How to Activate New Airtel Sim 59059: Tele Verification

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Activate Airtel New SIM Card

How to Activate New Airtel Sim 59059: Tele Verification

How to Activate New Airtel Sim 59059: Welcome To Our Blog About Starting Your New Airtel Sim! We Know You Want To Use Your Sim To Talk, Go Online, And Know What’s Happening.

This Guide Will Show You Easy Steps To Activate Your Airtel SIM with The 59059 Code. Let’s Begin.

How to Activate New Airtel Sim 59059: Tele Verification

To Start Activation, Follow Some Simple Steps. First, Keep Ready Your ID. This Can Be Your Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Driver’s License, Or Passport. Also, Make Sure Your Phone That Works With Airtel Is Charged. This Way, There Won’t Be Any Breaks While Activating.

Put In Your Card And Turn On Your Phone

After You Have Everything Ready, Put The Airtel SIM card Into Your Phone. Find The Place In Your Phone Where The Sim Goes And Put It In. Then, Turn On Your Phone. Wait A Bit For The Phone To Find The Network. It Might Take A Little Time, So Just Be Patient.

Calling To Start Activation

With Your Phone On, It’s Time To Begin Activation. Open Your Phone’s Call Screen And Type “59059”. Then Call. Don’t Stress; It’s An Automatic Call, Not A Person, To Help You Activate.

Choosing A Language And Starting The Sim

When The Call Connects, It Will Ask You To Pick A Language. Choose The One You Like Best. Then, It’ll Ask If You Want To Turn On The New SIM card. Say Yes, And You’re Almost Set Up!

Checking Your Details

The KYC (Know Your Customer) Check Is Next. This Is Just Checking Your Personal Info. Listen And Put In Your Details When Asked. Make Sure To Spell Everything Right So There’s No Problem.

You’re Connected.

Once You’ve Done The KYC check, You’ll Get A Text Saying Your Airtel Sim Is On. Great Job! Finish Up By Turning Your Phone Off And On Again.

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Complete Tele Verification: Airtel Sim Activation Number 59059

If You have an Airtel 4G/5G Prepaid SIM card And Wish To Activate It, Then You Need To Focus On The Steps Mentioned Below.

Please Read And Follow The Instructions Carefully To Get Your Sim Card Started In Minutes:

1: Ensure That The KYC Process Is Completed For Your New Prepaid Connection.

2: Wait For 30 To 60 Minutes Before Activating Your SIM Card.

3: Once You See Signals On Your New Number, You Can Proceed Further.

4: Dial On The Airtel Prepaid Tele Verification Number “59059“.

5: Wait To Get Redirected To An Auto-Recorded Call.

6: Follow The Steps Directed On This Auto-Recorded Call.

  • Complete the Verification by Entering your Alternative Number OTP Submission OR
  • Choose Second Option: Enter Your AADHAAR Card 4 DIgits Number and Date of Birth

7: Once You Are At The End Of The Procedure, Airtel Will Activate Your Prepaid Connection.

Complete Tele Verification: Airtel Sim Activation Number 59059

Starting Your New Airtel 4G Postpaid Sim

Got A New Airtel Postpaid 4G SIM? Here’s How You Can Activate It. Keep In Mind that these Steps Aren’t The Same As For A Prepaid Sim, So Pay Close Attention:

  1. Tele Verification: First, Call The Airtel Number 59059. This Is To Make Sure Airtel Sends Signals To Your New Line.
  2. Address Verification: After You Do The Phone Check, Someone From Airtel Will Come To See If Your Address Matches The One On Your Papers.

Using A Text Message to Activate Your Airtel 4G Sim:

If You Want to Complete Your Verification by Sending a Free SMS, That Option is Also Available on Airtel Telecom. Just Send Your New SIM card Number and Activate Your Number for Data, Internet, Call, and SMS Services.

1: Write A Message That Says “SIM <Space> NEW_SIM_NUMBER” [Ex: SIM 9876543210]

2: Send This Message To The Number 121 Using Your Airtel Phone.

3: Wait For A Reply. You’ll Receive A Message That Says, “Reply 1 To Confirm.”

4: Respond To This Message As Instructed.

5: Be Patient For About 5 Minutes. Your New Sim Will Then Be Activated.

How to Activate Airtel SIM After Port In

Did You Switch To Airtel And Need To Activate Your SIM? It’s Easy, And I’ll Guide You. Here’s How You Can Turn On Your New Airtel Sim After Moving:

1: First, Turn Off Your Phone And Put In Your New Airtel SIM.

2: Now, Turn Your Phone Back On.

3: You Should Have A Pin. Text This Pin To 1234.

4: After Sending The Pin, Call *123# To Start Your Sim.

5: When Everything’s Good, Your Phone Will Show ‘Airtel’.

Port In Rules and Regulations

Updated Rules for Changing Phones with MNP (2023) MNP stands for Mobile Number Portability. Here are the new rules if you’re thinking of switching your SIM to Airtel:

  1. If You’re Porting Within The Same State, It Now Takes Between 48 To 96 Hours.
  2. Moving Your Number To A Different State? Good News, It’s Free!
  3. Airtel Will Check The Port Approval Using Your Account Details Only.
  4. If You Ask For An Upc (Port Code) Through A Text, It’ll Be Sent In About 5 Minutes.
  5. Once You Get The Upc, It’s Good For Four Days.
  6. Change Your Mind? You Can Stop The Switch Within 24 Hours After Giving Your Papers.
  7. If You Owe Your Old Phone Company Money, Airtel Will Cut Off Your New Service After The Switch.
  8. To Turn Your Service Back On, Clear Any Bills Within 60 Days Of Being Cut Off.

Turning On Your Upgraded 4G/5G Airtel Sim

Want To Start Your New 4G/5G Airtel SIM after Upgrading? It’s Easy! Just Follow These Steps:

1: Go To Your Phone’s Messaging App.

2: Send A Message To “121”. Write “Sim” Followed By The 20-Digit Number On Your New 4G Sim.

3: You’ll Receive A Reply. Answer With The Number 1 To Switch Off From The Old Network.

4: Take Out Your Old SIM and Put In The New Airtel 4G One.

5: Lastly, Make Sure Your Phone’s “Lte” Settings Are Turned On.

Switching From Airtel Prepaid 2G/3G to 4G/5G?

Want A Faster Airtel Connection? Follow These Steps To Move From Your 2G/3G to a 4G/5G Prepaid Sim:

Before Starting, Gather These Things And Go To The Closest Airtel Store:

  • A Phone That Supports 4G LTE.
  • The Current Active SIM Inside The Phone.
  • A Recent Passport-Sized Photo.
  • A Copy Of An ID with Your Address.
  • Keep Rs. 50 Ready For The New Sim Card.
Switching From Airtel Prepaid 2G/3G to 4G/5G?
Then, Do The Following:

1: If You Use Prepaid, Pick ‘prepaid’ From The Menu.

2: Choose ‘Sim Swap’.

3: Type In Your Mobile Number.

4: Be Patient, As Swapping Might Take Around 15 Minutes.

5: The Customer Service Person Will Tell You A Sim Number.

6: With Your Old Sim, Text ‘4G Sim Swap New_Sim_Number‘ to 121.

7: Then, Text ‘Reply 1 To Proceed’ To 121.

8: Give Rs. 50 For The New 4G Sim.

9: Your Old Sim Will Stop When Your New One Starts.

10: Put Your New 4G Sim Into Your Phone And Enjoy!

How to Turn On Your Inactive Airtel Number: Did Your Airtel Number Get Turned Off? Let’s first See why This might’ve Happened:

  1. According to TRAI rules, if your prepaid Airtel account has less than Rs. 20, it stops working.
  2. If you don’t use your SIM for 90 days (no calls in or out), Airtel will deactivate it.

Want to turn it back on? Here’s how:

Quick Fix: If It’s Been 15 Days Or Less Since Deactivation, Just Add Rs. 99 To Your Balance.

If It’s Been Longer:

  1. Email Airtel at [email protected], asking to reactivate your number.
  2. In a hurry? Call Airtel’s customer service:
    • For Postpaid: 9810012345
    • For Prepaid: 9810198101
  3. Or, go to an Airtel store near you and ask them to reactivate your number.
  4. Remember to bring an ID and proof of address when you visit the store.

How To Activate Airtel eSIM on iPhone Easy Step

Switching To A Digital Sim? Here’s How To Activate E-sim: In The Age Of Digital Advancements, Even Sim Cards Aren’t Left Behind. Choose An E-sim Over The Traditional One And Follow These Steps To Activate It:

Steps To Activate eSim:

1: Text ‘eSim’ Followed By Your Registered Email To 121.

2: Within A Minute, Reply With ‘1’ To Confirm.

3: Soon, You’ll Get Another Text From 121, Asking For Permission To Call You.

4: Once You Grant Consent, A QR code Will Be Sent To Your Email.

5: On Your Phone, Go To ‘Settings’.

6: Select ‘Mobile Data’.

7: Tap ‘Add Data Plan’, Then Choose ‘Scan QR Code’.

8: Use Your Camera To Scan The QR from Your Email.

9: Name Your eSim Profile.

10: Activation Might Take Up To 2 Hours. Be Patient.

Keep In Mind For iPhone Users:

  • The QR code In Your Email Is A One-time Scan. Use It Wisely.
  • Complete The Process Once You Start Scanning.
  • Never Hit ‘Delete’ In eSim Settings, Or The E-sim Profile Will Be Gone For Good.

Prepaid Customers Esim Activation Guidance If You Face Any Issues During Esim Activation, Refer To The Following:

SMS TextSend SMSApplicable States
NESIM52212Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka
NESIM51619Rest of India

Postpaid Customers Alert In The Following Scenarios, Text ‘NOSIM’ To 121 To Prevent Your Physical SIM Card From Being Disconnected:

  • QR code Doesn’t Arrive Within 30 Minutes.
  • Incomplete Scanning Process.
  • Stopped Scanning Process Midway.
  • Accidental Esim Profile Deletion.

How to Porting to Airtel [Port In Method]

Online Process

1: Access The Provided Airtel Link.

2: After Choosing Your Desired Plan, Click ‘Buy Now’.

3: Fill In Your Details To Set Up A KYC pickup And SIM card Delivery.

4: Text ‘Port’ To 1900 To Get Your UPC or Porting Code.

5: Securely Store The Received Code; It’s Valid For Four Days.

6: An Airtel Representative Will Visit You For Sim Delivery And Activation.

7: Keep Your ID, Address Proof, And Porting Code On Hand.

8: It Takes 48 Hours To Transition Your Number To Airtel Post-completion.

Offline Store Visit:

1: Send ‘port’ To 1900 And Generate a Unique Porting Code (Or Upc).

2: Once You Receive The Code, Please Note That The Code Is Valid For Four Days Only.

3: Visit Your Nearest Airtel Store And Share Your Upc, Address And Identity Proof With An Airtel Executive.

4: The Executive Will Process Your Request, And Airtel Will Activate Your SIM card Within 48 Hours.

2: Remember, the code remains valid for just four days.

3: Head to your nearest Airtel outlet and share your UPC, address, and ID proof.

4: After processing, your Airtel SIM will be activated in 48 hours.

Switching from Airtel Prepaid to Postpaid:

1: Navigate To Airtel’s Website Using The Specified Link.

2: Click On The Prepaid Dropdown Option.

3: Pick ‘Switch Prepaid To Postpaid’.

4: From The Displayed Plans, Select Your Preference.

5: Enter The Necessary Information And Hit Submit.

6: A Physical And Digital Verification Will Be Conducted Shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Want To Know About Activating Your SIM? Here Are Some Common Questions And Their Answers:

1. How long does the activation process take?

The activation process usually takes just a few minutes. However, in some cases, it might take slightly longer, depending on network conditions or during peak hours. Rest assured, we’ve designed the process to be as quick and efficient as possible.

2. What happens if I encounter difficulties during activation?

We understand that hiccups can occur, even with the simplest of processes. If you encounter any difficulties during activation, simply reach out to our dedicated customer support. They are available 24/7 and are ready to assist you and address any concerns you may have.

3. Can SIM activation be done online?

As of now, SIM activation cannot be done online. You will need to follow the guided process by dialing the designated number 59059. This process has been designed to ensure the security and accuracy of your personal details.


Well, Done On Getting Your Airtel Sim Started! Now, You Can Easily Stay In Touch With Everyone And Explore The Online World Without Any Breaks. We Hope This Guide Made Things Clear For You.

If You Need More Help Or Have More Questions, Just Call Our Customer Service. Have A Great Time Using Airtel


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