{4 Method} How to Check Airtel Call History 2023

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{4 Method} How to Check Airtel Call History 2023

Airtel Call History 2023: Have You Ever Wondered How To Keep Track Of Your Phone Calls And Important Conversations? Airtel, One Of The Top Phone Companies, Allows You To Access And Manage Your Call Records Easily.

{4 Method} How to Check Airtel Call History 2023

In This Article, We Will Guide You Through The Process Of Understanding And Using Your Airtel Call History.

Interested To Know About The Calls Made On Your Airtel Prepaid Number In The Last 24 Hours? Don’t Worry! Simply Dial *#7072# From Any Phone, And You’ll Be Able To See A List Of All The Calls Made On That Number During The Past Day. Additionally, You Can Access This Information By Visiting Airtel Career search And Entering Your Number There. This Website Also Offers Other Helpful Airtel Services, Like Finding A Job Or A Customer Care Number. So, Whether You Want To Check The Call History Of A Specific Contact Or Need To Find A Number Form Customer Care.

Why Should You Check Airtel Call History?

By Looking At The Call History, You Can Find Out Who A Person Called Or Received Calls From And How Long The Calls Lasted. For Example, If You Think Your Child Is Talking To Someone They Shouldn’t Or Behaving Strangely, You Can Check Their Airtel Call History. It Will Show You The People They Have Been Talking To. The Police Also Check The Call History Of Criminals Or Victims To Find Out Where They Are.

The Best Part Is That You Can Check The Call Records Of An Airtel Number For Free. Whether It’s A Postpaid Or Prepaid Number, You Can See Who The Person Called In The Last Few Days And For How Long.

Why Is Airtel Call History Important?

Airtel Call History Is Helpful For Various Reasons. Let’s Look At Some Key Benefits:

Remembering Important Calls: Call History Helps You Remember And Keep Track Of Important Calls You Have Made Or Received.

Managing Your Phone Expenses: By Checking Your Call History, You Can Keep An Eye On How Long You Talk On The Phone And Manage Your Monthly Expenses.

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Checking Details: If You Need To Verify A Past Conversation Or Recall Important Information, Your Call History Can Provide You With The Details You Need.

How To Access Airtel Call History: Accessing Your Airtel Call History Is Simple. Follow These Steps:

[Method 1] How to Get Airtel Call History in Your Email?

Certainly! Here are the step-by-step instructions to retrieve your Airtel call history details for a specific month:

  1. Unlock your Phone and goto to the messaging app for Checkout Airtel Call History
  2. Tap on the “Compose” or “New Message” option to start a new message.
  3. In the recipient field, enter the number “121“.
  4. In the text field, type the following message exactly as shown: EPREBILL [MONTH NAME] [YOUR EMAIL ID].
  5. Replace [MONTH NAME] with the name of the specific month for which you want the call history details. For example, if you want the call history for March, type “MARCH” without the quotes.
  6. Replace [YOUR EMAIL ID] with your actual email address where you want to receive the call history. Make sure to enter your email correctly. Here’s an example of how the message should look: EPREBILL MARCH [email protected].
  7. Double-check the message to ensure you have correctly entered the month name and your email address.
  8. Once you are satisfied with the message, tap the “Send” button to send the SMS to Airtel’s number 121.

After sending the EPREBILL message, you will receive a confirmation message from Airtel. Shortly thereafter, you will receive an email containing your Airtel call history for the requested month.

[Method 1] How to Get Airtel Call History in Your Email?

[Method 2] How to Check Airtel Call History Airtel Website?

1. Step: Make Sure Your Phone Is Connected To The Internet to Check your Airtel Call History

2. Step: Open The Web Browser On Your Phone.

3. Step: Go To The Airtel Website.

4. Step: Look For The “Sign In” Or “My Account” Option And Tap On It.

5. Step: Enter Your Airtel Phone Number And Password To Log In.

6. Step: Find The “Call History” Or “Usage Details” Section.

[Method 2] How to Check Airtel Call History Airtel Website?

7. Step: Tap On The “View” Or “Get Call History” Button To See Your Call Records.

Understanding The Call History Details:

When You See Your Call History, You Will Find Some Important Information. Here’s What Each Part Means:

  • Phone Number: The Number Of The Person You Called Or Who Called You.
  • Date And Time: The Day And Time Of The Call.
  • Duration: How Long The Call Lasted.
  • Managing Your Airtel Call History: Now That You Know How To Access Your Call History, It’s Important To Know How To Manage It Effectively. Here Are Some Tips:
  • Delete Unwanted Calls: Regularly Review Your Call History And Delete Any Calls You Don’t Need Anymore.
  • Save Important Calls: If There Are Calls You Want To Remember, You Can Save Them In A Special Folder Or Write Down The Details.
  • Keep It Organized: Use The Sorting Options Available To Organize Your Call History Based On Date Or Time.
  • Tips To Optimize Your Call History Usage:
  • To Make The Most Of Your Call History, Consider These Tips:
  • Keep An Eye On Your Usage: Check Your Call History To See How Long You Talk On The Phone And Try To Reduce Unnecessary Calls.
  • Report Issues: If You Have Problems With Your Phone Calls, You Can Show Your Call History To The Customer Service Team To Help Them Understand The Issue.
  • Stay Safe: Be Careful About Who You Talk To On The Phone. If You See Any Calls From Unknown Numbers, It’s Best Not To Answer Them.

[Method 3] How to Check Airtel Call History Using My Airtel App / Airtel Thanks App

There Is Another Platform Besides Eprebill Airtel Where You Can Easily Check The Last Call History For Any Airtel Number. The Steps Provided Below Can Be Followed By Both Prepaid And Postpaid Users.

Besides Eprebill Airtel, There Is Another Way To See The Last Phone Calls Made By Any Airtel Number. This Method Can Be Used By Both Prepaid And Postpaid Users. Here Are The Steps To Follow:

Here’s how you can check the last call history for any Airtel number using the Airtel Thanks app:

Steps to Check Using the App:

  1. Open your phone and find the Google Play Store app
  2. Download an app called ‘Airtel Thanks App” from the Google Play Store. It’s a special app from Airtel.
  3. After the app is downloaded, open it and choose the language you like to use.
  4. Complete the sign-in process. You may need to create an account or enter your Airtel number and password.
  5. Look for a section called ‘My Airtel’ in the app. Tap on it.
  6. Inside ‘My Airtel,’ you will find an option called ‘Transaction History.’ Tap on it.
  7. Once you enter the ‘Transaction History’ page, you will be able to see the latest transactions and recharges you made on your Airtel number.
  8. Tap on the ‘Modify’ tab and select the month you want to check the call history for.
  9. After selecting the month, you will be able to see the call history for that specific period.
[Method 3] How to Check Airtel Call History Using My Airtel App / Airtel Thanks App

That’s it! You can now use the Airtel Thanks app to check the call history of any Airtel number. Remember to ask your parents or a grown-up for help if needed.”

[Method 4] How to Check Airtel Call History Using USSD Code

The USSD Code Method Is An Old But Useful Way To Check Your Last Call History, Balance, And Recharge Details On Your Airtel Sim Card.

Remember, This Method Works Only For Airtel Sim Cards. If You Have A Different Sim Card, You Might Need To Use A Different Code.

[Method 4] How to Check Airtel Call History Using USSD Code

Now You Know How To Use The Ussd Code Method To Check Your Last Call History, Balance, And Recharge Details On Your Airtel Sim Card. Give It A Try And Explore The Information Available!”

Steps for Call History?

  1. First Open Your Phone and Dial the Pad
  2. Then Put Below USSD Code
  3. Then Tap on Call Button
  4. Details Will Appear on Your Mobile Screen
Airtel ServiceAirtel Best Deals and Offers
Airtel All in One USSD Code*121*
My Airtel Best Deals and Offers*121*7#
Airtel Balance and Validity Check*123#
Check Your Airtel 10 Digits Number*282#
Airtel Best Offer *121*1#
Check Airtel DATA Limit*121*2#
Recharge With Coupon *121*3#
Emergency Talktime*141#

How to Recovering Deleted Call History in Airtel

recovering deleted call history, the Eases Android Data Recovery App, available on the Google Play Store, can also retrieve other things like deleted videos, images, contacts, and more. However, it is important to note that this app may not work on some phones and may have limitations in the amount of data it can recover.

Therefore, it is advisable for young students in Class 1 to seek assistance from an adult and carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of the software before attempting to use it for data recovery purposes.


Your Airtel Call History Is A Useful Tool For Keeping Track Of Your Phone Calls And Managing Your Communication. By Accessing And Managing Your Call Records, You Can Remember Important Conversations And Control Your Phone Expenses. Make Sure To Use Your Call History Wisely And Keep It Organized.


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