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Curious Jr Coding App

Curious Jr Coding App Level Up Your Coding Game and Score FREE Merchandise

Discover the ultimate mobile coding learning experience with CuriousJr, the leading FREE app for aspiring programmers. Immerse yourself in a world of fun coding games designed to teach you the fundamentals of programming.

Curious Jr Coding App
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Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your skills, CuriousJr has you covered. From block coding to JavaScript and Python, our interactive lessons will take you on an exciting journey through the world of coding. Stay tuned, as we have HTML & CSS coming soon to expand your coding horizons.

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Curious Jr Coding App Referral Code :

Refer Earn AppCurious Jr Coding App
Curious Jr Coding App Referral CodeOEtoid2P2Ab
Download Curious Jr Coding AppDownload
Curious Jr Coding App Sign Up Bonus50 Coins
Curious Jr Coding App Refer & Earn50 Coins
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Steps of Curious Jr Coding App 

1.. Visit the provided link and download the Curious Jr Coding App.

2.. Choose your preferred language to set up the app.

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choose your language

3.. Tap on the “Let’s Get Started” button and enter the mobile number. Verify it with an OTP.

sign up Curious Jr Coding App

4.. Select your age group and customize your options. Start learning any of the available courses.

update profile

5.. Access the dashboard to explore free courses and other details within the app.

Curious Jr Coding App dashboard

6.. Upon signing up, you will receive 60 coins, which can be used to redeem freebies and products.

7.. Navigate to the “Earn” section of the Curious Jr Coding App and share your referral code or link. Earn 50 coins for each successful referral.

8.. Redeem your earned coins for items such as mugs, water bottles, and even free coding courses.

9.. As an example, you can see a successful redemption of 100% coins on a free mug in the app’s cart.

10.. Spread the word about the Curious Jr Coding App’s referral program and continue earning coins to receive exciting freebies delivered right to your doorstep.


In conclusion, the Curious Jr Coding App is a fantastic opportunity for individuals interested in learning coding. With its engaging and interactive coding games, the app provides a fun and effective way to grasp the basics of programming. By joining the app’s Telegram channel, you gain access to exclusive offers like the Referral Code Offer, ensuring that you never miss out on exciting opportunities in the future. Download the app, set up your profile, and start your coding journey today. Earn coins through sign-up bonuses and referrals, which can be redeemed for a variety of rewards, including mugs, water bottles, and free coding courses. Don’t hesitate to share the referral program with others and enjoy the benefits of learning to code while earning fantastic freebies along the way. Get started with Curious Jr Coding App and unlock your coding potential now!

  Instant Loot Deals, Earn Money, Mobile Recharge Offers... Active Users Enjoying Our Loot

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