How to Get Free Fire Rewards Using the Redeem Codes 2022

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Free Fire Rewards

Garena’s Free Fire Rewards has offered many items such as skins, characters, costumes, pets, and bundles.

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The above-mentioned items are often expanded by the developers and most of the time the players or the user can obtain those items with the help of diamonds.

However, to use the diamonds, we need to spend money on them, which is impossible for many of the players or users, as this is not a comfortable option. so that the players are searching for other better options to earn Free Fire Rewards in the free fire.

Free Fire Rewards
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Ways To Obtain Free Fire Rewards :

1)  Rank Free Fire Rewards : 

This is one of the methods through which you can obtain Free Fire Rewards. The players can obtain rank through climbing up the tires. There are also season rewards obtained at the end of the season according to the players’ performance.

Free Fire Rewards

Some of the Free Fire Rewards ranked rewards for season 22 are given below :

Bronze I

  • Season Rewards – 1000 Gold Coins

Bronze II

  • Rank-up Free Fire Rewards – Summon Airdrop x1, Scanner 1x, and Rank Tokens x5
  • Season Free Fire Rewards –  1000 Gold Coins

Bronze III

  • Rank-up Free Fire Rewards – Bonfire x1, Resupply Map 1x, and Rank Tokens x10
  • Season Free Fire Rewards –  1000 Gold Coins

Silver I

  • Rank-up Free Fire Rewards – Season22 Silver Banner, Summon Airdrops x2, and Rank Tokens x20
  • Season Free Fire Rewards –  1500 Gold Coins

Silver II

  • Rank-up Free Fire Rewards – Summon Airdrop x1, Resupply Maps x2, and Rank Tokens x30
  • Season Free Fire Rewards – 1500 Gold Coins

Silver III

  • Rank-up Free Fire Rewards –  Bonfire 1x, Scanners x2, and Rank Tokens x40
  • Season Free Fire Rewards –  1500 Gold Coins

Gold I

  • Rank-up Free Fire Rewards –  Season22 Gold Banner, SCAR- S22 Exclusive: Maxim and Rank Tokens x50)
  • Season Rewards –  2000 Gold Coins

Gold II

  • Rank-up Free Fire Rewards –  50% XP Card (3D), Gold Royale Voucher (x1), and Rank Tokens (x70)
  • Season Free Fire Rewards – 2000 Gold Coins

Gold III

  • Rank-up Free Fire Rewards –  Bonfires (x2), Summon Airdrops (x2), and Rank Tokens (x90)
  • Season Free Fire Rewards –  2000 Gold Coins

Gold IV

  • Rank-up Free Fire Rewards –  Summon Airdrops (x2), Resupply Maps (x2), and Rank Tokens (x110)
  • Season Free Fire Rewards –  2000 Gold Coins


There are lots of events that are added to the Garena Free Fire Rewards. For example, the recent Rampage 3.0 event had offered no. of themed items. The players are required to complete certain tasks to acquire the Free Fire Rewards through events.

There are also some of the events which are obtained with the help of the diamonds through which players can earn rewards.

Free Fire Rewards


  1. Free fire world series 2021 Mexico.
  2. Free fire world series 2021 Singapore.
  3. Free fire world series 2019.
  4. Free fire world cup 2019.


  1. Free fire solo and squad (Bermuda).
  2. Free fire world series 2021 Mexico.


Redeem codes are the best way to achieve the Free Fire Rewards in the free fire. Through redeem codes we can obtain free items such as costumes, weapon skins, etc.

The redeem codes are often released through the game’s social media or players’ performance live stream.

These redeem codes are used in the Free Fire Rewards redemption site by the players to achieve their required rewards freely and easily. later those rewards can be achieved from the mail section.

Free Fire Rewards

Few things that you should know about the redemption codes to get Free Fire Rewards :

  1. The Free Fire Rewards redemption code has 12 characters in the combination of capital and small numbers.
  2. The items which are achieved from redemption codes are shown in the vault tab in the game lobby.
  3. Sometimes redeem codes offer you gold or diamonds by the player’s luck; it will directly get added to the player’s account.
  4. All the codes come with validity date. The expired codes are not applicable (i.e) those codes cannot be redeemed.
  5. The redeem codes cannot be redeemed through the guest accounts.

REDEEM CODES for Free Fire Rewards (INDIA SERVER) :

  • FFPL-UED9-3XRT: Double skull surfboard and diamond royale voucher.
  • FFMC6UR5ZNJQ: Old fashioned weapon loot crate.
  • FFMC2SJXLSB: 2x scorching sands weapon loot crate.
  • XLMMVSBNV6YC: 2x winter lands weapon loot crate.
  • LH3DHG87XU5U: 1x diamond royale voucher and 1x weapon royale voucher.
  • PACJJTUA29UU: 1x diamond royale voucher.
  • MJTFAER8UOP14: 80,000 diamond codes.


  1. On the browser, go to the Garena free fire official website, the link is given below.

2. Log into your free fire account using the platforms such as Facebook, VK, Google, Huawei ID, Apple ID, and Twitter.

3. After logging in, link your account with the free fire account.

4. Now enter any of the redeem codes which are mentioned above on the required field.

5. Click on the ‘confirm’ button to proceed with the task.

6. Then you will receive a pop-up on the screen in which you have to click the ’ok’ button to complete the redemption process.

7. After the rewards are sent to you, then you will get the mail within 24hours in your game mailbox.


There is a free version of the pass is available where the player can get numerous no. of

  • Free Fire Rewards

That pass is named as elite pass. Sometimes the elite passes are bought using the diamonds. While the other elite pass is obtained freely by completing the daily missions and tasks. To collect the free elite pass the player must collect a certain no. of badges.

Free Fire Rewards

The elite pass evil enchanted went live on 1st June. To obtain a free elite pass the player has to use 499 diamonds or download an elite bundle for 999 diamonds in the game. These passes can only be obtained in the game events.

Free Fire Rewards


Step 1: Firstly open the free fire game on your device.

Step 2: Then go to the in-game store which is seen on the left-hand side of the screen.

Step 3: Go through the visible banners to find the pass.

Step 4: Click on the evil enchanted pass in the game store.

Step 5: Now the player has to click the upgrade button.

Step 6: choose either the elite pass or elite bundle and make a purchase.

Step 7: press confirm and go along with the game.

It is difficult for a free-fire user to have diamonds if he/she wants to purchase the passes.

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There are some of the methods to obtain diamonds through which you can purchase passes.


  1. Google opinion Free Fire Rewards: This method is used to participate in different surveys and win cash prizes through which we can buy diamonds.
  2. Booyah events: this is most widely used by the free fire. The players can participate in the events which are conducted by the booyah app and earn diamonds through it.
  3. Advance servers: Either by giving feedback or reporting bugs you can earn diamonds.
  4. GPT apps and websites: In the free fire the players can use apps such as poll pay, easy Free Fire Rewards, Swag bucks, prize label which conducts surveys through which you can earn cash prizes.


Booyah, a devoted utility of Garena for gaming content, frequently hosts numerous events, inclusive of watch-to-win. In them, gamers need to watch the stay streams of any writer for a selected period to have a hazard at income random praise from the pool.

Note: They ought to bind their Free Fire IDs to that of Booyah.

Free Fire Rewards

40 minutes: 5 diamonds, Cobra Coin Token, 10 diamonds.

 80 minutes: 5 diamonds, Cobra Coin Token, Cobra Grenade Skin,

 Random Head Gear Loot Box.

120 minutes: 5 diamonds, Pet Panther Crate, Cobra Loot Box,

 Cobra Coin Token.

Access To Events And Earn Free Fire Rewards:

Step 1: Players ought to first click on the ‘Calendar’ (events) icon positioned at the proper aspect of the foyer screen.

Step 2: They can then navigate via the ‘NEWS’ tab and click on the ‘Accumulate WTW’ event.

Step 3: Next, gamers need to press the ‘GO TO’ button. This will redirect them to the BOOYAH! app.

(If gamers do now no longer have the application, they may be redirected to its Google Play Store page)

Players then ought to watch the live streams for the desired time to obtain the items.

Note: Players need to bind their Free Fire bills to the BOOYAH! App.


Free Fire is a super addition in the sport global that’s posted through Garena Studios. It became launched as a beta on twentieth November 2018 for Android customers most effective and formally were given launched on 4th December 2018 for Android and IOS customers to play, it’s far a multiplayer sport with its style being conflict royale, there’s greater than 500 million downloads on Google Play it’s also one of the maximum famous Battle Royale video games on cellular devices.

Gameplay :

The sport has a lovely establishment as you discover yourself on a floor packed with human beings for like 30

or seconds. Next, you discover yourself in an aero aircraft. From there, in 30 2nd or so that you are requested to eject. Then you dive and open your parachute. Once you land in the security sector, it’s a conflict floor.

Your secure sector will maintain on shrinking and right here you need to continue to exist and kill. This establishing scene is much like a pass and sufficient to mesmerize you for the relaxation of the sport.

Initial Action Needed to Play:

Select a character: As a default, you’ve got Even and Adam to be had to play with. You get a choice to modify pores and skin shade in keeping with your preference.

Vault has tabs to select:

Fashion: Change your looks like caps, glasses, shirts, trousers, and shoes…

Crates: You have crates to open and that they provide you with gadgets or restrained use weaponry.

A super series of pets is to be had. You don’t get those at default however you could purchase those and later you could get their actions, skins, and abilities as you develop in the sport. I like to have yourself a nighttime panther as a pet. Alas, I don’t have one as but now.

Another new choice is series. You have alternatives for banner, avatar, loot box, backpack, parachute, surfboard, weapon, Vehicle and emote.

Luck Royale: You can also additionally attempt your good fortune right here. You can also additionally win gadgets and stuff right here.

Store: People with diamonds and coins go to purchase. It’s a digital save for the higher equip yourself for the battles.

Once you’re achieved with preliminary action, it’s time to discover sport alternatives and modes.

Game modes:

There are numerous distinct sport modes and the new ones are stored on added. But used modes are:

Free Fire Modes:

  1. Classic mode
  2. Ranked sport
  3. Rush hour
  4. Custom sport
  5. Solo, duo, and squad
Free Fire Rewards

1.Classic Mode:

It is the default mode of loose fire, as you begin from popping out of an aircraft competing with 50 gamers to be the remaining survivor of the island and you could pick out which maps you need to play in those are the most effective maps you could presently pick out Purgatory or Bermuda.

2.Ranked sport:

Ranked sport isn’t always that an awful lot distinct from the conventional mode however there are nonetheless 50 gamers on the map,

Withinside the ranked sport the map is randomly selected additionally it has a rating device in which the gamers must earn rating factors through disposing of different gamers to supply them an excessive rank, the better the rank the greater tough gamers it may be.

3.Rush Hour:

Rush hour is much like the conventional mode however for folks that like brief suits, this time the map is smaller and there may be 20 gamers and the suits are shorter. I like a rush hour as it’s far amusing in a little bit of time.

4.Custom Game:

You can host your very own suit the usage of any of the modes (Classic mode, ranked sport, of and rush hour) however you won’t earn factors withinside the ranked sport the usage of this.

5.Solo, duo, and squad:

In this mode it permits you to pick out whether or not you need to play on your own that’s solo, or with some other individual that’s a duo and, in a group, that’s the squad. The variety of gamers gambling nonetheless won’t change, however, the intention is likewise nonetheless identical while gambling in a group one of the individuals of any group needs to be alive to win.


Free Fire is enhancing their photos every year, however, the photos nonetheless want a whole lot of improvements, the sport won’t make folks who like excessive image video games happy through the sport however the proper information then again is that the sport is including new varieties of maps.

Like one of the maximum current new maps called “Kalahari” which makes the sport greater thrilling for the prevailing gamers.

Free Fire Rewards

Gaming Platform:

This sport is to be had on android and IOS as they’re taken into consideration as major software program platforms for all of the nice video games to be had withinside the globe.

IOS model on occasion launched later or earlier than Android. Therefore, gamers on IOS maintain on checking for getting a brand new model of the sport.


The key fulfillment component of the sport is to accumulate the nice of the guns. This will offer you a bonus over the opposite gamers. Many classes of guns are to be had.

Free Fire Rewards

Weapons in Garena Free Fire:

Weapons can also additionally have skins which you could accumulate or purchase and upload to a particular weapon. In addition to buying, numerous guns may be located all around the island:

Melee gunsKatana
China ChapaGun guns
Desert EagleThrowable

FlashbangIn addition to the above, there are such a lot of different guns and new ones are added all of the time. New guns also are added at the unique events as well.

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