color predictions.
  2. Referral Bonus: By referring others to the platform, users can earn Rs.150 for each successful referral.
  3. Payment Proof: The Colorwiz app has showcased payment proofs, ensuring credibility with one mentioned proof of a Rs.49,000 payment.
  4. Variety in Earning Opportunities: Apart from color prediction, users can explore other money-earning apps suggested, such as the FastWin App for daily earnings and the Rummy & Teen Patti App with a significant signup bonus.

10. Joymall App: No #10 Colour Prediction Game

In Keeping With The Aforementioned Color Prediction Apps, Joymall Has Released A New Exciting Game Built Upon Doing Just That.

Joymall App

In This Game, You Win By Correctly Guessing The Next Color, Which Earns You Points Toward Future Benefits.

Now, In Addition To Guessing A Color, Players May Try Their Hand At Guessing A Number And Win Big If They’re Right.

Joymall App
Joymall Referral Code: N/A
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Key Features

  1. Color Prediction Earnings: JoyMall, similar to platforms like Mantrimalls, RXCE, and COOE, allows users to earn through color predictions.
  2. Longevity and Reliability: JoyMall has been running for over a year, receiving positive responses and offering fast money transfers with instant withdrawals.
  3. Referral Program: JoyMall offers a lucrative referral program. Users can earn Rs.108 for each successful referral, provided the referred friend recharges with Rs.100 or more.

11. Winmoney App: No #11 Colour Prediction Game

The Color-guessing Game Winmoney Advertises Itself As an Analogue To Mantrimall. Party, Bcone, And Sapre Are Just Some Of The Game Modes Available In Winmoney’s Color Prediction Game.

Winmoney App

You May Take Your Gaming Experience To The Next Level By Signing Up For The Game’s Official Telegram Channel.

You Can Experiment With Different Color Combinations In-game Thanks To The Three Daily Color Forecasts Posted On This Channel.

Winmoney App
Win money AppN/A
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Key Features

  1. Color Prediction Earnings: Winmoney, akin to platforms such as Fiewin, RXCE, and Mantri Mall, offers users the chance to earn through color predictions, specifically Red and Green.
  2. Verified & Reliable: The Consumersearning Team has verified the Winmoney App, ensuring its reliability for users.
  3. Diverse Gaming Options: Apart from color predictions, Winmoney includes a variety of games that offer users multiple ways to win real money.
  4. Informative Channels: By joining their Telegram channel, users can access various online earning offers and tricks to gain free Paytm cash and other rewards.

12. Cooe App: No #12 Colour Prediction Game

The Cooe App Is Highly Acclaimed. We Successfully Transferred Over Rs. 1 Lakh Using It. The App Offers Games Like Dragon Vs. Tiger, Andar Bahar, Color Prediction, Aviator, And Soccer. Playing These Can Yield Real Monetary Rewards.

Cooe App

Cooe Features Six Exciting Games Within One Easy-to-Navigate Platform. Its User-friendly Interface Allows Quick Game Access, Ensuring That Many Can Enjoy The Games. Users Can Make And Share Game Outcome Predictions Using The Color Prediction Tool.

By Referring Friends, You Earn Financial Rewards. When Your Referral Joins, You Get A Commission Of 45% From Their Activities. If Your Referrals Lead To New Customers, You Earn A 20% Bonus From Their Purchases. So, Suggesting The App Can Be Financially Beneficial.

Cooe App App
Cooe App Code: N/A
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Key Features

  1. Purpose: COOE allows users to earn money by playing Color Prediction Games and other easy-to-play games.
  2. Earnings: Users have the potential to earn up to Rs.1000 every day.
  3. Game Variety: The app features multiple games, including Win Go, Soccer, Ander Bahar, Teen Patti, and more.
  4. Referral Earnings: There’s a tiered referral program offering a 30% commission for first-level referrals and 20% for second-level referrals.
  5. Color Prediction: The primary earning mechanism is predicting the colors Red and Green.
  6. Reliability: COOE has been operational for over a year, ensuring consistent payouts.

13. Flipwin: No #13 Colour Prediction Game

In Addition To The Color Prediction Game, It Also Has A Refer-and-earn Program That Allows Players To Win More Incentives By Inviting Friends To Fiewin.

11. Flipwin: No #11 Colour Prediction Game

To Ensure That Everyone In The Referral Chain May Profit From Suggesting Users To The Apps, It Offers Three Layers Of Referral Programs.

FlipWin App
FlipWin Referral Code: HOMMGA
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Key Features

  1. Sign-up Bonus: Users receive ₹10 as free Paytm cash upon signing up.
  2. Referral Earnings: Users can earn ₹10 for each friend they successfully refer.
  3. Versatile Payouts: FieWin offers various payout options, including direct transfers to Bank, UPI, and Paytm. The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹30.
  4. Exclusive Offer: This promotional offer is applicable only to new registrants.
  5. Additional Referral Offers: Alongside FieWin, there’s a mention of the FastWin App that provides a sign-up bonus of ₹20

14. Reliance Mall App: No #14 Colour Prediction Game

Reliance Mall’s New Mobile Game App, “Prediction,” Is Gaining Traction. The Power Of The “Reliance” Brand Aids Its Promotion. New Users Get A Rs. 50 Signup Bonus. If You Refer Someone, You Earn Rs. 200 When They Use The App.

12. Reliance Mall App: No #12 Colour Prediction Game

You Can Play The Game Through The App Or A Web Browser Like Chrome, Which Is Great If You’re Saving Phone Storage. Regular Users Get A Daily Bonus Plus An Extra Two Rupees In-app Currency. The App’s Design Is User-friendly, Making It Simple To Navigate.

Depositing Or Withdrawing Money Is Mostly Swift, Though Sometimes There Might Be Waits. Users Can Link Their Upi ID or Bank Account To Transact.

Reliance Mall App
Reliance Mall Referral Code: N/A
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Key Features

  1. Overview: Reliance Mall App is a new Colour Prediction platform allowing users to earn money by guessing the next color in a sequence.
  2. Registration Bonus: On registering, users receive a Rs.100 bonus.
  3. Game Mechanism: Players predict whether the next color will be ‘Big’ or ‘Small’. Correct predictions earn points, while incorrect ones lose points.
  4. Referral Bonus: If a friend registers using your invitation link and makes a first-time recharge of Rs.1000, you earn Rs.200.
  5. Gameplay: The goal is to predict as many colors as possible in a 15-second timeframe.
  6. Rewards: Points earned can be converted to free money.
  7. Download: The Colour Prediction Game App is available for download as an APK.

15. CWin App: No #15 Colour Prediction Game

This Program, Like Many Apps Today, Uses Gaming To Engage Users. By Playing And Making Correct Predictions, You Can Boost Your Paytm Wallet Balance. Using Your Points To Redeem Rewards Can Increase Their Value.

CWin App

We’ll Delve Into What Sets The Cwin Software Apart From Other Color Prediction Apps. We’ll Detail These Unique Features In The Coming Sections.

Using This System, Everyone Has A Fair Chance To Win Significant Money, And It’s Free To Join. The Program Has 8 Levels, With Rewards Improving As You Progress.

Cwin App
Cwin Referral Code: lF9zfnXv
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Key Features

  • Download & Interface: The Cwin App is available for download and is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for anyone to navigate and play.
  • Games Offered: Popular games available include Office Fish Boy, Zombie Assault, Rocking Wheels, and Drag Racing.
  • Core Function: The primary attraction is the Color Prediction game where users predict the next color (Red or Green) and win money based on their predictions.
  • Referral Program: Users can earn additional rewards by referring friends to the platform.
  • Earnings: Money can be earned through games, surveys, and the referral program. There’s a detailed guide on how to create an account, log in, refer friends, and withdraw earnings.
  • Safety and Authenticity: There are queries regarding the safety of the Cwin APK and the genuineness of the Cwin Colour Prediction platform. It’s essential to research and review feedback from other users before investing time and money.
  • Version: The latest available version of the Cwin app is 0.6.0.

16. BCone: No #16 Colour Prediction Game

Bcone Stands Out In The Color Prediction Market Due To Its Potential Positive Roi. Designed For Easy Use, Both Android and iOS Users Can Smoothly Access Their Accounts, Make Purchases, And Handle Transactions.

14. BCone: No #14 Colour Prediction Game

Like Other Apps, Bcone Users Can Earn Rewards By Referring Friends. This Referral System Is Similar To Many Apps Where Users Benefit From Promoting The App To Others. In Terms Of Functionality, Bcone Aligns With Comparable Apps.

However, Some Users Have Reported Technical Issues And Performance Problems They Believe Are Due To The App Itself.

Bcone App
Bcone Referral Code: N/A
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Key Features

  • Introduction: Bcone is a fresh addition to the world of Colour Prediction Apps. When you register, you’re greeted with a Rs.100 bonus.
  • Functionality: The primary function of the ColorKing App, also known online as 777 Colour Prediction App, is to allow users to predict colors, either Big or Small, and earn based on their predictions.
  • Referral Bonus: The referral program is lucrative. If someone registers through your link and makes an initial recharge of 1000, you receive Rs.200.
  • Names & Games: ColorKing is also referred to as Color King Mantri Mall and Color King Club. It features a variety of games like Parity, Spare, Bcone, and Emerald. By playing these games, users can earn money using their skills.

17. Yoswin: No #17 Colour Prediction Game

Yoshwin Is A New App That Offers Online Money-making Games. Players Can Enjoy Games Like “guess The Parity Color” And “fly The Plane Into The Ground” To Win Cash.

15. Yoswin: No #15 Colour Prediction Game

The App Features Two Prediction Games: One About Color Prediction And The Other About Forecasting Numbers. Guessing A Number Gives You A 10% Win Chance While Guessing A Color Offers A 50% Chance.

Players Have 30 Seconds To Guess, But In The “guess” Game Version, They Get 90 Seconds To Pick An Outcome.

Yoshwin App
Yoshwin Referral Code: 4DL8BH
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Key Features

  • Invite Code: Use the code when signing up on Yoswin to receive a ₹151 bonus.
  • How It Works: Yoswin is a color prediction platform. By downloading the Yoswin app and registering a new account, users can enter the given referral code to claim their free bonus. This bonus can then be used to participate in games and potentially earn real cash prizes.
  • Referral Program: By inviting others to join Yoswin using your referral code, you can earn additional rewards and bonuses.

18. RoyalWin App: No #18 Colour Prediction Game

The Royalwin App Is A Fantastic Addition To The World Of Available Color Prediction Games On The Web For No Cost. Its Main Selling Point Is That It Doesn’t Require Constant App Recharging.

16. RoyalWin App: No #16 Colour Prediction Game

Users Who Sign Up Will Receive A Rs 100 Welcome Bonus Upon Activation, Bypassing The Need For A First Recharge.

Also Of Note Is The Fact That Inactivity In Gameplay Does Not Prevent Withdrawals. However, There Is A Tiered Commission Structure Available In This Program.

Royal win Referral Code:
Royalwin Referral Code: N/A
Dedicated Post: Click Here

Key Features

  • Sign-up Bonus: Join now and instantly get ₹100 credited to your bank account. No investments are required!
  • Limited Time Offer: Act fast as this offer won’t last forever.
  • Proof: I’ve personally verified the authenticity of this offer. Check out the proof further below in the post.
  • About RoyalWin: A legitimately registered gaming company known for its diversified games, transparent system, and friendly customer service. Among numerous gaming websites, RoyalWin takes pride in giving the best returns to its members.

19. Cockfightgame: No #19 Colour Prediction Game

Participating In Virtual Cockfights May Be Both A Lucrative And Entertaining Pastime. This Is A Novel Approach To Monetizing Leisure Time Spent Online.

17. Cockfightgame: No #17 Colour Prediction Game

The Idea Is Straightforward. Your Compensation Depends On The Accuracy Of Your Forecasts. Participating In More Games Will Boost Your Chances Of Winning, And You Will Be Eligible For Extra Bonuses If You Play More Frequently.

You’ll Find More And More Chances To Win And Bigger And Better Rewards As You Progress Deeper Into The Cockfightgame.

It’s A Good Choice For Getting The Business Off The Ground Because Anybody With A Smartphone Can Follow The Instructions And Get Things Rolling.

Cockfights App
Cockfights Referral Code: N/A
Dedicated Post: Click Here

Key Features

  • Download: Get the CockFight Game App from this page and indulge in gaming on the go.
  • Games & More: Challenge yourself with games like Dragon vs. Tiger, Slots, Lucky Wheel, and more. There’s also a Task Center offering unlimited daily rewards.
  • Earn Real Cash: Participate and stand a chance to win substantial daily cash prizes, all while playing your favorite games.
  • Experience Live Cockfighting: Engage in the best live cockfighting placing platform.

20. Wipro Mall: No #20 Colour Prediction Game

The Wipro Mall App Gives Its Users The Opportunity To Win Hourly, Weekly, And Monthly Incentives, Among Other Prizes. The App Provides A Means Of Accruing These Benefits.

18. Wipro Mall: No #18 Colour Prediction Game

Not Only That, But Referral Commissions Can Build Up To A Significant Sum Of Money Over Time. The Program Also Features A Leveling System Where Players May Earn Trophies For Their Efforts As Agents And Advance Through The Ranks As They Play.

The Bonuses Are Wipromall’s Way Of Saying Thanks For Being A Loyal Customer. The Option To Move Funds Between Your Wallet And Your Bank Account Whenever You Like, Even On Weekends And Holidays, Is A Really Convenient Feature. Your Payment Processing Service Provides You With This Option.

Wipro Mall App
Wipro Mall Referral Code: N/A
Dedicated Post: Click Here

Key Features

  • Sign-up Bonus: Download Wipro Mall and get ₹150 to kickstart your gaming journey.
  • Diverse Activities: Engage in stimulating games, participate in surveys, and grab a chance to win attractive cash prizes.
  • User-friendly Interface: Navigate with ease and explore a plethora of options that can help you earn money for free.
  • Color Prediction Game: Predict colors – Red or Green, and earn money. The app aligns with popular platforms like Joymall, Mantrigame, Fiewin, and Mantri Mall.

21. Life-Long Color: No #21 Colour Prediction Game

The Life-long Color Prediction Game Is A Never-ending Challenge Where Players Predict Colors For An Extended Period, Potentially Lasting Their Entire Lives.

19. Life-Long Color: No #19 Colour Prediction Game

In This Game, Participants Make Daily Predictions On A Sequence Of Colors. As The Name Suggests, The Game Continues Indefinitely, Making It A Long-term Commitment And Challenge For Players. Over Time, Players Can Track Their Progress and accuracy, And Refine Their Prediction Strategies.

It’s A Unique Twist On The Traditional Color Prediction Games, Emphasizing Consistency, Long-term Strategy, And Dedication. Players Not Only Test Their Predicting Skills But Also Their Perseverance.

Life-Long App
Life-Long Referral Code: N/A
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Key Features:

  • Easy Registration: A straightforward registration process, with mobile number verification for enhanced security.
  • Color Prediction: Engage in a fun and potentially rewarding color prediction game where users guess the upcoming colors.
  • Real Cash Prizes: Offers an opportunity to win genuine cash prizes, directly credited to your bank account.
  • Secure Wallet System: Users can easily add funds to their integrated wallet and manage their game investments.
  • Diverse Gaming Options: Apart from color prediction, users might find a range of other exciting games to play and win.

22. Lulumalls: No #22 Colour Prediction Game

Enjoyable And Potentially Financially Rewarding, The Color Prediction Game At Lulumalls Is A Must-try For Any Shopper.

20. Lulumalls: No #20 Colour Prediction Game

Currently, New Clients Who Sign Up For Lulumalls With The Referral Code 1358857 Will Receive A Free Membership.

The Sale Will Last Only As Long As Supplies Do. Inviting Your Friends To Sign Up For The Site Will Increase Your Earnings Potential Because You Will Receive Commissions For Each Buddy Who Completes The Registration Process.

Lulumalls App
Lulumalls Referral Code: N/A
Dedicated Post: Click Here

Key Features

  1. Download the APK: Begin by downloading the Lulumalls APK to your device.
  2. Register on the Platform: Once downloaded, register using the recommendation code 1210126 to receive a free Rs 141 cash bonus.
  3. Engage in Color Prediction Games: Use your cash bonus to participate in the color prediction games. Predict the outcome correctly and stand a chance to win significant amounts.
  4. Leverage the ‘Refer and Earn’ Program: Share the excitement with your friends. Refer them to Lulumalls, and when they register using your recommendation code, you earn a bonus.
  5. Withdraw and Enjoy: Earned a decent amount? Withdraw your winnings and enjoy!

23. 61 Lottery: No #23 Colour Prediction Game

Users Of 61 Lottery, Like Users Of Many Other Websites, Can Create An Account, Play A Number Of Color-based Games, And Even Win Real Money If Their Predictions Come True. 61 Lottery Offers A Diverse Array Of Games In Addition To The Lottery. The Gaming Platform Offers Its Users A Wide Variety Of Play Options.

61 Lottery: No #21 Colour Prediction Game

Doing So Will Let You Get As Much As Possible From The Deal.

After Signing Up, You Can Explore The Site At Your Leisure And Take Use Of All Of Its Features.

61 Lottery App
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Key Features

  1. User-Friendly Interface: The 61 Lottery app is designed to be easily navigable, allowing users, whether new or experienced, to seamlessly interact with its various functionalities.
  2. Diverse Prediction Games: Users have access to a variety of lottery prediction games, keeping their gaming experience fresh and engaging.
  3. Invitation Bonus: With the invitation code system, newcomers can avail of a free bonus upon registration, giving them a kickstart in their gaming journey.
  4. Direct Bank Withdrawals: The platform offers straightforward and secure bank withdrawal options, ensuring that users can easily access their winnings.
  5. Responsive Customer Support: Should players face any issues or have queries, the 61 Lottery platform boasts a responsive customer support system to assist and ensure a smooth gaming experience.

Colour Prediction Games Hack

  1. Understand the Odds: Before playing, be sure you understand the odds of the game. Many color prediction games are similar to roulette, where certain bets have better odds than others.
  2. Set a Budget: Decide ahead of time how much money you’re willing to lose. Once you reach that limit, stop playing. This will prevent you from chasing losses, which can quickly compound and result in significant financial losses.
  3. Stay Calm: Emotional decision-making can lead to poor choices. If you’re on a losing streak, take a break rather than trying to win everything back immediately.
  4. Avoid Alcohol or Drugs: They can impair judgment and lead to reckless betting.
  5. Look for Patterns: Some players believe in looking for patterns or “hot” and “cold” streaks. While these games are generally random, if you notice a pattern, you might choose to bet accordingly. But remember, past outcomes do not predict future results in games of chance.
  6. Use Bonuses and Promotions: Some websites or apps offer bonuses or promotions for new players or during certain times. Take advantage of these offers as they can increase your chances of coming out ahead.
  7. Learn from Others: Join online forums or communities related to the game. You can learn from other players’ experiences and strategies.


You Have Made Some Very Valid Comments About The Risks Associated With Internet Gambling In General, And Especially With Color Prediction Games.

While At First Glance These Games May Appear Like A Pleasant Way To Pass The Time Or Make Some Extra Cash, Players Should Know That They Pose Serious Risks. Here Are A Few Main Points I Got From Reading Your Message:

Color Prediction Games May Be A Fun And Exciting Way To Spend Time With Friends While Also Providing A New Experience For Everyone Involved.

To Some, These Video Games Represent A Way To Make Some Pocket Change On The Side. But It’s Important To Go Into Them With A Realistic Outlook Since The Odds Of Winning Consistently Are Usually Quite Low.

A Player Should Know The Ins And Outs Of The Game, The Regulations, And The Odds Before Putting Down Real Money On Any Online Gambling Site. The Inability To Make Informed Decisions Can Result In Financial Losses.

Large Sums Of Money Invested In These Games Are Fraught With Peril.

Playing Color Prediction Games Can Be Entertaining, But It’s Vital To Approach Them With Caution. Ensure You Set A Budget To Prevent Overspending And Be Prepared For Possible Losses.

The Principle Of “Responsible Gambling” Is About Seeing Such Games As A Form Of Entertainment, Not A Way To Make Money. It’s About Understanding The Odds And Accepting Both Wins And Losses.

While Games Like Fastwin, Fiewin, Daman Games, Big Daddy Game, And Vclub Are Popular, Players Must Not Rely Solely On These Games For Income. Many Of These Platforms Offer Referral Schemes, Where You Earn By Introducing New Members.

If You’re Interested, Research These Platforms, Download The Apps And Sign Up. Some Might Even Offer A Starting Bonus. But Always Remember To Check Their Security Measures And Ensure They’re Trustworthy Before Sharing Personal Data Or Making Deposits. Your Financial Safety Should Always Be A Priority.


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