Flipkart Free Supercoin Loot – Get Instant 7 Supercoins

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Free Supercoin Loot

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Get Instant 7 Supercoins

Flipkart Free Supercoins, Flipkart 7 free Supercoins- Hello friends! Flipkart has a Special Offer For You! In this offer, You Can Earn Up to 7 Supercoins Instantly. Just you Have to do is follow The Offer and you can easily get your free supercoins.

How we can get Instant 7 Supercoins From Flipkart Supercoin Loot

Free Supercoin Loot

1. First Go to the Flipkart super coins section

2. Then Click On Earn Coins and Go to challenges

3. Then You will see the ‘Soulflower Challenge

4. Now, Start the challenge & complete the small tasks

5. Done !! You will earn 7 free super coins after completing all The tasks

Free Supercoin Loot

How do we get Membership from Shopsy & Flipkart + Free 300 Flipkart Supercoins?

1. First download the Flipkart or Shopsy app.

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2. Now, log in with Your Nonplus Flipkart account.

3. Then Add Any product to your cart.

4. Now, find The Option to join the Free Plus membership in Shopsy or Flipkart app.

5. Click On the option and activate it.


Note: Only For For Non-Plus Members

Flipkart FireDrops | Complete Electronics Daily Reveal Challenge & Win Free Apple iPad

Flipkart Firedrops Phone NFT, Firedrop Flipkart – Hello Friends! Here I am Back With a New Offer From Flipkart Firedrops NFT. You Will Get Flipkart Fire Drops NFT For Free By Participating In The NFT.

NFTs Are Digital Collectibles: NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) Are Like Digital Collectibles.

Subjective Value: The Value Of NFT Collectibles Can From Person To Person Based On Their Preferences And Interests.

Firedrop Focus: Firedrops Aims to Nft Value And Utility

Meaningful Utility: Firedrops NFT Utility That Serves a Purpose Or Provides Benefits to The NFT Holders.

Win Free Apple iPad – From Flipkart FireDrops

1. First Click On This Given Link To Start.

2. If The Page Doesn’t Open, Then Open The Flipkart App.

3. Now, Go To Categories And Scroll Down To Find Fire Drops.

4. Then You’ll See Many Tasks To Do. Just Choose The Electronics Daily Reveal Challenge.

explore all challenges

5. Now, Finish The Daily Challenge to Earn Coupons.

Flipcart firedrops

6. You Have to Just Complete The Challenges. When You Finish Them All, You Can Win A Free Apple Ipad!

Flipkart Free Supercoin, Flipkart Free Supercoins, Earn Free Supercoins  – Hello Friends! am here with a super exciting offer. In this Offer, Flipkart is giving free SuperCoins that you can earn instantly. Just you have to do is follow the offer and you will get 40 SuperCoins for free.

Get Free 300 Flipkart Supercoins + Plus Membership from Shopsy & Flipkart

Note: This Offer Only For Non-Plus Members

1. First Download the Shopsy or Flipkart app (It’s your Call).

2. Then Log in to your non-Plus Flipkart account.

3. Now, Add any product to your cart.

4. Then checkout, and you will see the option to join the Free Plus Membership in the Shopsy or Flipkart app.

5. Now, Click on the option and activate it.

Congratulations, you will receive 300 Flipkart Supercoins along with the Free Plus Membership.

Flipkart Free SuperCoin

[Challenge] Method to Earn Free Flipkart SuperCoin Everyday

Flipkart SuperCoin Hack Loot Offer, Earn Free Super coin Balance, Free Flipkart Super Coin Hack, Details of Value in Rupees in India, Currently in India Most Popular Two E-commerce Shopping Site is Amazon & Flipkart, From This Both Personally We Prefer and Love Flipkart. Because of Quality Deals, Amazing Discounts and Earn SuperCoin opportunities.

As You Know Recently Flipkart started SuperCoin Benefits for Shopping and completing Task & Play Games. This Coin is Fully Usable for Free Recharge Tricks, Online Shopping & OTT Platform Subscription. We Just Shared a Trick to Get 1 Year Hotstar Premium Subscription for Free, You Must Check out this.

Flipkart SuperCoin Hack - Get Instant 53 FREE Coin

Flipkart SuperCoin Value in Rupees in India – Our Many Users Asking Us by Sending Email Value of 1 SuperCoin in India, Many Are Asking for 10 SuperCoin Values in India. I Want to Tell 1 SuperCoin Value is Almost ₹1 Indian Rupees, So 10 SuperCoin = ₹10 Cash.

Today We Will Give You the Best Options for earning SuperCoin by completing a Few Simple tasks on Flipkart. Play Flipkart Fake or Not Fake Quiz or Play Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Contest to Get Daily SuperCoin. Now Check out the Below Simple Task and Everyone Can Grab a Free Super Coin. This is Not a Hack We Have Just Shared an Offical Method to Grab it.

Complete the Candy Challenge to Get SuperCoin & Coupons

SuperCoin Challenge Name – Candy Appliances Launch Challenge.

1. Complete the Candy Appliances Launch Challenge Get Assured SuperCoin

2. Update Flipkart App > Categories > SuperCoin > Earn SuperCoin > Challenges

3. Tap on the Appliance SuperCoin Challenges & Participate in it

Complete the Candy Challenge to Get SuperCoin & Coupons
  • Beat The Heat with our Top Ac’s and Wishlists to Your Favorite = 1 SuperCoin
  • Get Summer Ready With Top-Selling Refrigerators! Choose and Wishlists 2 Favorite = 1 SuperCoin
  • Don’t Wait for the First Baarish to hit! Wishlist 2 Your Favorite Washing Machine Now = 1 SuperCoin
  • IPL Season is Here & so are the best Selling Televisions for Candy! Wishlist 2 Favorites Now = 1 SuperCoin
  • How Well Do You Know the Brand Candy
  • Win Upto ₹1000 off on Candy Products

4. Complete the All Tasks and Get 4 SuperCoin + ₹1000 Off Discount Offer

5. Hurry Up Limited Time SuperCoin Loot.

Flipkart Women’s Pass Challange Free 50 Supercoin Instant Loot

1. You Should Update Flipkart App to Claim Free 50 SuperCoin Instantly

2. This Offer Name is Flipkart – Women Pass Challenge

3. Go to Flipkart Category > SuperCoin > EarnSuper Coin

4. There You Will Show Women Pass Banner Click on That

Women Pass Banner Click on That

5. They ask For You – Have an Aadhar Number Linked With a Mobile Number?

6. Give Answers – NO

7. Now Upload Any Women’s Aadhaar Front Page Picture

8. Boom, Instantly You Will Get a Free Rs.50 Supercoin

9. Flipkart 50 SuperCoin Value is = Rs.50 Cash

Women Pass 50 Supercoin Proof

Flipkart Women’s Pass Challange Free 50 Supercoin Instant Loot

Earn More 3 SuperCoin from the Below Active Challenge

Prestige Svachh Challenge: Free 3 SuperCoin for All the Users

1. First of All the Users Open Play Store and Update Flipkart App on Your Mobile

  • Open Flipkart App
  • Login Your Account
  • Goto Category
  • Then Click on SuperCoin
  • Earn SuperCoin
  • Click Challenge

2. Participants in Prestige Svachh Challenge

Prestige Svachh Challenge: Free 3 SuperCoin for All the Users

3. Add to the Cart any Products from Our Amazing Deals.

4. Participate in the Household Pop Quiz and Earn an Extra Super Coin

Q.1 – What are the Unique Feature of the Prestige Avachh Gas Stove?
Answer – All of Above
Q.2 – What are the Unique Feature of the Prestige Svchh Pressure cooker?
Answer – All of Above

5. Share. any 2 Products on WhatsApp and Get SuperCoin

6. Done You Will Win +2 Free Supercoin

Flipkart the Noise Challenge & Get Free 3 SuperCoins

1. Updated Flipkart App and log in to Your Account

2. Goto Below Bar then Click on Category then Click on SuperCoins

3. Now Tap on the Earn SuperCoins Section & Click on Challenge

4. There You Will See Take the Noise Challenge Tap on it

5. Task 1 = Open the Noise Page & Click on Notify Me Option

6. Task 2 = Now Add to Cart Noise Colorfit Smartwatch

7. Task 3 = Done You Will Get a Total of 3 SuperCoins

8. Now You Can Use it for Purchase or Order or Use for Purchase Entertainment Services.

Flipkart the Noise Challenge & Get Free 3 SuperCoins

Flipkart Neha & Rohit Valentine’s Challange Earn 10 Supercoin

This 2023 Flipkart is Fully Ready to Sell thor Gifts & Prize Products so they Earlier Launched Valentine’s Special SuperCoins Challenge Where Everyone Has the Opportunity to Earn Free 10 Coins Instantly.

Neha & Rohit are All set for Their First Valentine’s Together Help then Took their Absolute Best Visit the Page & Select Standing Pieces [Play Now & Earn a Coin]

How to Participate in Flipkart SuperCoins Challenge?

• As Useful Open Flipkart > Catagory > SuperCoins > Earn Super Coin > Challenge

Then Start Neha & Rohit Valentine’s Challenge – Participate Now

1. Visit the Belts & Wallet Page & Explore Our Best Deals!

2. Add to your Cart any 1 Product from our Amazing Deal!

3. Wish your Favourites 2 Sunglasses! Wait for 30 Seconds for the Bonus Coin

4. Add to the Cart your 2 Favourites Handbags or a backpack from our wide range selection

5. Win 4+ SuperCoins | Complete All the tasks to Win

Flipkart Neha & Rohit Valentine’s Challange Earn 10 Supercoin

Flipkart Valentine’s ab Special Challenge Get 4 SuperCoin

1. Open Flipkart App & Update it to Get the Latest Free SuperCoins Earn Method

2. Goto Flipkart Category > then Click on SuperCoins > Earn SuperCoins

3. There You Will See a New Challenge is Available which is Valentine’s ab Special Challenge Click on this

4. Now Participate in this Challenge

5. First Wishlist 2 Items of Your Choice & earn Extra 2 Coin

6. Next Add to the Cart 2 Products from Premium Selection

7. How Well Do You Know Your Partner Play to Find Out

8. Complete All the Tasks and Get 2+ SuperCoins Instantly in Paytm Coin Wallet.

Flipkart the New Electronics Challenge – Get Free Super Coin

1. Open Flipkart App & Login into Your Account or Join as New User.

2. Goto Catagorys > SuperCoins > Earn SuperCoins > Challenge

3. There You Will See The New Electronics Challenge Tap on it

4. Participate in this Challenge & Complete 1 Task

5. Explore Electronic Gadgets & Items. Done.

6. Instantly 2 Free Flipkart SuperCoins Added to Your Flipkart Account.

Realme TechLife Buds T100 Challenge Get Free 3 Super Coin.

1. First Update Your Flipkart App & Login into Your Account.

2. Click on Super Coin > Earn Super Coin > Challange.

3. There You Will See Realme TechLife Buds Challenge. Click on the Challange

4. Then Click on Participate Now Button & Start the Contest

5. There You Have to Answer 5 Simple Questions. Added Below.

Realme TechLife Buds T100 Challange Answers

Q1) Realme TechLife Buds T100 offers a playback time of up to ____.

Ans: 28 hrs

Q2) Realme TechLife Buds T100 gives 10 mins of quick charge.

Ans: 120 mins

Q3) For enhance clarity during calls, you get ____ on the Realme TechLife Buds T100:

Ans: AI ENC Noise Cancellation

Q4) Which of the following is a Flipkart Plus Membership benefit?

Ans: Both

Q5) Realme TechLife Buds T100 comes with:

Ans: All of the above

6. Now Open the Product Page & Set or Click on Notify Me

7. Instantly You Will Get 3 Super coins Instantly.

Alia’s Wardrobe Challenge – Get 12 Super Coin

1. This time Flipkart Come With an Exciting Offer Challenge Alias Wardrobe – Click Here

2. First log in to Your Flipkart Account or Create an Account

Goto Super coin > Click on Earn Coin Option > Click on Alia’s Wardrobe Challenge.

3. To Complete this Challenge Users Get 12 SuperCoin Instantly

  • Open the Challange Banner & Start Quiz
  • Play the Quiz & Give the Answers
  • The first Question Answer is – 4
  • 2nd Answer – Plus are a Free Membership & No Subscriptions Will be Deducted
  • 3rd Answer – is 200
  • 4th Answer is – Exclusive Discounts on Select Flipkart Products

4. Everything is Done !! This Way You Will Earn 5 Coin

Mivi Fort S Series Contest Get 4 super Coin Instantly

1. Mivi Fort S Series Contest. Get the Rewards You Deserved by Completing All the Challenges.

2. First if All Open Your Flipkart App Home Page Click on Super coin

3. Then Goto Earn Super Coin & Click on Challenge

4. There You Will Get Mini Fort S Series Challenge Banner 5. Open the Challenge & and Complete 3 Simple

1 Task – Take the Pop Quiz Guess the Weight!

2 Task – Click on the ‘Notify me’ button and win the voucher that is redeemable on 3rd August.

3 Task – Participate in the pop quiz and earn extra super coins.

Flipkart Mivi Fort S Series Quiz Answers

Q1) Does the Mivi Fort S series have a mic for calling?

Answer: Yes

Q2) Which of the following connectivity feature(s) is/ are available in the S series?

Answer: All of the above

Flipkart Realme Smart Watch Challange Earn 4 Super Coin

Play the Realme Challenge Now & Complete the All Task & Get a Super coin Bonus. Realme Smart Watch Challenge Answers a Few Simple Questions and Get 4 Free Super coin Rewards. This Offer is Available in Earn Super coin, So Goto Super coin & Complete the Challenge.

How to Complete the Realme Challenge?

  • First of All Open Flipkart App to Play this Challenge
  • Goto Super coin Section from the category & Click Earn Super coin
  • There You Will See a Sliding Banner Offer, Click on Realme Challenge
  • Then Participate in the Challenge and Answer of Few Questions
Flipkart Realme Watch Challenge Quiz All Answers

Q1) Which of the following activities you can do using the new Realme TechLife Watch R100?

Answer: All of the above

Q2) With the in-built Bluetooth calling feature of the Realme TechLife Watch R100, you can

Ans: All of the above

Q3) The trendy Realme TechLife Watch R100 sports a premium matte finish aluminum bezel design

Ans: True

Q4) What is the tagline of the Realme TechLife Watch R100?

Ans: Stay in touch on the go

How to Get Flipkart Free 3 Super coins

Complete a Simple task in the Acer Aspire 7 Challenge in the Flipkart app to Get 3 Super coins.

Open the Flipkart app » Go to the Super coin section » Click on Earn Coins » Challenges.

*Now Complete the Task & Get 3 Super coins.

Task 2nd Answers.

Q1. Ans: 12th

Q2. Ans: 12

Q3. Ans: GTX 1650

Flipkart Complete Alia’s Wardrobe – Get 15 SuperCoin

Flipkart Complete Alias Wardrobe – Get 15 SuperCoin – Help Alia Pick out the Perfect Look! Earn 15 SuperCoin or More in 5 Minutes. Click on Tap to Participate and Enjoy This Special Offer.

How to Get 15 SuperCoin From Alia’s Wardrobe?

1. First Of All Open Your Flipkart App and Login Your Account

2. Goto Rewards > Super coin Section

3. Earn SuperCoin and Click on Help Pickout Her Perfect Look Banner

4. Then Click on Tap to Participate Option

5. Start Task and Complete a Few Tasks

6. Instantly You Will Get 5+5+5 =15 SuperCoin For Free

7. Offer for Limited Time Hurry Up and Grab it.

Flipkart Back to Office Challenge Get 15 SuperCoin

1. First of All You Have to Update Your Flipkart App on Your Mobile

2. log in to Flipkart App and Then Click on Catagory Section

3. Then Click on Super coin > Earn Super coin Section

4. There You Will See the Offer Banner, Click on Back to Office Challenge

5. Participate in the Challenge, and Complete 3 Task

6. You Will Get 5 Supercoin per Task. (5×3) = 15 Super coin

Flipkart Electronics Challenge – Get Free 7 Super coin

1. First of All Goto Flipkart Electronics Challenge Page – From Here

2. There You Will See Electronics Challenge Banner Click on That

3. Now Start the Challenge and Start the Task.

4. There You Have to Complete a Few tasks and You Will Get 7 Super coin

5. Super coin Added to Reward Section Instantly

How to Get 6 Super Coins In Flipkart Game Zone

In the Flipkart Game Section, You Will See Multiple Type of Game, I Am Here Talking About 5 Game, Just Playing this Game Everyone Get 10 Super coin Worth a Value of ₹6, This Amount is Fully Usable for Product Purchase or Digital Subscription Buying. If You Have Multiple Flipkart Accounts Play From All and Get 10 Super coins on Each And Every Account.

How to Get 10 Super coin for Free

1. At First Update Flipkart App and Login Your Account in the App

2. Then Tap on Catagory Section From the Below Section

3. Under More on Flipkart Section Click on Games Option

4. There Under the Popular Game Section You Will See 5 Different games Free Fall, Gun Bottles, Run Panda Run, Basket Hero, Jump Bird

Flipkart SuperCoin Loot - Get 5+ FREE SuperCoin Instantly

5. Play All the Games one By One and Score Higher to Get 2 Super From Each Game

6. Play All 6 Games and Get Free 10 Super coins for Free

Flipkart Galaxy Book Go Offer – Free 5 Super Coin

Samsung Company Going to Launch their Most Awaited Laptop Which is Called Galaxy Go. It Will Exclusively Sell on Flipkart, That Way Its Poster and Banner are Available on Flipkart. There You Need a Maximum of 1 Minute to Claim Free 5 Super coins So I Think is Not a Bad Deal. Let’s See the Offer.

How to Get 5 Super coins From Galaxy Go?

1. First of All the Users Update / Upgrade the Flipkart App on Your Mobile

2. log in to Your Account and Click on the category Then Click on Super coin

3. Click on Earn Super coin and There You Will See The New Galaxy Book Go is Here

4. Now Click on Participate in Contest

5. Now Click on Scroll Down and Click on Notify Me Button – Get Instant 3 Super Coin

6. Now Give Simple Questions and Answers and Get 2 Super coin

  • Question – What is the name of Samsung’s Newly Launched Laptop
  • Answers – Galaxy Book Go

Play Flipkart  Candy Game – Get 5 Free Super Coins.

Flipkart Game Zone is Also a Home to Earn Super coins, This Time Play Games, Watch videos, and Get 5 Super coins Instantly, I Hope Everyone Played Candy Crush games, You Have to Play This Type of Same Game On Flipkart For 1:25 Minutes. For The Each GamePlay You Will Get 1 Super Coin. Play this Game 5 Times and Get 5 Super coins.

After Playing 1 Time You Have to Watch a Video. Then You Will be Able to Watch Another Game. Now Let’s See How to Play.

How to Get 5 Super coin

1. First of All the Users Download / Update the Flipkart App on Your Mobile

2. Then Login Flipkart App & Click on the Category Option

3. There You Have to Click the Game Option & Redirect To the Game Page

4. Under the Game Section You Will Get a Game That is Candy. Click on Candy Game

5. Now Play This Game, (Same As Candy Crush Game)

6. Play 1:25 Minutes this Game and Get 1 Super Coin.

7. Back to The Game Page Again Enter the Game and Watch a Video Then Again Play the 1:25 Minutes Game

8. Again You Will Get 1 Super Coin, This Way Play 5 Times and Get 5 Super coins.

[Offer 4] Flipkart Complete the Sirona Challenge – Get 7 Free Super Coins.

On This 2022 Valentine’s Day, Flipkart Has Launched Sirona Challenge, by completing this Challenge You Will Get 7 Free Super Coins For Free. It Will Take 30 Seconds to Complete the Task. Every Flipkart Users Can Grab This Free Super coin.

Complete the Valentine’s Day – Sirona Challenge and Get Assured Super Coins. Tab to Begin. Check out the Below Section to Enjoy this Offer.

How to Complete Siroma Challenge?

1. First of All Open the Flipkart App & Login in to the Flipkart Account.

2. Now Click on Flipkart Super coin Section & Then Click Earn Super coin

3. There You Will See an Offer Banner, Click on Sirona Challenge Banner.

4. Now You Have to Complete a Total of 3 tasks. As Below.

No.1 Task

Participate in First Task. and Add to the Cart a Sirona Product on Flipkart

No.2 Task

Back to Sirona Challenge Page, And Click on the 2nd Task. Again Add a Sirona Product to Flipkart Cart.

No.3 Task

The final Task is You Answer 4 Simple Sirona Challenge Questions Answers.

  • Question 1 – Which Ingredient is Best For Giving Skin a Glow?
  • Answer 1 – Vitamin C
  • Question 2 – Which Skin Care Product is Used to Cleanse the Face?
  • Answer 2 – Face Wash
  • Question 3 – Which Product Should Be Used to Cleanse the Intimate Area?
  • Answer 3 – Intimate Wash
  • Question 4 – Using Intimate Wash Daily Ensures
  • Answer 4 – All of The Above

Flipkart Infinix X1 Laptop Supercoin Challange

Infinix Smart Mobile Company Now Entering in Laptop World, They are Going to Launch Their Special Infinix X1 Laptop on Flipkart. Already lots of Features and Specifications are Revealed on Flipkart Sale Page, For More Information Wait for Launched Date.

As Realme and Poco Infinix Launched Their Flipkart Challange and Get Free Super Coin for Free.

How to Get 4 Free Super coins from Flipkart Infinix X1 Laptop Challange?

  1. First of All Open Flipkart Infinix Laptop Challange Page From Here
  2. Now Login to Your Flipkart Account Or Create a New Account
  3. Click on Banner of Infinix X1 Laptop Banna Banner Page & Start Challange

1 Task – Move to Infinix Laptop Page and Click on Notify Me Button and You Will Get 2 Super Coin

2 Task – Now Move on Next Task and Answer a Few Simple Questions (Answers Added Below)

Quiz Answers:
1. 34
2. 160 watts
3. Infinix InBook X1
4. 1.48kgs & Full metal body – Aircraft grade Aluminium finish
5. 55Wh & 65 watts
6. Privacy Switch

Flipkart Pay Later Challenge – Get 2 Super coin

Now Every Old Account Gets a New Feature That’s Called Flipkart Pay Later Where Buy Now Any Product According to Your Pay Later Budget and Make Payment For Your Purchase Within 30 Days. Recently Launched a Challenge Where You Have Opportunity to Earn 4 SuperCoin for Free Instantly.

How to Get 2 Free SuperCoin In Just 10 Seconds

1) First of All Open the Flipkart Pay Later Challange From Here – Click Here

2) Click on the Flipkart Pay Later challenge and Participate In That

3) Task No.1 – Explore Buy Now Pay Later on Flipkart – Just Click in This And Back

4) Task No.2 – Complete the KYC for Loan – Just Open the Task and Back

5) Task No.3 – Open the Task and You Will Move to Fashion Deals Page, Open Any Product, and Add to Cut the Product. Then Back to the Task Page

4) Once You Complete 1st Task You Will Get 0 SuperCoin and For The Complete 3rd Task Get More than 2 SuperCoin.

5) This Way Earn a Total of 2 SuperCoin For Free From the Pay Later challenge.

[Offer 8] India Ka Fashion Tyohar Challenge Get 6 Super coin

Flipkart 6 SuperCoin Free From Big Billion Day Special India Ka Fashion Tyohar Challenge Get Free 6 SuperCoin for the Complete Simple Task in Flipkart App. On This 7 October, Flipkart BBD Sale Goes Live and Challenged This Offer. So Let’s See How Can Everyone Get Free of 6 SuperCoin by Comparing 5 tasks.

How to Get Free 6 Super Coins by Doing Simple Task

1) First of All Open Challenge Page of Flipkart Big Billion Day From Here – Click Here

2) There Open India Ka Fashion Tyohar Challenge and Tap to Participate in That Challenge

3) Task No.1 – Take a Sneak Peek Click Here to Get 1 SuperCoin

4) Task No.2 – Tap This Task and Get 1 SuperCoin

5) Task No.3 – Complete the Task and Get 2 SuperCoin

6) Task No.4 – Complete The Task Get 2 SuperCoin

7) Task No.5 – Complete it And Get a Total of 6 SuperCoin in Your Wallet

7) After Completing All the Above challenges You Will Get a Free 6 SuperCoin.

8) Get 1/2 SuperCoin to Complete All the Task

Flipkart Big Billion Quiz Answers Win SuperCoin or Gift Voucher

1) First Open Flipkart App and log in to Your Account

2) Click on Flipkart’s Big Billion Upcoming Sale Banner from Top Sliding Offer Bar

Click Here

3) Then Click on Flipkart Plus 1 Day Early Access Explore Plus Offer

4) There Play Flipkart Plus Quiz and Win SuperCoin & Existing Discounts for Sale

5) Start The Survey and Start playing Answers

Question 1 – How many SuperCoin Need to be earned to become a Flipkart Plus Member?

Answer 1 – 200

Question 2 – How many SuperCoin do plus non-plus users earn for every rs.100 spent on a Flipkart order

Answer 2 – Plus Members Earn 4 SuperCoin, Non-Plus Members Earn 2 SuperCoin

Question 3 – How can I Become a Flipkart Plus Member to Enjoy Exclusive benefits?

Answer 3 – Earn SuperCoin by Shopping on Flipkart

6) Now Claim Your Reward and get Free SuperCoin and Discount Voucher During Sale.

Realme Tab Challenge – Get 6 SuperCoin Instantly

1) Go and complete 3 tasks and get 6 supercoils

2) Just click on the link and scroll down

3) Click on participate Link – Click Here

Answer 1- 6.
Answer 2- 21999
The third task – is to notify

4) Earn 6 super COIN

Flipkart Monsoon Challange – Free 10 Super coin

Hi Everyone We Are Back With A Best Super coin Offer for Flipkart Users, in this Rakhi Monsoon Flipkart Starts a Challenge for App Users Where You Can Earn 10 Super coins for Free.

How to Get Free 10 Super coins from Flipkart Monsoon Contest?

  • First, I Want to Tell You That This Is Account Specific Offer, But Must Try
  • First, all the Users Visit Flipkart Monsoon Offer Page – Click Here
  • Open this Page on Your Mobile and Visit Monsoon Challenge Page
  • Now Just Click on Participate Option
  • Now Complete All 5 Tasks And Get 10 Super Coin
  • Free Supercoins Rewards Will Be Credited Instantly In Your Super Coin Section

Realme Book Slim Contest – Earn Free 15 Super coins Instantly

Realme Book is Launching on 18th August 2021, Available to Buy From Flipkart, Participate in the Realme Book (Slim) Contest and Win Assured 15 SuperCoin.

How to Locate or Find the Flipkart Realme Book Contest?

  • First of All Open Flipkart Mobile App and Login Your Account
  • Click on Electronics from The Top Menus
  • There You Will Slider of Laptop Offer on The Top
  • There Click on Banner of Design to Empower Realme Book Slim
  • Scroll Down and Click on Realme Contest Participate

How to Earn 15 SuperCoin Instantly

Task 1 – Get Free 5 Super coin

1) Question – How slim is the Realme book Slim?

Answer – 14.9mm

Task 2 – Get Free 5 Super coin

1) Question – Select Your Occupation

Answer – Student

2) Question – How May Hours Spend in Front of a Laptop

Answer – 2-4 Hours

3) Question – When You are Planning to Upgrade Your Laptop

Answer – 2 Year

4) Question – Does The thought of Creating Your Own Digital Content

Answer – Yes

5) Question – How Often Do You Transfer Data From Mobile to Laptop

Answer – Monthly

6) Question – Which Type of Charging port Do You Want On Your Deam Laptop

Answer – USB Type C First Charging

Task 3 – Get Free 5 Super coin

Answer – Click on Notify Me to Get Notified of the Launch

[Challenge running from 2nd August to 16th august ]

Trick to Get 10 Super Coins Instantly {Big Savings Day}

1: First of All Open the Below Link & Move to Flipkart Big Save Challenge Page – Click Here

2: Now Click on Banner Big From 25th-29th July Complete the Challenge

3: Now Participate Into The Challenge & Complete One By One Task

  • Task 1 – Add to Cart Product
  • Task 2 – Now Checkout the Product
  • Task 3 – Add a Product to Wishlist (💓)
  • Task 4 – Again Add a Deal to a Wishlist
  • Task 5 – Checkout Kitchen Products
  • Task 6 – Now Click on 6 Task & Move To the Big Savings Days Page, Checkout This Page

4: Now Back to Challenge Page & You Will Get 10 SuperCoin Instantly

5. Offer Valid Till 29th July 2021

How to Get 20 Supercoin (Oppo Reno 6 Pro Challange)

Flipkart – Get 20 Supercoins For Free [Specific Users]

Link – Click Here

Open Link In Flipkart App > Participate Now

Answers –

  1. A
  2. A
  3. B
  4. A

Task 2 Answers: Aurora

Task 3: Get Notified For Launch.

Not – Valid For Specific Users So Check-In Your Account

1️⃣ First of All Open Flipkart App & Goto Mobile Page or Click Here

2️⃣ Now You Will Redirect To The Flipkart Realme Narzo 30 Page

3️⃣ Click on Participate Options & Ready to Complete 3 Task

4️⃣ Complete These 3 tasks and Get ₹40 Super Coin Instantly

Task No.1 – Earn 10 SuperCoin

  • Answer 1 – Dimensity 700 5G (B)
  • Answer 2 – Enhance Gaming Performance (A)
  • Answer 3 – Normal Screen Experience (A)
  • Answer 4 – 65 Minutes

Task No.2 – 10 SuperCoin

  • Select Narzo Gery Colour Mobile

No.3 – Earn 20 SuperCoin

  • Back to Narzo Page & Click on Notify Me

5️⃣ After Completing All The Above tasks You Will Get 40 Free Super Coin Instantly

6️⃣ This Coin was Added to Flipkart SuperCoin Section

7️⃣ This All Coin is Usable for Shopping, Purchase, and Subscription.

How to Get 21 Free Flipkart SuperCoin Easily?

First I Will Tell You 21 SuperCoin = ₹21 Flipkart Wallet Balance, Usable for All-Purpose.

1️⃣ First of All the People Open Your Flipkart App & Login in to Your Account – Click Here

2️⃣ Simply Goto SuperCoin Section & Click on SuperCoin Booster Deals That Available on the Same Page

3️⃣ Now Click on Challange Complete Task to Win Coins Option

4️⃣ There are Two Challange Currently Running, Click on the Make Lockdown Fun challenge Option

5️⃣ Complete all the Simple Tasks & You Will Get a Free SuperCoin of 21

6️⃣ You Will Get 2+2+2+15= 21 SuperCoin For Free By completing 1 Minute of a Simple Task

Final Conclusion & Disclaimer:

This Above Offer is Our First Flipkart Task & SuperCoin Offer, Very Soon We Will Added More coins and Earn Related Offers in The Same Post, So You Never Missed Any Kind of Earn coin Opportunity. If You Like this Earn Coin Offer Please Share this Article With Your Friends & Family Members and on Social Media So Everyone is Able to Earn Some Super Coin and Able to Make Shopping for Just ₹1 From Flipkart.

We, Will, Come up With More Flipkart Task, So Guy Keep Visiting for More Interesting Offers & Earn Related Loot.


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