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FF Hack

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Free Fire Diamond Hack – Get 99,999 Free Diamonds

Free Fire Is One Of The Most Popular And most Most-played Games Around The World. Here We Will Tell You All The Details About How You Can Hack Free Diamonds In Free Fire. These Free Fire Diamond Hacks Will Assist You In Generate An Unlimited Number Of Diamonds.

Free Fire Will Launch Many In-game Events In 2023, Including Diamond Royal And Incubator Events. Free Fire Players Enjoy Participating In These Kinds Of Events. But The Problem Is That player Need A Lot Of Free Fire Diamonds To Participate In These Events.

Due To A Lack Of Game Knowledge, Many Players Cannot Use The Free Fire Diamonds Hack Generator. Here I Am Not Telling You Guys To Download Any 3rd Party App Or Go To Any 3rd Party Website. Because In This Condition Your Smartphone Will Not Be Safe And Secure And Also Your Free Account Can Be Permanently Banned.

Unlimited Diamonds 9999999

Here We Will Give You 100% Working Genuine And Secure Tricks. Don’t Use Any Third-party Free Fire Diamonds Hacking App. The Most Downloaded E-sports Game In The World Is Garena Free Fire. Sea Limited Created The Game, Which Was Developed In Singapore.

Earlier, Garena Free Fire Was Giving Users Free Diamonds By Watching Rewards And From Booyahs. But Now No Such Way To Get Free Diamonds. Top-up Is The Only Option Available To You.

Most Of The Players Are Looking For Genuine And Working Diamonds Hacking Tricks. You Can Get Up To 99,999 Free Diamonds If You Use Some Clever Tricks. You Can Use Diamonds To Purchase A Variety Of Free In-game Items, Such As Detective Pandas, Weapon Skins, Level-up Passes, Weapon Loot Crates, Premium Bundles, And Many More. Follow The Tips And Tricks Mentioned Below And Grab Your Free Diamonds.

Free Fire Hack Diamonds Airdrop Top-Up:

  • First, You need to open the Garena Free Fire game and log out from your account.
  • Create a new Garena Free Fire account using a Google or Facebook account.
  • Now, Write your Free Fire Nick Name and skip the introduction part.
  • Now, play the Batted Royal classic match or play the Clash Squad match.
  • Complete your match and get the first Free Fire Airdrop with a 99% discount, and you will get 300 Free Diamonds.
  • Price of the Airdrop: Rs 10 to Rs 29 for the First Airdrop and Top Up for the First Time to Double the Diamonds.
  • After that, log out from your Free Fire account, repeat the same process, and open a new account.
  • Tip: After purchasing the airdrop, wait for 4 to 5 days before logging back into your free fire account. Once you do it, then login back and try the same procedure again.
  • Airdrop will be received in your free fire new account within 48 hours.
  • You can transfer gifts to your primary Free Fire account by gifting special items after completing the Free Fire Airdrop.

Free Fire Diamond Hack From Nicoo App – Unlock Free Fire All Skins:

Here we will give you a step-by-step guide to download the latest version of the Nicoo App and install it on your device and we will tell you how to unlock free fire all skins, bundles, A to Z Charges, and design your lobby.

  • Click Here and Download the Nicoo App.
  • After downloading the file, Install the app and open it.
  • Allow all the permission and get free all skins from here for entering Free Fire.
  • The Free Fire Game is Now Open Successfully! Click the Nicoo Icons in the upper right.
  • You will get All of the Dresses, Bundles, Gun Skins, and other items in the Collection and a lot more.
  • You can Select skins from the floating window. You can also check out other skins from the store. When you return to the lobby, you will be able to view the choices you have made.
  • Now enter the battle and you can see the skins.
  • When you enter the battlefield, you can also change the crosshair.

Free Fire Diamond Hack From Booyah App – Watch And Win Diamonds:

  • Click on the link and download the Booyah App.
  • After downloading the file, Install the app and open it.
  • Set your homepage: When you are entering the game, select “Set Live As Homepage”.
  • Go to the Task Center to see your daily mission progress and event progress.
  • Tap on the + Yellow icon and log in using your Google or Facebook account.
  • Click on the Blue Zone champions banner and select upload video clip now.
  • Complete the daily mission tasks and get free diamonds quickly.
  • Watch Booyah Tv for a minimum of 30 to 40 minutes and win amazing rewards items like room cards, gun skins crates, bundles, and many more.

Free Fire Membership for Monthly and Weekly Diamond Hack:

Weekly Membership: For 875 Diamonds Earn 440%

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  • 450 Diamond Rewards
  • Worth 425 Diamonds as other rewards
  • Free Fire membership upon purchase 
  • Claim instantly 100 diamonds
  • Maximum of 350 diamonds from the daily check-in section.

Weekly Membership – for 6150 Diamonds earn 616%

  • 2600 Diamond rewards
  • Worth 3550 rewards as other rewards 
  • Free Fire Membership upon purchase
  • Immediately claim 500 diamonds
  • Maximum of 2100 diamonds from the daily check-in section.

For the 800 Diamonds Hack Free Fire Level Up Pass, Earn 402%:

The most recent and brand-new Free Fire League Pass Event is now available for a one-time purchase. earn 4,02x diamonds by leveling up, for a total of 800 diamonds. This is a one-time offer that can only be used on one account. Claim a lot of diamonds for your level right now with the Level Up Pass.

  • Buy a Free Fire Level Up Pass.
  • For Rs 190
  • Receive 4.02x Diamonds.
  • Reach Level 30 to Receive a total of 800 diamonds 
  • One purchase per account only under this special offer
Claim on Level 2Claim 200 Diamonds 
Claim on Level 4Claim 50 Diamonds
Claim on Level 6Claim 50 Diamonds
Claim on Level 8Claim 50 Diamonds
Claim on Level 10Claim 50 Diamonds
Claim on Level 13Claim 50 Diamonds
Claim on Level 16Claim 50 Diamonds
Claim on Level 20Claim 50 Diamonds
Claim on Level 25Claim 50 Diamonds
Claim on Level 30Claim 200 Diamonds
Total Level 30Total 800 Diamonds 

100% Bonus Free Fire Top-Up Event for Double Diamond Hack:

Now, top up your Free Fire Diamonds and get a 100 percent bonus. Now is the time to top up and get assured Diamonds rewards.

  • Top Up 100 diamonds and get 200 bonus diamonds ( Total diamonds – 300 )
  • Top Up 300 diamonds and get 600 bonus diamonds ( Total diamonds – 900 )
  • Top Up 500 diamonds and get 1000 bonus diamonds ( Total diamonds – 1500 )
  • Top Up 1000 diamonds and get 2000 bonus diamonds ( Total diamonds – 3000 )

Now, if you use the TopUp from the Games Kharido website for the first time, you will get a 200% bonus, and an exciting user will get a 100% bonus. Follow these steps:

Free Fire First Time Topup + 100% Bonus Double Diamond Hack trick 2023 | Garena Top Up Center

Get a 100% Bonus Free Fire Double Diamond On Your FreeFire Id/Account With the Garena Free Fire Top Up Center from Games Kharido and for First Time Top Up Diamond. Get a 100% genuine Double diamond top-up link in your free fire account. It is a genuine and risk-free first-time top-up method for your free fire id.

50 Diamonds + 50 Bonus Rs 40
1000 Diamonds + 100 Bonus 
Rs 80
310 Diamonds + 310 Bonus Rs 240
520 Diamonds + 520 Bonus Rs 400
1060 Diamonds + 1060 Bonus Rs 800
2180 Diamonds + 2180 Bonus Rs 1600
5600 Diamonds + 5600 Bonus Rs 4000
  • First, Go to the Free Fire Diamond Top-Up Website to link here (gameskharido.in)
  • Now select Free Fire Top Up
  • Now, Login into Free Fire through your Facebook account or Player ID.
  • Enter your Player ID or Facebook account and complete the login process.
  • Select your payment mode via Paytm or UPI or net banking.
  • The amount of diamond top-up must be a Minimum of 40 Rs.
  • Check your Diamonds and bonus Diamonds for the first-time top-up.
  • Now, proceed to pay and complete your payment Successfully.
  • Now, open your Free Fire game and you will get diamonds and a 100% extra bonus.


We hope that the tricks and tips we listed have helped you. We would like to inform you that Garena maintains high app security in case you are looking for a hack They will remove your ID if they discover that you are doing some illegal activity. So, you can use some clever tricks to get unlimited Free Fire Diamonds safely. Use our tricks and enjoy your free Diamonds.

It’s totally safe and secure and a 100% working genuine method. Diamonds are a very important coin in Free Fire. Without diamonds, You can’t purchase any rare items in Free Fire like Elite Passes, Gun Skins, Emotes, Bundles, etc. 

Because of this, a lot of players want to use the Free Fire Diamonds generator and hack to get Unlimited Free Diamonds in the game. In this article, We made it very easy for you to get free diamonds using different Free Fire Diamonds hacks. You can quickly get up to 99,999 diamonds in your Free Fire account using our method.

We hope you enjoyed our post about the Free Fire diamond generator and hack. To get Free Diamonds in Free Fire, you can use all of the methods mentioned in this article. All the tips and tricks are legit and safe to use.


Q:1 Is Free Fire Diamonds Generator Available in 2023?

A: The answer is No. No Free Fire Diamonds generator is available on the internet. You can follow our mentioned tricks to get free diamonds safely.

Q:2 How Can I Hack Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds?

A: In the Free Fire, you can’t hack unlimited Diamonds. You can purchase Unlimited Diamonds with your hard-earned money.

Q:3 How Can I Hack Free Fire Diamonds And Coins?

A: We already showed you how to hack free fire diamonds and get real diamonds up to 999999 for free. And you don’t need to hack coins. Without a hack, you can get a lot of Free Fire Coins, play Ranked matches, use double 2X Gold cards, and play for at least two hours a day. You can also get unlimited Free Fire Coins.

Q:4 Which Nation Developed The Free Fire Game?

A: The most downloaded e-sports game in the world is Garena Free Fire. Sea Limited created the game, which was developed in Singapore. 

Q:5 What Do I Need To Do If My Free Fire Account Gets Banned?

A: Change your Facebook account password right away if you think someone else has hacked your Garena Free fire account. Because no one can access your Garena Free Fire ID without your Facebook account. You should enable two-factor authentication in your Facebook account for more safety.

How To Get Unlimited Diamonds In Free Fire Hack (9999999)

FF Hack 2023, Garena FF Hack Tricks, Free Fire Apk Download, Free Fire Hack Diamonds – Such Countless Individuals Are Interested To Realize How To Get Free Garena Free Fire Diamonds? We Got Such Countless Free Fire Diamonds Demand On The Remark Segment Of The Free Fire Redeem Codes.

Read More – {FF Code} Garena *Free Fire Redeem Code* Working 2023

Present We Are Obliged To Make This Post For Them. This Post Will Talk About The Straightforward Strategy And Hack Stunt To Get 9999 Precious Stones Free.

You Can Follow Our Easy To Bring In Cash To Purchase Free Diamonds With No Free Fire Topup. This Is A Thoroughly Reasonable And Legitimately Educational Post About Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds Crack. If You Need To Realize How To Hack Unlimited Free Fire Diamonds, Do A Google Search Or Visit Freefirediamondhack.com

Get Unlimited Diamonds In Free Fire

Free Fire Diamond Is In-game Money For The Garena Free Fire Game. What Can Be Used To Buy Every One Of The Paid Things For The Game, For Example, Characters, Emotes, Bundles, Pets, And Skins? You Can Undoubtedly Trade The Jewels To Purchase Anything From The Free Fire Store.

To Get Those Free Fire Diamonds, You Need To Do Diamond Topup. Ff Diamond Top Up Alternative Is Accessible On the Free Fire App And Can Without Much Of A Stretch Available. You Will Discover Different Jewels Top-up Are Accessible For The Amount Of Precious Stones Players Require.

Unlimited Diamonds 9999999

If A Player Needs More Precious Stones, He Can Do A Major Measure Of Top Up In The Store. Then Again You Can Do Free Fire Diamonds Top-up From Other Official Sources In The In-gaming Store.

Buy Is Needed To Get Free Fire Diamond. Assuming You Are Looking For How To Free Jewels, It’s Essentially Unimaginable. Be That As It May, Utilizing A Few Hacks, You Can Create More Than 99999 Jewels In Free Fire Game. In This Article, You Will Get Some Cool Hacks To Get 100000 Jewels And a Free Fire Headshot Hack Offer, And Those Who Are Nearly a Legits Can Follow Our Easy To Bring In Cash To Purchase Free Diamonds With No Free Fire Topup.

#Get Unlimited Diamonds In Free Fire is An Absolutely Reasonable And Lawfully Enlightening Post About Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds Crack.

On The Off Chance That You Need To Realize How To Hack Unlimited Free Fire Diamonds, Do A Google Search Or Visit Freefirediamondhack.com.

Assuming You Need To Get It Free, There Are So Numerous Ways You Can Get It. E.g., Google Play Store Promotional Offer, Garena Free Fire Topup Offer, Online Earning Method, Diamonds Hacking Device, And Utilizing Diamonds Generator Script. In These Articles, You Become Familiar With That Load Of Strategies To Get Free Diamonds.

Free Fire Airdrop Bundle Offer To Hack FF Diamond Top Up

At some point, Free Fire gives a pack called Special Airdrop offer. Which you will get Diamonds, Emote, and Gun Skins pack at up to 95% OFF. In this offer, you will get Diamonds at the most minimal cost ever. This offer is accessible to explicit players for a restricted time frame. You can track down this offer area in the hall of your game with a commencement box.

In this offer, Free Fire will offer you tremendous precious stones at an incredibly low cost. In this offer period, it gives 20x more precious stones than time.

The Top-up worth of this offer is between Rs.10-Rs.100, where you get 200-5000 jewels. The genuine cost of 100 jewels is Rs.100; with this offer, you will get 5000 Free Fire precious stones. If you can see this proposal in your record, follow the method to get free precious stones.

Google Play Store Offers

Once in a while Google Play Store offers a special code or offers to get free credits. You can utilize these limited-time credits to purchase free Diamonds for Free Fire from Play Store.

This offer isn’t accessible consistently to all clients. You can consistently check if it is in your Google Account. If the offer is accessible, guarantee it to get free jewels on buy.

Free Fire Diamond Hack 99999

This is an interesting theme “How to hack 99999 Free Fire precious stones”. Such countless individuals need free precious stones in the Garena Free Fire game. In this article.

Get Unlimited Diamonds In Free Fire you will become familiar with some hack stunts to get precious stones free of charge.

Free Fire Hack Today – As we advised you before, we don’t share any hacks to get Free Fire jewels. We share a few stunts to mastermind cash to purchase free precious stones without burning through cash in your and your parent’s pockets. With this hacking technique, you will purchase limitless Free Fire Diamonds totally for nothing.

The million-dollar question is limitless jewels: how to hack free fire precious stones 99,999. We should see all the genuine strategies for Free Fire Diamond Hack.

Free Fire Mod APK Unlimited Diamonds Download for Mobile

Times prime is a coupon, bargain, offers, and cashback-related site. You can get up to Rs.60000 benefits, including Garena Free Fire and more than 25+ brands in it.

To get these advantages, you need to take Times Prime participation first, whose membership cost is Rs.999 every year. If you take this enrollment, you will bring in limitless cash by alluding your companions to it.

If your companions join by your reference code, you will acquire Rs.400 by Paytm immediately. You will acquire Rs.4000 by alluding to only 10 individuals, which implies you can undoubtedly get up to 9999 Garena Free Fire Diamonds without going through any cash.

# How About We Realize How To Join And Take Times Prime Enrollment And Bring In Cash By Alluding And Trading It Diamonds?

On the off chance that you are hoping to create limitless jewels in Free Fire utilizing the hack. Then, at that point you are off-base, you can’t create any jewels for nothing or can’t hack it. It’s a difficult task to hack Free Fire precious stones. Free Fire utilizes high security to shield its workers from digital assault and other support.

The solitary conceivable approach to getting precious stones is doing Top Up. Which is relevant to paying genuine cash. Yet, nothing to stress we will have some cool deceives that will assist you with creating free FF Diamonds Hack.

Steps to Get Diamonds in Free Fire Game

Presently don’t have to pay cash for Free Fire Diamonds Top Up. We have shared some Useful approaches to get free precious stones in Free Fire. In this technique, you will get free jewels straightforwardly or by implication with no hack.

You need to play out certain assignments to bring in cash and convert them into buying jewels. There are two different ways to procure free precious stones: the Free Fire Premium Membership strategy and the second is the online review technique.

About Free Fire Premium Membership and Offer

Free Fire Premium Membership is the most ideal approach to getting free jewels day by day. There are two sorts of Membership given by Free Fire. One Weekly Membership at ₹159 Second is a Monthly Membership Plan at ₹599.

On the off chance that you buy into it, you will get 60 jewels each day for 7 days. Absolute 420 jewels you will get in this exceptional week-by-week enrollment.

The expense of the Free Fire Weekly Premium Membership is Rs.149. However, in the following overview strategy, we will reveal to you how you get this exceptional participation free of charge without going through cash.

Countless locales paid you cash for finishing the study. Among them, Crownit and Google Task mate are ideal. They paid genuine cash and you can attempt to get free precious stones and Free Fire Weekly Membership free of charge.

We day by day shared the Crownit study connect on our site; you can check now how to Get Unlimited Diamonds In the Free Fire Game.

In the Crownit review strategy, you will acquire up to Rs.50 to Rs.500 finishing per study. Actually like that, you will bring in cash from the Google Task Mate application by doing short assignments. Get Unlimited Diamonds In Free Fire You can recover this cash straightforwardly into the bank or Paytm wallet and use them to buy free jewels in Free Fire.

1. Booyah App 

Get Unlimited Diamonds In Free Fire

Booyah App is a game streaming stage made by Garena Free Fire. You can watch and live-stream your ongoing interaction with significant real-time stages like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram in this application. 

This application is given prizes for watching a live Free Fire competition. You are most likely to get free jewels in this application. Download this application from the play store and acquire jewels by observing live Free Fire. 

2. Computerized Showroom App 

A computerized Showroom is an online dealer application where you can list your item and sell them on the web. In any case, here you can get an opportunity to get Free Fire Diamonds for nothing. That is a cool hack to get limitless jewels free of charge with Digital Showroom Apps to allude and procure offers. 

Advanced Showroom is offering Rs.10-Rs.100 joining rewards and Rs.10 per allude. You can withdraw your prizes straightforwardly into your financial balance.

The fundamental reality is you can elude the limitless record of the Digital Showroom App and procure prizes to your financial balance. You can use that compensation to purchase Free Fire Diamond free of charge. How about we expertise to benefit from it.

How to Hack Free Fire Diamond Top Up 

Some Free Fire players are keen on Free Fire’s ongoing interaction hack. Which is conceivable yet may lead to boycotting your record for all time.

On the off chance that we talk about different players who need to hack Free Fire precious stones top-up, ID, and packs. Which is unimaginable.

Is it accurate to say that you are searching for Free Diamond Trick in Garena Free Fire? Precious stone assists us with making the Free Fire Game considerably really energizing.

Essentially, you can purchase ensembles, world-class passes, characters, and more things that give you a better gaming experience. Be that as it may, does Garena Free Fire make it accessible free of charge? Totally! not.

You will get various sorts of limits and offers for purchasing jewels on the web, yet you won’t get any free fire precious stones free of charge. Alert! Be cautious with Scammers and Fake things.

If you are searching for precious stones, your stand-by closes here, perhaps this article of our own should work for you. Keep in mind – We are not giving any sort of Diamond Hack or Cheat. We’ll utilize a real method to get it for nothing.

What is Free Fire Hacking Diamond? 

Get Unlimited Diamonds In Free Fire

Precious stones are one of the in-game monetary forms of Garena Free Fire like other fight royale games, Which assists you with purchasing insane stuff such as aisle passes, groups, firearm skins, outfits and ensembles, and more things in the game. On the off chance that you are one of those individuals who would prefer not to squander their pocket cash on weapon skins and cool things, then, at that point here is a cool stunt for you that will assist you with buying jewels for free.

Method 1: Steps To Get Unlimited Diamonds In Free Fire

  1. First of all open free fire game (Not a Garena Free FIRE Hack MOD APK)

2. Click on the top-up offer button

3. Now you will redirect to Google Play Store in the app purchase

4. Select a payment method and click on continue

5. fill up the details on click on the payment

6. Now verify your details via Google

7. Now verify to complete to payment

8. After successfully paying we will be redirected to the free game

9. Congratulations! You got your diamonds

As we disclosed to you before that we are not sharing any sort of jewel hack, script, or cheat. Here we have tracked down some lawful ways by which you can purchase jewelry without going through your well-deserved cash. You just need to introduce not many procuring applications and use them appropriately.

Designers consistently give shock blessings to their clients. In any case, this time you are getting an opportunity to get free jewels. At the point when you observe live gushing in the booyah application, you will get free booyah tickets.

Decorations can change those tickets over to jewels. After sending the blessing, the free fire jewel will be consequently credited to the player’s account.

Free-fire Hack jewels are not pricey. Yet at the same time, we go through increasingly more cash to purchase precious stones. Numerous clients utilize outsider hacks and devices to hack jewels or win matches, which is illicit. We have given some perfect and clear techniques that assist you with getting limitless precious stones free of charge. Or on the other hand, you can likewise utilize some stunning on the web stores, and from that point, you will get a decent markdown on purchasing jewels.

Method 2: Times Prime subscription Tricks

  1. Open Time Prime by CLICK HERE

2. After you introduce the App Register on Times Prime

3. Presently select to buy into Times Prime premium for 12 Months.

4. You will get Rs.100 OFF on Times Prime Premium

5. Presently pay Rs.899 to buy in TimesPrime.

6. When you buy in TimesPrime, you will get a free Google One 6 months voucher.

7. Utilize this voucher to buy into Google One you will get Rs.300 free Google Play Credits

8. You can utilize Google Play Credits precious stones to Top up on Free Fire.

9. Besides, you can bring in Paytm money by alluding to your companions.

10. You will get Rs.700 per to allude in the event that they buy into Times Prime participation

Utilize your reference cash to purchase Google Play Recharge Code and use it to purchase Free Fire Diamonds.

Free Fire Diamond Generator is an instrument that demonstrates that you can be given limitless precious stones for nothing. Assuming you are searching for such an apparatus, stop yourself at present. No hack or device can supply precious stones to you for nothing. Every one of these outsider destinations makes you idiotic, you can take a stab at utilizing any device, but it won’t accomplish any work. 

Garena Free Fire had prohibited more than 90,000 records in May under the enemy cheat FAQs. No outsider site or device can do this. It is illicit.

Precious stones are in-game cash in Garena free discharge which is used to buy anything like ensembles, packs, weapon skins, characters, outfits and so on You can purchase each insane stuff you like acts out, vehicles, and change over your stock like the genius player.

Nah, brother, you can’t hack precious stones. Free Fire is a web-based game whose workers are continually running. Assuming Garena Free Fire will get any criminal behavior on your record, your record will be restricted. Assuming an outsider site discloses to you that the jewel can be hacked, make a significant distance from it.

You can purchase precious stones formally from the Garena Free Fire site or the Free Fire application. If you’re searching for a wonderful markdown, visit a soda shop that’ll give you a rebate on buying a jewel from it.

Method 3: How To Check Google Play Store Promotional offer

  1. Open Play Store

2. Sign in to your Google Account

3. Snap on left side corner three-line route menu

4. Presently tap on the Notification alternative

5. In Notifications, you will see this offer accessibility

6. In the event that the offer is accessible, snap to guarantee it

7. When you enact the offer, you will get Google Pay Credit in your record

8. Presently open Free Fire and Select precious stones top-up worth of this offer

9. The limited-time special will be applied at installment time

10. Complete the installment and appreciate Free Diamonds of Free Fire

On the off chance that you track down some other outsider vendor on the web, don’t manage them. Known for con artists, The quantity of tricksters on the Internet has expanded.

He will take an installment from you first and afterward block you. On the off chance that you track down some other outsider vendor on the web, don’t manage them. Known for con artists, The quantity of tricksters on the Internet has expanded. He will take an installment from you first and afterward block you.

Method 4: How To Get Free Weekly Membership

  1. Open Garena Free Fire Game

2. Snap On Membership alternative you need to buy in.

3. Presently click on the buy button and affirm your installment.

4. Free Fire Premium Membership will be initiated in a matter of seconds.

Above all else, any sort of Free Fire Diamond generator instrument isn’t genuine. If you discover a precious stone generator on some sort of outsider locale and use it for your own, then, at that point, the odds of record conclusion are expanded.

Method 5: How To Purchase a Level-up Pass?

Following the means to purchase Level up pass hack:-

1. Initially, open the Free Fire game and snap on the enrollment alternative

2. Presently click on “Level Up Pass.”

3. Tap on the buy button and complete the request

4. Presently guarantee your Level Up’s precious stone boxes.

5. You will acquire an aggregate of 800 jewels from the containers

Method 6: Use Redeem Code To Get Free Fire Diamonds Hack

1. Right off the bat open FF Redeem Code 2021 page and duplicate any precious stones reward code

2. Snap here and go to the authority FF rewards page for code reclamation

3. After you land on the recovery page of Free Fire, you will see the login choice

4. Presently login your Free Fire account utilizing Facebook, Google, and different login choices

5. Enter the code in the discourse box and snap on the reclaim button

6. Free jewels will be effectively recovered to your record

DISCLAIMER – Hi Guys, Readers, and Copyright Owners, this Disclaimer is For You, Here We Have Not Shared any Illegal Information, Hacking or Cracking Tricks, Have used “FreeFire” As a Keyword, and There Shared information for Promotional Purposes and Educational Purposes.


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