Missed Call Alert Jio: Get [Lifetime] FREE Missed Call Alert

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Missed Call Alert Jio

Missed Call Alert Jio: Activate FREE Missed Call Alert [Livetime] 2023 Offer: Hey There! Want To Know How To Activate The Missed Call Alert In Jio? Well, You’re In Luck! We’ve Got A Step-by-step Guide To Help You Out. So, Let’s Get Started, Shall We?

First Things First, Grab Your Phone And Open Up The Jio App. Once You’re There, Head On Over To The Settings Menu. You Can Usually Find It In The Top Right Corner Of Your Screen.

Missed Call Alert Jio: Activate FREE Missed Call Alert [Livetime]
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In Today’s Busy World, Each Phone Call Can Be Something Special Or Important. But Sometimes, We Can Miss Them. Thanks To Jio’s Call Alert Feature, Even If We Miss The Ring, We Won’t Miss Knowing Who Called Us. So, We’re Always In The Loop. Because in this Service Jio Send an SMS from The Same Number Who Wants to Reach You. After Checking The SMS You Can Call Back to the Person.

What is Jio Missed Call Alert Service

A Long Time Ago, People Wouldn’t Even Know If They Missed A Call! But Now, Because Of New Technology And Better Phones and Telecom Companies, We Always Get A Message If Someone Called And We Didn’t Pick Up. It’s A Cool Way To Make Sure We Never Miss Out On Important Calls.

With Everyone Being So Busy And Using Phones A Lot, Getting A Message About A Missed Call Is Super Important. Whether It’s A Call From A Possible New Job, An Old Friend, Or Someone You Work With, Jio Makes Sure You Always Know Who Tried To Call You.

Jio Missed Call Alert Service

Alright, Now That You’re In The Settings Menu, Look For The “Missed Call Alert” Option. It’s Usually Located Under The “Manage Services” Section. Once You’ve Found It, Give It A Little Tap.

You’ll Be Taken To A New Screen Where You Can Activate Your Missed Call Alert. Simply Toggle The Switch To The “on” Position. And That’s It! You’ve Successfully Activated The Call Alert Feature On Your Jio Number.

Now, Whenever You Miss A Call, You’ll Receive A Handy Alert To Let You Know. No More Worrying About Those Pesky Missed Calls Going Unnoticed.

We Hope This Guide Was Helpful And That You’re Now Able To Enjoy The Convenience Of The Missed Feature On Your Jio Number. If You Have Any Other Questions Or Need Further Assistance, Feel Free To Reach Out. We’re Always Here To Help.

How To Turn On Missed Call Alerts With Jio: 4 Easy Ways

If You’ve Been Looking Around Online To Learn How To Turn On Missed Call Alerts For Your Jio Phone, Here’s Some Good News: Jio Gives You This Feature Automatically, For Free! You Don’t Have To Put In Any Special Code.

Jio Missed Call Alert Service

But, Some Jio Users Have Said They Don’t Get Alerts When They Miss A Call. If That’s Happening With You Too, You Should Talk To Jio’s Help Team. Here’s How:

All Jio Phone Numbers Already Have The Missed Call Alert Turned On. But If You Need To Turn It On Yourself, Just Dial *411 And Then Press The Green Call Button. This Will Make Sure You Know When Someone Tried To Call You On Your Jio Phone.”

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[Method 1] Using A Text Message To Turn On Jio Missed Call Alerts

  • Open Your Texting App.
  • Type SMS “ACT MCI”.
  • Send This Text To The Number 144.
  • Wait A Bit, And You’ll Get A Text Back Saying Your Missed Call Alerts Are Turned On

[Method 2] Using The Myjio App: To Turn On Jio Missed Call Alerts

If You Have The Myjio App, You Can Ask For Help There:

  • Open The Myjio App.
  • Find The “help Centre”.
  • Click On “live Chat”.
  • Type “missed Call Alert Activation”.
  • A Jio Helper Will Chat With You And Sort It Out.

[Method 3] Using The Phone: Missed Call Alert Jio

  • All Jio Phones Should Have Missed Call Alerts Already. But If Yours Isn’t Working:
  • Check If You Have “Call Divert” On. This Can Stop Missed Call Alerts.
  • To Turn Off “Call Divert”, Dial *413 On Your Jio Phone.
  • Talking To Jio Customer Support
  • The Easiest Way Might Be Just To Call Jio’s Help Number:

[Method 4] Call Jio’s Customer Service: Missed Call Alert Jio

  • Tell Them You Want Missed Call Alerts Turned On For Your Phone.
  • They’ll Help You Get It Set Up!
  • And That’s It! Now You Won’t Miss Out When Someone Tries To Call You.

What You Have to Do When Jio Missed Call Alert Not Working

Testing And Fixing Missed Call Alerts Want To Check If Your Missed Call Alerts Are Working? Here’s A Trick:

  1. Turn Off Your Phone Or Switch It To Airplane Mode.
  2. Use A Different Phone To Call Your Number.
  3. If You Don’t Get A Message About The Missed Call, Then There Might Be A Problem.

Some People Say They Don’t Get These Alerts. Why? Sometimes, If You’ve Set Your Phone To Send Calls Straight To Another Number (That’s Called “Call Forwarding” Or “call Divert”), You Won’t Get Alerts For Missed Calls.

If You Think That’s Happening:

  • Dial *413 On Your Phone.
  • This Will Stop The Call Forwarding.
  • After Doing That, You Should Start Getting Messages For Missed Calls Again!

If You Still Have Problems, It’s Best To Talk To Jio’s Customer Help.

How to Deactivate Jio Missed Call Alerts: Can We Do It?

Jio Gives A Free Service That Tells You About Missed Calls. Right Now, We Can’t Turn It Off. Sometimes, This Means We Even Get Alerts About Annoying Sales Calls.

Some People Want To Turn Off These Alerts Because Of This. But Right Now, Jio Doesn’t Let Us. Maybe In The Future, They Will Change This. Keep An Eye Out For Any News From Jio About This.


How often are missed call alerts sent?

Alerts are sent immediately after a missed call.

Do I need a specific phone model for this feature?

No, it’s compatible with all phones on the Jio network.

What’s the duration of the alert service once activated?

It typically remains active as per your subscription or plan.

Can I customize the alert notifications?

While basic customization is available, extensive personalization might require third-party apps.

Are there any privacy concerns with this feature?

Jio ensures the utmost privacy. No call content is recorded, only the alert of the missed call.


“The Jio Missed Call Alert Is Like A Helper. It Makes Sure You Know When Someone Tried To Call You. It’s Easy To Use, Doesn’t Cost Much, And Many People Trust It. Every Jio Phone User Should Have It!”

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