How to Fix JioCinema Something Went Wrong. Error 8001

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JioCinema Error Fixed

How to Fix a JioCinema Something Went Wrong to Click to Refresh. Error 8001

May You also Face Some Technical Errors During Watching Tata IPL 2023 in the Jio Cinema App on Your Mobile or Smart TV. During Watching Live Streaming Everyone Facing a Problem With the Jio Cinema App, Which is Getting Errors & Stopped Playing.

When It Shows Users Showing Error Code 8001 & Showing Screen Something Went Wrong, Click on Refresh, According to the Notification Users Try to Refresh by Press Remote OK Button But its Loading for a Long Time & Then Shows the Same Error Code & Users Face Same Problem.

When Anyone Watching His / Her Favorite Team IPL in this Time Tecnical Errors & Disturbances Irritated Us, Thats Why We Need to Fix the Error 801 Problem from the Jio Cinema App.

How to Fix JioCinema Something Went Wrong. Error 8001
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Before Fixing the Problem We Have to Understand the Exact Reason that’s Why Showing Jio Cinema Something Went Wrong, Click to Refresh. So You Want to Know the Real Reason for the 8001 Error Code then Check the Below Paragraph.

What is the Error 8001 In Jio Cinema App?

Basically, this is a Glitch in the App that’s Why Users Facing the Problem, But Much Other Reason Also Users Can Face the Same Problem That Cloud Be:-

  • Outdated Software/ JioCinema Version
  • Slow Internet Connection
  • Technical Errors or Glitch and Bugs
  • Cache & Cookies Problem
  • Server Down
  • High Amount of I/O Users
  • Insufficient CPU & RAM Usage

These are the Regular Problems that are Why Users Face With the Error 8001 Code, Also There are Some Rate Tecnical Problems Which We Cannot Cover In this Post.

Sometimes You May Experience Different Errors for Your Smart TV, Apple Phone, or Tap & Android Tv, Jio Cinema App not Working is on iOS or Jio Cinema Not Working on Android Reason 8001, 8002, 8008 Error Code.

What is the JioCinema App?

This is an OTT Platform That is Available as Applicable Version & Website Version, Download this App & Access their Official Website Users Can Enjoy the Latest Movies, Exclusive Jio Cinema Content, Sports Including Fifa Worldcup & Tata IPL 2023, They are Broadcast Cricket, Football and Other Sport’s on their Platform for Free, Thats Why Within Few Days they are Achieved Billion of User’s on Thir Jio Cinema Platform.

Now We Will Discuss All the errors & Reason Behind them and the Working Solution. By Reading this Information I Hope Everyone Gets a Permanent Fixed For Error 8001 Something Went Wrong, Click to Refresh.

1. High Traffic & Users

Mainly Users Face Different Types of Error Peek Times Means When Million of Users Visit the Jio Cinema App or Website Together to watch live Streaming Like Cricket, Football, and IPL this Time Points get a heavy Load on the Server that is Why the Server is Unavailable Good Performance, May You Experience End Position of the IPL Match When Someone Hit a Six or Four on That Time We are Facing Error.

1. High Traffic & Users

Fixing Tips – This is absolutely up to the Jio Cinema Server, You Can’t do Anything for server-level problems. You Can Just Try to Update Your Jio Cinema App and device to Minimise the Error.

2. Server Down & Maintenance

This is also a Server Level Problem, At this Present Time Technology Is More advanced and accurate, So the Team Usually Work on the Jio Cinema App In the Backend, When they are Over Come and Fiex Error or Glitch they Push the updated version for Android and iOS Device. Still, they Need to Work on Something on Running Server, If Team Working on Running Server then Users Can Experience Jio Cinema Not Working Problems.

2. Server Down & Maintenance

Fixing Tips – Usually, it Take a Few Seconds, if it’s a Server Level issue then Team Fixed it Within Few Second. You Need to Click on Refresh Option & pp Content Starting to Stream.

3. Restart the Device

For Any Reason If You Have Seen Something Went Wrong 8001 Error Code and After Clicking on Refresh Option or OK Button it’s Not Fixing then You Have to Restart Your TV or Mobile. Before Restart Restart You Can Close the App and Open it Again This Way You Can Get a Fast Fixing from the Same Error. Reset Device Means All the Running Apps and streaming Completely Stopped.

Restart the Device

Fixing Tips – Just Close Your App and start Again This Way You May Get Fixed for the Same Error, After the App if Still Not Working We Will Suggest Power of Your Device and Start Again.

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4. Clear & Reset Data of Jio Cinema

Sometimes we use 3rd Party Apps and Unofficial Apps on Our Mobile and smart TVs, That’s why many malware Attacks Our Devices and causes different types of Problems. For this reason, Users Can Face the Issue of Something Problem Errors with Mobile and TV devices.

Clear & Reset Data of Jio Cinema

Fixing Tips – If You Think Your Device is Malware Attacked and shows many Popup Ads, Adult Ads Then You Have one Solution to Reset Your Device and try to Not Installed Any 3rd Party App. If the Problem Just Over on the Jio App. Simply Uninstall the App and Download it Again. Or Simply Clear Data and open the JioCinema.

5. Update JioCinema & Device

To Use Jio Cinema App You Need a Minimum of Android 5 Or Above Android Version and iOS 10 or Above Version, If You are Using a Lower Version then Users Experience Automatic Close App Problems. In that Case, You Should update your Device and the App That not Working on Your Phone or TV.

Update JioCinema & Device

Fixing Tips – Software & Apps Upto Date is a Good Practice. Always Try to Update Your Phone With the Latest Software Version and get Secured. Also, Upto Date the Jio Cinema App From Play Store or iOS Store to Get Better & Smooth Performance.

6. Connect to Faster Internet

Slow Internet Connection is a Fasteted Problem, If You Use Jio 4G Internet Then You Can Experience Very Low Internet Speed that’s Why Maximum People Facing the 8001 Jio Cinema Error, That Why We Will Give You two Tips Following that You Can’t Face the Same Problem Probably.

 Connect to Faster Internet

Fixing Tips – Use a Fast Internet Connection Like High-Speed Wifi for Your TV Connection or Choose Video Quality 720p or Below Version that Way You Can Enjoy the IPL Using a Slow Net Connection

7. Disable VPN

Are You Using VPN Like Hola, Nord, etc, Using VPN You are Watching Content Using VPN, Do You Know VPN Make Slower Your Internet Connection that Reason Also You Can Get an Error Of Something Went Wrong? You are using VPN that Upto You. But If You Using VPN then It is the Main Issue for the Same Error.

 Disable VPN

Fixing Tips – Just Disable or Uninstall VPN During You are Watching the JioCinema App.

8. Contact the Customer Support Team

For other Type Errors Including 8001 JioCinema IPL Buffering Issue or JioCinema Low-Quality Showing in Full HD or 1080p. And for Other Problems, You are Facing Issue then Contact to Jio Customers Care or Support Team they Will Help You to Fix the Problem. After Fixing the Particular Problem Everyone Can Enjoy the Jio Cinema App By Watching Jio Cinema App.

 Contact the Customer Support Team

Fixing Tips – You Can Call on Jio Customers Care and Tell them Your Problem, Very Soon they Will Work on Your Concern and Give You Fixes Very Soon.

FAQ | Frequently Ask Questions

Why is Tata IPL Buffering & Not Playing Smoothly?

Answers: This is for the High-Value Amount of Users Watching IPL at a Time Thats Why the Server When Unavailable Maintain Lots of Users at a Time thas Why Buffering During IPL Watching.

How to Fixed Jio Cinema Not Working Problem?

Answers: Behind this Problem Many Reasons is Available, We Have Added the Top 8 Reason and Fixes for the All Problems in the Above Section. Like, Slow Internet, Out Date App Version.

Why Jio Cinema App not Opening on Phones & TV?

Answers: This is Call App Opening Crash Problem, According to this When Open the App its Immediately closed or Does Not Open. In this Case Update Jio Cinema App and then Clear the Data of the App.

Is that IPL Free in Jio Cinema App?

Answers: Yes, it’s Absolutely Free for Jio and Other users To, Just Download Jio Cinema App You Can Watch All the Matches for Free. May Latest they are Introduce With Paid Plans.

Disclaimer & Conclusion:

Hi, Everyone, We Have Shared Top Most Possible Problem According to the Our Experience that’s Why Users Get Something Went Wrong with Their Android TV, or Mobile, or Apple Phone. Try to Refresh First Still Not Working Jio Cinema and is Unavailable to Play TATA IPL 2023 then Try 8 Different Fixes That We Mentioned in Above Section Over 8 Different Steps.

This is Everything about Jio Cinema Problems and Solutions, If You Facing Other Problems Then Tell Us in Below Comment Box We Will Try to Give You Fixing Your Problem in Our Articles.

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