How To Link Aadhaar Card With Airtel Number – Easyest Method


Link Aadhaar Card With Airtel Number

(Full Guide) How To Link Aadhaar Card With Airtel Number? Very Your Phone Number By Biometric Verification Method To Keep Activating Your Sim Card For Saying On Continue Service.

Hello free Recharge tricks lover how are you. today we will talking about aadhaar card link with phone number with full guidelines. as government toll its necessarily to link Aadhaar with Phone Number. if you ignore this or not very your now then your sim card can be banded in future. so continue your service & must link your Aadhaar card with phone number. all airtel user will get full clearance about its.

Link Aadhaar Card With Airtel Number

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Almost every Telecom Company stared this linking & verification Process. if you are airtel, Vodafone, idea, bsnl, Docomo user then you can link your Aadhaar card with phone number by following below method. this linking Process Completely free so read the post into the end to know full details of the Aadhaar airtel link

Requirements : Link Aadhaar Card With Airtel Number

  • Phone Number
  • Your Aadhaar Card
  • Activate Phone With Sim Card

How To Link Aadhaar Card Number With Airtel Phone Number :

1. Firstly Take Your Aadhaar Number, Activate Sim Card With Phone & Go-to Nearest Airtel Store, Airtel Mini Store, Recharge Shop

2. Tell To Shops Kipper That Want To Link Aadhaar card Number With Airtel Phone Number

3. After That Tell Your Phone Number To Shop Kipper & He / See Put The Number On Bio-metric Verification Machine

4. Now You Will Receive A Verification Code In Your Device. Tell The Code Number To Shop Kipper

5. Now Shop Kipper Take Your Aadhaar Number & Tell You To Scan Your Finger On Their Biometric Machine

6. So Scan Yor Finger. (Necessary)

7. After That Shop Kipper Will Confirm Your Name, Father Name, Date Of Birth Etc

8. Everything Is Complete. Your Verification Is Now Complete

9. You Will Receive A Confirmation Massage In Your Device With In 24 Hours

10. If Shop Owner Want Money For This Verification Don’t Give Anything Because It Is Totally Free.

Popular Questions Answers :

1. I have multiple airtel sim card can i link do link my phone number with my Aadhaar card ?

=> Yes !!! you can link one Aadhaar number with different 10 mobile number (Maximum)

2. I have a sim card on my father name. how can Registered this sim in my name

=> Simple Link your Aadhaar number with Phone Number & after that it will Registered in your name

3. How many pay for this linking method ?

=> Its totally free !!! you don’t have pay anything for it

4. Can i link my Aadhaar number with Phone online at home ?

=> No !!! You have to go your nearest airtel store or Recharge shoe

5. Can I able to change aadhaar Number later ? after linking Aadhaar number for first time

=> Yea you can do it !! in this case have to go on Nearest airtel store the person who want to link his / her number on Airtel store /

How To Link Aadhaar Number Other Telecom Number :

every company almost linking in same method. so don’t Worry about it. and implementation think is before linking please ask to shop owner that is free or they take money for this. if say its chargble & you have to pay something for that then i will suggest to go any airtel store or mini store. they cannot take anything. so guys if you have an any questions then must ask me in below Comment section we will help you as soon as possible. thank you.

Link Aadhaar Card With Airtel Number

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