[101% Working] How To “Delete Paytm Account” in 2024

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Delete Paytm Permanently

Delete Paytm Account – Here We Will Share With You How To DeletePaytm Account Permanently in 2024 and Also a Method to Delete Paytm Payment Bank A/c Easily. There Are 8 Different & Working Methods. Applying Those Tricks You Can Able to Delete A Paytm Account Permanently by Mobile App.

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How To Delete Paytm Account Permanently – Hello There Welcome To Our Loot Trick Site Paytm Add Money Offer & Free Paytm Cash Is Very Popular At This Time, But Today We Going To share a Diffident Type Paytm Trick, Is How To Delete Paytm Account Permanently.

Steps to Close Your Paytm Account – So It Has a Lot Of Users. Many People Use It Successfully & Some Cannot Understand the Full Feature Of This App. So Sometimes Many Of Users Want To Delete Their Existing Old PaytmAccount Permanently. This Trick is For Those Who Have Any Issues Or Problems With Paytm Wants to Clear their Paytm Account.

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Now Main Question Is Can Paytm Allow you To Delete your PaytmAccount? YES, Paytm Agreed Too. If You Facing Any Of Issues Or problems Then You Can Delete Your Existing Account Within Three days. Here We Are Tell You the Best Two Working Methods For Paytm Delete. Delete Process Is Not Work As Instantly It Takes Few Days To Complete Process.

How To Delete PaytmAccount Permanently Best 4 Working Methods With Full Guide :

How to Delete Paytm Account in App 2024 – Paytm Account Delete Method Not A Automatic Process. It Will Is Done By Paytm Technical Team As Manually. So You Have To Request To Paytm Team With Proper Reason To Delete Paytm With Full Details. So If You Really Facing Any Problems Then You Can Request To Delete Your Account. Below, I Will Suggested Two Method With Details. Read Carefully & Apply Any Method.

Note – Paytm Cannot Delete Your Account Without Any Proper Reason

Note – Please Remember After Following the Below Delete Method You Cannot Able To Signup A New Account On DeletePaytm Number, Become Paytm Cannot Allow To Create of A New Account On the Sale Number After Deleting the Account.

Before Delete Paytm Account Must Remember Some Points 

  • Your Paytm Account Balance Should Be Rs.1 Or Below
  • Your Paytm Bank Account Balance Should Be Rs.1 Or Below
  • FD Account Balance Should Be Rs.1 Or Below Rs.1
  • You Have to Submit a Valid KYC Document For Close Paytm
  • After Close Paytm Account Your Paytm Bank. FD, Business Account Everything Will Be Closed

1# Method – DeletePaytm Account Via Chat Method (Verified)

1. Firstly Login Your Paytm (Which On You Want To Delete) Account In Paytm Account

2. Click On Right Click Dashboard

3. Then Click On 24×7 Help & Support 

4. Scroll Down & Click Profile & Settings

5. I need to Permanently close / Delete my account

6. Then Click Message Us Section

7. Scroll Below and Enter Below Details Carefully With Valid Documents

8. Explain Why You Want To DeletePaytm Account On The Message Box & Send It

9. Finally, Submit Your Details

10. Within 72 Hours Paytm Will Send You A Confirmation Sms On Your Email / Registered Phone Number

11. There You Will Get Tow See 2 Link – Click On First Link & Delete Your Account Second Link Ignore the Delete Request

Check Below Video For Delete PaytmAccount

2# Method Change Paytm Phone Number & Delete Paytm Registered Number

Paytm Allow To Change your Paytm Registered Number, Using These Steps We Going To Share How To Remove Your Existing Paytm Number From your Current Account, And After Changing The Number You Can Create A New Account Using your Old Paytm Account.

Please Remember Old Paytm Account Should Be Login In Your Device. So Let’S Remove your Old Number From Paytm This Way Your Paytm Account Will Live But Your Number Will Remove From Paytm.

  1. Firstly Login Your Account Paytm App
  2. Then Go To the Profile Section
  3. Click Edit Profile
  4. There You Will see the Phone Number, Just edit the number & enter any nonregistered Paytm account
  5. Now Click on Save From the Upper Right Corner
  6. Finally, You Will Receive A Otp On the New Number Just Put Down The OTP & Verify the New Number
  7. That’s It Your Old Number Is Deleted From Paytm
  8. Now If You Want To Create New Account On This Number Then You Can Sign-Up A Fresh Account

3# Method – How To DeletePaytm Account Directly (Available On Old Paytm App)

  • Firstly Download Or Open Paytm Account From Any Browser

Paytm Apk | PAYTM.COM

  • Now Open Paytm App / Paytm.com Website & Login in to Your Existing Account Which One do You Want To Delete
  • After That Go-to Paytm Profile Section
  • Now Click On the Contact Us Option To Submitted Your Report
  • Then Click On Other Option For Request Submitting
  • Now Describe the Exact Reason For You Your Paytm Account


– Please Delete My PaytmAccount Immediately

Tell Us – (Here Describe Exact Reason) Example – Hello Sir / Madam Please DeletePaytm Account. Because My Registered Number Has Stolen & Am Create A New Paytm Account Using My New Number & Email. I Didn’t Want Miss Use My Old Account. So please Delete My Account Ass Soon As Possible.
Upload A Picture (Optional) – You Can Skip This Option. If You Have Exactly Issue Related Photo Copy Then You Can Upload A Screen-Shot There.
Email – Put Registered Email / Phone Number

4# Method How To Delete PaytmAccount Manually

  • Firstly Login Your Email Account Which On Registered On Paytm & Which One Want To Delete
  • Compose / Create A New Mail About Requesting Paytm Delete & Send This Mail On [email protected]

To Email[email protected]
Subject – Please Delete My Paytm Account
Details – Here Mention the Exact Reason For You Want To Delete PaytmAccount. Also Put Your All Details That Have On Paytm Like Name, Email, and Mobile Number. If You Have Any Photo Copy Then You Can Upload the Photo Upload Option.
Uploaded Photo Copy – As Identify Must Uploaded A Government Registered Certificate Where Mentioned Your Details. (Aadhaar Card, Voter Card, School Certificate)

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How To Delete Paytm Bank Account

Want To Delete Paytm Payment Bank, Just Login Same Paytm Account And Go to the Help & Support Option

  • Choose Payment Bank > Close Paytm Payment Bank
  • Open A Ticket – Regarding Paytm Payment Bank Delete, Mention There Reason To Delete Paytm Account
  • Within 24 Hours Paytm Executive Call To You And Confirm Your Delete Request
  • After 3 Days Paytm Bank Account Will be Closed By Paytm
    Note – Remember You Cannot Use To Paytm Payment Bank In the Future

5# Method – Delete Request On Paytm Customer Care

Paytm Account Delete Customer Care Number is 0120 3888 388, This One Is The Best Option For Deleting Your Paytm Account. You Can Submit Your Query On Paytm Care By Calling Them. Paytm Care Help Line Is – 0120 3888 388. Call On This Number & Say Them To Delete your Paytm Account With Your Response.

After That, They Create A Ticket Regarding Your Issue & Finally They Deleted Your Paytm Account Within a Few Days. After That, I Will Get A Confirmation Mail.

6# MethodHow to Close or Delete Paytm Payment Bank Account 

No Need to Visit Paytm Bank to Close Your Current Khaata in Payment Bank, There Is an Option To Delete the Payment Bank Account From Your Home, It Will Takes 24 TO 48 Hours to Completely Close, Process Is Very Simple Lets Told You Step by Step Closing Bank Account Method.

1) Open Paytm Account in the Mobile App 

2) Then Click on 24*7 Help & Support (Available on the Profile Section on End of The Home Page of the Paytm App) 

3) Choose a category you need help with > View All Categories 

4) Then Choose the Saving Account 

5) Select an issue that describes your problem > issue with my saving account 

6) Here choose I Want to close my saving account 

7) Your Bank Account Balance Should be ZERO Otherwise you have to Upload a Cancelled Cheque Book to get the balance into another bank 

8) Then Click on the Massage US 

9) Here Choose the Reason to Close Your Account Example: I do not require multiple bank accounts

10) Accept Declaration and Submit the Details 

11) Within 24 Hours Paytm Payment Bank Closer Expert Call You or Message You Want to Know The Reasons and Ask for KYC documents for Ownership Verification 

12) Now He Will Proceed to the Next Level 

13) Now it Well Closed Permanently Within 24 Hours to 7 Days 

How to Close or Delete Paytm Payment Bank Account 

7# Method How to Delete Paytm KYC Account or KYC Details From Paytm

Paytm Wallet App Allow to Remove Your KYC document from Their App. In That Case, You Have to Massage Them Regarding Your Issue.

You Need a Physical Aadhaar Card in Your Hand to Remove KYC Details.

Let’s See How Can You Remove or TAKE Down KYC Documents From Paytm

  1. Goto Your Profile

2) 24*7 Help and Support

3) Choose KYC Option

4) Here Massage to Paytm Customer Support

5) I Want to Remove my Document From Paytm With a Valid Couse

6) They Will ASK you to Upload Your KYC Document

7) Once They Will Verify Ownership of The Account Remove Your KYC Details From The App

Note – Your Paytm Account May Close Permanently and Decrease Your Transaction Limit in Paytm Wallet.

8# Method पेटीएम अकाउंट को हिंदी में स्थायी रूप से कैसे हटाएं –

How To Delete Paytm Account Permanently In Hindi – हिंदी में प्रकाशित सर्वश्रेष्ठ विधि को हटाने के लिए हमसे अनुरोध करने वाले कई सदस्य। इसलिए हम पेटीएम अकाउंट को हिंदी में स्थायी रूप से डिलीट करने का एक बहुत ही छोटा और संक्षिप्त विवरण लिख रहे हैं। आशा है कि यह उन लोगों के लिए उपयोगी और उपयोगी होगा जो इंग्लैंड नहीं सीख सकते।

तो आइए नीचे पढ़ें हिंदी विवरण डिलीट पेटीएम अकाउंट के लिए आसानी से (7 कार्य दिवस के भीतर)

  1. लॉगिन पेटीएम अकाउंट और पंजीकृत ईमेल आईडी और इसे सत्यापित करें (बहुत महत्वपूर्ण)

2 गोटो पेटीएम डैशबोर्ड> 24 × 7 Support सहायता समर्थन विकल्प

3. इस तरह एक मालिश छोड़ दें ” Hello Paytm I Want To Delete Paytm Account Because I Am Not Interested To Paytm”

  1. 24 घंटे के भीतर पेटीएम सपोर्ट टीम अपने रजिस्टर्ड फोन नंबर पर कॉल करें और आपसे पेटीएम अकाउंट डिलीट करने का कारण पूछें। उसे बताएं / आप क्यों PayTM Account
  2. को हटाना चाहते हैं। इसके बाद वे You
  3. के लिए एक डिलीट रिक्वेस्ट लेंगे। 3 कार्य दिवसों के भीतर आप एक पेटीएम संदेश प्राप्त करेंगे। पंजीकृत ईमेल और फोन नंबर में 2 लिंक थे
  • पेटीएम अकाउंट डिलीट करने के लिए पहले लिंक पर क्लिक करें दूसरा लिंक डिलीट रिक्वेस्ट को अनदेखा करें
  1. पहले लिंक पर क्लिक करें और पेटीएम अकाउंट को स्थायी रूप से हटाएं ।
  2. नोट – खाता बंद होने के बाद आप कभी भी एक ही नंबर पर पेटीएम या पेटीएम खाता नहीं खोलेंगे

Can I Again Registered A New Paytm Account Through Same Paytm Number ?

Paytm Has Two Different Ways To Deactivate Your Paytm Account. First One Is Paytm Account Block & Second One is Permanent Remove.

If Your Account Will Be Block By Paytm Team Then You Can Never Use This After All You Have A Chance To Reactivate Your Account By Calling Paytm Care & Tell Them To Activate Your Account. But Maximum Time The Refused Your Request. And If Your Account Is Permanently Deleted. Then You Can Create A Fresh Account Easily.

1. In the above section, we have given you steps to delete the Paytm account you can follow that

2. Also, You Can Delete Your Paytm Bank Account

3. But After Close, Your Bank Or Paytm Account Your All Transaction History not Deleted from Paytm Server

Paytm never allow customers to remove account history, eventually is not possible, because there are many transaction data that it’s very important. this is a rule of government.
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