[Working] LinkedIn Premium for Students: 6 Months Free

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LinkedIn Premium for Students 2023 Offer

Awesome News For Students: Enjoy 6 Months Of Linkedin Premium Free

Want to Know Complete Info About LinkedIn Premium for Students? Hey There, Young Learners! Are You Dreaming Of Having A Wonderful Job One Day? Do You Want To Show The World How Cool And Skilled You Are? Well, We Have Something Special Just For You.

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Linkedin, A Big Place Where Professionals Meet And Talk, Is Offering You A Golden Chance. This Isn’t Just Any Chance; It’s The Opportunity To Enjoy Linkedin Premium Free For Six Whole Months. That’s Half A Year, Imagine That!

Awesome News For Students: Enjoy 6 Months Of Linkedin Premium Free

Linkedin Pricing and Features

Here’s a chat-style breakdown of the LinkedIn Premium plans:

  1. Premium Career
    • Cost: $29.99/month
    • Details: This plan is tailored toward job seekers. It provides access to who’s viewed your profile, how you stack against other job applicants, and direct messaging to recruiters.
  2. Premium Business
    • Cost: $59.99/month
    • Details: Designed for businesses, you can see business insights, grow your network, and gain access to an extended set of professional networking tools.
  3. Sales Navigator Professional
    • Cost: $79.99/month
    • Details: Ideal for sales professionals, this plan offers tools for finding and targeting leads and accounts, access to sales insights, and expanded LinkedIn InMail capabilities.
  4. Recruiter Lite
    • Cost: $119.95/month
    • Details: This plan is targeted toward recruiters. It provides advanced search filters, smart suggestions, and outreach tools to find and engage potential candidates.
  5. LinkedIn Learning
    • Cost: $29.99/month
    • Details: Offers unlimited access to thousands of expert-led, online learning courses and tutorials on a wide variety of business, technology, and creative skills.

Again, remember that these were the prices and offerings as of September 2021. Prices and offerings may have changed since then. Please visit the LinkedIn website for the most up-to-date information.

Linkedin Premium India

Sure! Here’s a simple comparison table between LinkedIn Premium and the regular LinkedIn (also known as LinkedIn Basic)

FeaturesLinkedIn BasicLinkedIn Premium
CostFreeCosts money (but our special offer gives it to you FREE for six months!)
Making a ProfileYesYes
Connecting with OthersYesYes
Applying for JobsYesYes
Seeing Who’s Viewed Your ProfileOnly the last 5 viewersEveryone who’s viewed your profile in the last 90 days
Learning CoursesLimited accessAccess to over 18,000 courses
InMail MessagesNoYes (you can send messages to people you’re not connected with)
Top of Job Applicant ListNoYes (your job application can be moved to the top of the list)
Seeing Salary DetailsNoYes
Career CoachingNoYes (you can talk to career experts who can help you)

Remember, Linkedin Premium Cost India Student for Free, Linkedin Premium Can Help You Get More Chances Of Landing A Job. It Allows You To Learn From Thousands Of Courses, Get Advice From Career Experts, And Lots More. On The Other Hand, Linkedin Basic Allows You To Create A Profile, Connect With Others, And Apply For Jobs, But It Doesn’t Give You The Extra Benefits That Linkedin Premium Offers.

So, If You Want To Take Your Learning And Job Searching To The Next Level, Linkedin Premium Is A Great Choice. And With Our Special Offer, You Can Get All These Benefits Free For Six Months.

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What’s Linkedin Premium?

It’s A Special Version Of Linkedin With More Features That Can Help You Shine And Make Getting A Job Easier.

Now, You Might Be Thinking, “What Do I Need To Do To Get This?” Don’t Worry, We Have The Answers Here!

What's Linkedin Premium?

How to Get LinkedIn Premium Subscription for Free

🔹 Step 1: Clicking A Special Link

  • The First Thing You Need To Do Is Click On A Special Link.
  • We’ve Prepared This Link Just For You, And It Will Take You To The Official Page
  • Where You Can Get This Free Offer.
  • So Just Click And You’re On Your Way!

Step 2: Filling Out A Form

  • Once You’re On The Official Page, You’ll See A Form. This Form Is Easy To Fill Out.
  • You Just Need To Put In Your School’s Name, Your Full Name, Your Birth Date (That’s Your Dob), And Your Email.
  • It’s Like Filling Out A Small Quiz About Yourself!

🔹 Step 3: Clicking A Button

  • The Last Step Is Super Simple. All You Need To Do Is Click A Button That Says “Verify My Student Status.”
  • By Clicking This, You’re Telling Linkedin That You’re A Student.

You Should Know About Premium Subscription

To Make Sure You’re A Real Student, You Have To Show Linkedin Something From Your School. This Can Be Your School Id Card That Shows The Date It Will Stop Working, Your Class Schedule, Or A Receipt That You Get When You Pay Your School. Don’t Forget, The Picture File Should Be .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .pdf, .gif, Or .bmp.

Then, Sheerid, A Friend Of Linkedin, Will Look At Your Things. This Is Just To Make Sure You’re A Student. Don’t Worry, This Checkup Is Done In Just 30 Minutes!

Once Your Things Are Checked And Approved, You Can Start Using Linkedin Premium For Six Months, Absolutely Free!

Linkedin Premium Is Like A Magic Tool For Job Searching. It Has Many Cool Things To Help You, Like:

🔸 Better Job Chances:

With Linkedin Premium, Your Chances To Get A Job Get Bigger! You Become 2.6 Times More Likely To Find A Job Opportunity. That’s Almost Three Times Better!

🔸 Learning Courses:

You Can Access Over 18,000 Learning Courses. It’s Like Having A Huge Library Of Knowledge Just For You! Many Companies On Linkedin Use These Courses To Find The Right People For Jobs.

🔸 Learning From Experts:

You Can Follow Experts And Learn From Them. They Share Many New Ideas And Trends In Different Job Fields.

🔸 Better Chances To Get Responses:

When You Apply For A Job On Linkedin With A Premium Membership, You’re 39% More Likely To Get A Reply.

Now, Remember, This Offer Is Only For Students Who Are Currently Studying In Recognized Schools Or Institutions. Also, It’s For Students Who Don’t Have A Premium Subscription Already. The Offer Starts From The Day You Redeem It And Lasts For Six Months.

So, Why Are You Waiting? Grab This Amazing Offer Now And Start Your Journey On Linkedin Today. Don’t Forget, Your Premium Subscription Will End After Six Months Unless You Want To Keep It And Pay.

[Working] LinkedIn Premium for Students: 6 Months Free

If You’re Worried Or Have Any Questions About This Super Offer, Just Leave A Comment Below. Our Team Is Always Ready To Help You.

So Hurry, Take This Chance To Make Your Job Journey Easier With Linkedin Premium For Free! The Offer Won’t Last Forever, So Act Now! Good Luck With Your Studies And Your Future Job!

Important Things About The Offer:

This Offer Can Be Used Once Per User During The Offer Time. If You Try To Cheat Or Do Anything Strange, The Company Can Stop You From Using The Offer. This Free Offer Is Part Of Linkedin’s Plan To Give Free Things To Get More People To Try Their Products.

The Free Linkedin Premium For 6 Months For Students Offer Is Open To All. The Offer Will Be Available Until It Runs Out This Month. It Might Be Available Next Month Too, So Keep Checking!

This Post Talks About One Of The New Free Product Samples Available For June, July, August, September, And October 2023. This Golden Chance To Improve Your Linkedin Experience And Stand Out Is Not Something To Miss.

So, Get Your Free Linkedin Premium Membership Today, And Step Towards A Brighter Future!

🔍 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. What is LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn Premium is a special version of LinkedIn with extra features to help you get a job more easily.

Q2. Who can get this offer?

This offer is for students currently studying in recognized schools who don’t already have a LinkedIn Premium subscription.

Q3. What will happen after six months?

After six months, your LinkedIn Premium subscription will end. You can choose to keep it and pay if you want.

Q4. Is LinkedIn Premium really that helpful?

Yes! With LinkedIn Premium, you can have a better chance of getting a job, access to lots of learning courses, and updates from industry experts.

🌈 Conclusion:

Being a student is all about learning and preparing for your future. And with this amazing LinkedIn Premium offer, you can take a big leap toward that future. It doesn’t matter if you’re dreaming about becoming a scientist, artist, teacher, or anything else. LinkedIn Premium can help you get there.

Remember, this special offer won’t last forever. So grab this golden chance today and start making your dreams come true. If you have more questions or if anything is unclear, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. We’re here to help!

Don’t forget to check the special link for the offer. Good luck with your studies and your future career! Remember, you have the power to achieve anything you set your mind to. So keep learning, keep growing, and reach for the stars! 🌟


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