Jar App Earn ₹30 PayTM Cash and ₹10 Gold for Free

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Jar App Earn

Jar App Earn Unlock Rewards Grab ₹30 Paytm Cash + ₹10 Gold at No Cost

Jar App Earn ₹30 PayTM Cash and ₹10 Gold for Free
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Hey Readers, here’s some exciting news for all the savers out there! The era of savings is making a comeback, and the ultimate app to help you save is none other than Jar App. With Jar App, you have the opportunity to convert your hard-earned money into Digital Gold, ensuring your savings grow steadily over time.

Now, here’s the best part.

Here’s an exclusive offer brought to you By simply purchasing ₹10 worth of Gold from the Jar App, you can avail yourself of a flat ₹30 free Paytm cash. And that’s not all! You can even sell the ₹10 worth of Gold the next day and transfer the money back to your bank account.

To claim this irresistible offer and grab your free Paytm cash along with Gold cashback,

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Just follow the simple steps mentioned below:

1) Visit the provided link – Click Here.

2) Enter the Paytm number on which you wish to receive ₹30 Paytm cash.

3) Verify the number by entering the OTP received and clicking on “Proceed.”

4) directed to the Jar website page.

5) Purchase Gold worth ₹10 (Make sure to remove the default ₹150 amount and enter ₹10).

6) Apply the coupon code – CKJAR.

7) The coupon code will be successfully applied.

8) Proceed to complete the purchase using any of the available payment modes.

9)Great! Within 1 hour, receive ₹1 in your Paytm wallet, indicating that your order has been tracked for cashback.

10)Within 1-2 days, you will receive ₹30 free Paytm cash on the provided Paytm number.

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Hurry up and make the most of this incredible opportunity to boost your savings effortlessly. Start using Jar App today and unlock the true potential of your money. Happy saving!


In conclusion, the offer mentioned earlier provided a fantastic opportunity to earn free Paytm cash by purchasing Gold from the Jar App. However, please note that the offer mentioned has expired, and it is no longer available. It’s always a good idea to stay updated with the latest offers and promotions from Paytm and Jar App to make the most of their services. Keep an eye out for new opportunities to save, earn rewards, and enhance your financial journey.


Q1: How can I download the Jar App?
A1: You can download the Jar App by visiting the respective app store for your device, such as the Google Play Store for Android users or the App Store for iOS users. Search for “Jar App” and click on the download/install button to get started.

Q2: Is the Jar App available for both Android and iOS devices?
A2: Yes, the Jar App is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can download it from the Google Play Store or the App Store, depending on your device.

Q3: Can I sell the Gold purchased from the Jar App before 24 hours?
A3: No, you cannot sell the Gold purchased from the Jar App before 24 hours. There is a minimum holding period of 24 hours before you can sell the Gold and transfer the money to your bank account.

Q4: How long does it take to receive the cashback in Paytm after making the Gold purchase?
A4: Typically, it takes around 1-2 days to receive the cashback in your Paytm wallet after making the Gold purchase. However, the exact timing may vary, and it’s recommended to refer to the specific offer terms and conditions for more information.

Q5: Are there any additional offers or promotions available on the Jar App?
A5: Yes, the Jar App often introduces various offers, promotions, and cashback opportunities for its users. It’s advisable to regularly check the app or their official website for the latest updates on ongoing offers and maximize your savings and rewards.

Please note that these answers are based on general information, and it’s always advisable to refer to the official sources or customer support for specific queries related to the Jar App or its offers.

  Instant Loot Deals, Earn Money, Mobile Recharge Offers... Active Users Enjoying Our Loot

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