Oreo Play Pack Offer – Get FREE 1GB Data, Gadgets & Playstations

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Oreo Play Pack Offer

Get 1GB Data, Playstations, and Gadgets from Oreo Play Pack Offer

Oreo Play Pack Offer, Oreo Offer, Oreo Playback Code- Hi Viewers, hope you guys all are doing good. I think all are enjoying our Posts PayTM Cricket League, and Colgate Toothpaste Cashback Offer. Today I am back with an Interesting Loot Offer by Oreo, this offer is named Oreo Offer.

You just need to buy an Oreo Play Pack to participate in this Oreo Offer and you will get an Oreo Playback Code in it to win Free 1GB Data, Gadgets, Playstations, and get a chance to get MSD Autographed Cricket Kits every day. 

Oreo Play Pack Offer

Everyone has the chance to win this, but there are limited stocks of that Offered Play packs of Oreo. So be first and get that pack and Playback Code from that pack and by doing some process you get the chance to win Rewards from Oreo Offer. You get all the details on how to Participate and claim the rewards. 

Read this full post and know how to Participate in this Oreo Play Pack offer and win 1GB Data, Gadgets, and Playstations and also win MSD Autographed Cricket Kit.

How to Get Free 1GB Data Gadgets and Playstations from Oreo Play Pack Offer?

1. First of all you need to go to Store and buy Oreo’s newly launched pack with the Play Pack offer, you can also buy it on the Online Platform.

2.  You will get a Batch code and SMS code inside the Pack, take care of that code. 

3. You have to send that code as SMS in the formate as mentioned below to the given mobile number-9390893908

SMS Format: Batch Code

4. Then you will get an SMS with Playback Code which will be useful to win Rewards from Oreo.

5. Now you need to visit the Oreo Offer website to Redeem your Playback code through the link provided below.

6. Open the link and click on the I have the Oreo Play Pack Button on that website.

Oreo Play Pack Offer

7. Here you have to enter some details like Full Name, Mobile Number, Email, Playback Code, and City of Residence which are mandatory details you need to provide.

Oreo Play Pack Offer

8. Then agree on the Terms & Conditions and its Privacy Policy and then click on the Submit Button.

Oreo Play Pack Offer

9. Finally you completed the process and get the chance to win Rewards from the Oreo offer.

Terms & Conditions

  • This offer will started on 16th September 2021 and valid up to 15th November 2021.
  • This offer is available through out the India Except Tamil Nadu State.
  • The code is valid only for single time usage.
  • The product which you buy is not replaceable or exchangable.
  • You need to accept their terms & conditions and Privacy Policy to Participate in this offer.
  • We are not responsible for that, if their is no availablity of product in the store you visited.
  • This offer packs and their codes are valid up to the Validity time of the Offer.

Myjio Lucky Draw Offer

Play and Earn 20GB free jio data from Myjio Lucky Draw Offer

Get Jio 20GB Free Data, Myjio Lucky Draw Offer, Play & Earn free Data– Hi Viewers, hope you guys all are doing good. Today I am here with another amazing Lucky Draw Offer by Myjio. This is a lucky chance for the Jio users to get 20GB of free data. 

Myjio Lucky Draw Offer

Almost all users have the chance to win free 10GB 4G data. This offer is valid from 15th July 2021 to 25th July 2022. The winners will be announced on the date of 27th July 2021.

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How to Play and Earn 20GB free jio data from Myjio Lucky Draw Offer?

  1. First of all you have to Download the Myjio app, if you already have it you have to Update it through the link given below.

2. After Successful Completion of downloading the app, you need to install it on your device. 

Myjio Lucky Draw Offer

3. Then go to Dashboard and search for the banner of Myjio Play & Win, go to it. 

4. Then you will get one question like below:

In Which movie did Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are not acted together?

5. Now you have to give the correct answer to this question to get eligibility to participate in this Myjio Lucky Draw Offer. 

Myjio Lucky Draw Offer

The correct answer for this Myjio Play & Win Offer is given below

Answer: Jodhaa Akbar

6. You submit your answer, if you are lucky and it’s your lucky time then you will get 10GB of Free data from the Myjio Lucky Draw Offer. 

7. Winner will be announced on 27th July 2021.

About Myjio App:

 Myjio is very popular and is the most used Android app. Which is helpful to all these days, and millions of registrations. You can Download this Myjio app through App Store or Play Store. this is supported by both Android & IOS.

This app is compatible with IOS Os 10.0 or high & Android OS 5.0 or Higher. After download, you need to install. Then you need to register to Myjio App by using a Mobile Number. During the registration process, it will send OTP to your Registered Mobile Number. 

You can also check your balance through Myjio App. Before introduced this app to check balance you have to use the USSD method which is old and in which you have to dial *121#.

While running this USSD it shows Several kinds of options like Talktime Offers, My Offers, Data Offers & more. In those options you have to select the My Number option, it will show you the balance of your number & validity of the current plan of your number.


My Jio Free Data Lucky Draw Offer

Play & Win 10GB Free Data  From My Jio Free Data Lucky Draw Offer

My Jio Free Data Jio play in My Jio  Free Data Lucky Draw Offer Play & win up to 10GB-Hello Readers, I am back with a new wonderful offer by My Jio. This is a huge opportunity to get free 10GB of Jio data by play in the Myjio Lucky Draw.

Already we know about the previous offer of Myjio, Oreo Play Pledge offer & get 2GB of free Jio Data. Now MyJio came back with another wonderful offer to get up to 10GB of Free Data.

My Jio  Free Data Lucky Draw

About MyJio App:

MyJio is an Application which is called A Gateway to Digital Life, where the jio users will know about their plans and tell about their plan and remaining available balance.

You can install from MyJio Application from Play Store or App Store. In the MyJio app, we have to register with your Jio mobile number.

When wanting to log in you have to enter the OTP (One Time Password) which is sent to your registered mobile number. The MyJio App will support both android and IOS Operating Systems.

Myjio  Free Data Lucky Draw Offer Play & win up to 10GB

 Play & Win Data in Myjio:

This offer to get 10GB free data by play in My Jio  Free Data Lucky Draw Offer is only for Jio users, available from July 15th, 2021 up to July 25th,2021 for all users. In this offer, the users need to play the quiz of one question.

If the user wins in that quiz, they get the chance to get 10GB of free data. On July 27th,2021 Winners of this MyJio Lucky Draw are announced.

How to download, Play & Win Free 10GB 4G Jio Data in MyJio Lucky Draw Offer:

You need to follow the below process to get a chance to win 10GB 4G free Jio data in MyJio Lucky Draw Offer.

1. First of all, you need to download the MyJio App, if you already have Myjio App then Update it by using the below link.

2. After successful installation u need to register with your Jio mobile number.

Myjio  Free Data Lucky Draw Offer Play & win up to 10GB

3. Open the MyJio App and go to the Dashboard section.

Myjio  Free Data Lucky Draw

4. Then go to the search column to search for the MyJio Play

& Win Offer.

Myjio  Free Data Lucky Draw

5. Then it gives you a question and you have to answer that question.

6. To win the quiz you need to give the correct answer.

The question in MyJio Quiz as like below

Which movie did Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh both did not act together?

 Ans: Answer of Question in Quiz of  MyJio Play correctly & Win Offer is, that the correct answer is: Jodhaa Akbar

7. Then submit your answer and the getting of 10GB free 4G data in your MyJio App depends on your luck, if you are Lucky definitely you win that 10GB free data.

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