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Best 3 Method To Unlock Facebook Photo Verification. Best Solution / Facebook Photo Verification Software / Problem Solve / Buypass Photo Tag & Government Id Verification

Unlock Facebook Photo Tag Verification – oops many of people facing issues / problem on Facebook for security reasons. maximum people got blocked by Facebook for invalid activity. facebook have some terms & conditions without knowing that many people doing invalid activity continuously so Facebook cannot accept that & eliminate this Facebook account by for 7 Days 30 Days or permanently. So today we will show fb photo verification solution.

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We research on that & know that maximum time Facebook blocked those user who have new in Facebook. old user also (Facebook account age minimum 6 months) blocked some time for miss use Facebook. this time we are very upsetting & try to recover our fb account. but i know 95% user failed to recover it. so in this post we are talking about top 3 way to recover Facebook account easily & it will working 100% tested & verified.

Reason To Blocked Facebook Account :

1. Ad Friend Issues : Many of reason can have for that you eliminate by Facebook. some time new user want to add unlimited friends on Facebook & want to famous very quickly but that is a invalid activity for Facebook so you can Blocked for that

2. Adult Content / Violet : If Upload Any Pornography photo & video on Facebook you will be blocked within 24 hours.

3. Unknown Friends Request Send & Accept : If you continuously accept unknown Friend request or add friends who is not is you school / college / office friends then you will be blocked temporarily or permanently. in this time you can re Activate your account by photo tags Verification

4. Facebook Profile Name Change / Fake Name User – Some time many people use fake name of Facebook & many people try to change fb Profile name so this way you can Blocked

5. Unlimited Tag – Some time many people Upload photo / video / status on Facebook & they tag their all friends for getting like comment but this way Facebook could be blocked & you will get photo tag Verification

7. Facebook Autolike / Comment / Follow / Friend Request : Facebook Autolike is a good platform to showing your popularity. by Facebook Autolike & auto Comment you can give you fb photo verification solution limited like on your phone / status but maximum time.but some time following this method many fb Account blocked

8. Date Of Birth Changes – Many people / girls didn’t know how to take only me date of birth from Facebook profile & they try to change fb DOB & got block this way.

9. Add All Friends On Facebook Groups & Page Invite All Extraction : Some software & extraction Available that support all invitation / add on ground. but using this extension your Facebook account can be blocked for Photo tag Verification

10. Wrong Password Enter : If you forget your fb password then recover password by forgot option. but is you try to entering login on Facebook using multiple different password then you will be got tag Verification

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1st Method : To Unlock Fb Account From Photo Verification :

1. Firstly Open Facebook Account Windows Using PC / Laptop

2. Install Hola (Ip & country Change) Extraction

3. Select Japan Contrary & Connect It

img 20171108 1254511757183624

4. Now Ligin On Facebook From –

5. Now Here You Will See A Captcha Code Fill That & Submit

img 20171108 1254351629258990

6. Then Click On Start

7. Now Confrom Your Date Of Birth

img 20171108 125527154901342

8. Create A New Password & Conform It

img 20171108 12580132054409

9. Finally Login On Fb Account Using New Password. Enjoy

img 20171108 125626912958052

How To Protect Your Account From Facebook Photo Tag Verification :

2Nd Method : To Unlock Facebook Account From Facebook Photo Tag Verification :

This a screen shot method.this method for ph & pc user.

1. Login Your Facebook Photo Verification Page & Take Screenshots With Name

2. Skip & Take screenShort Or Selected Any Name & Take screenshots

3. On Next Day You Will Get Same photos With Different Name Check Wich Name March With Past Day’s Scree Shot

4. You Will Get Total 6 Photos & You Have To Correct Answers Minimum 4 Photos

4. This Way you Can Get back Your Facebook account

3rd Method : Contact With Us & Get Help :

If you cannot Successful to return your fb account then we will always ready to help you. just contact us on our WhatsApp  & Send Your Issues There We Will Reply & Try to Solve Your Issue As soon As Possible

How To Protect Facebook Account From Photo Tag Verification :

On above stage we are discuss about how can block you fb Account. read out top 10 reason for block fb Account & try to follow & remember Those steps. don’t try to doing any invalid activity on Facebook. Some Points & Safety Tips Following That You Can Never Get Photo Tag Verification Or blocked

1. Don’t Send Unlimited Friends Request

2. Don’t Send Friend Request To Unknown Friends

3. Don’t Accept Any Unknown Friends Request

4. Don’t Upload Any Invalid / Adult Containt

5. Use Your Original Name On Facebook Account That Have On Your Aadhaar Card / Id Card

6. Don’t Try To Use Any Fake Account / Fake Name Account

7. You Can Send Daily 3 Friends Request & Who Didn’t Account Your Friend Request Then Cancel That After 24 Hours

8. Don’t Change Gender, Date of Birth, Facebook User Name

Type Facebook Photo Verification :

Old fb user may know Facebook blocked type. Facebook blocked by some way some block fb recover by Mobile verification, some time email Verification, password, Change, date of birth conformation, government id Upload & Facebook photo tag Verification / unlock. this Facebook photo tag Verification is very hard to unlock so today we will tell you how to unlock photo tag Verification by simply way.thank you.

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