G-Pay 501 Shaguns in 1 Minute | Get ₹501 [New Quiz Tricks]

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Happy Diwali. Card Quiz Answers for Play the Google Pay Festival Game Earn ₹501 by Collecting 501 Shagun Easily. Start Shagun Party in Festival City Offer, As Every Diwali Season This Time G-Pay Comes With Shagun Game as a Best Season Loot.

In this Game, You Have to Collect 501 Shagun (Number of Points) and You Can Earn Upto ₹501 Scratch Card Cash that is Credited to Your Linked Bank Account.

Google Pay Festival Game Earn

If You Have an Opportunity to Earn Upto ₹501 by Simple Game Play Will You Leave it? Obviously, Your Answer Will Want to Earn the Rewards, This Time Everyone is Busy collecting Google Pay UPI Shagun Without Knowing the Complete Offer, So May People is Facing issues during the Collection of Complete Shagun, claiming Flower and Scratching the Rewards.

I Will Help You to Collect Shagun and Earn Upto ₹501 Cash for Unlimited Time in the Same Account.

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G-Pay Trick: Collect 501 Shagun in Just 1 Minute | Earn ₹501

Method 1: 150 Shagun | G Pay Quiz Answers

Still, It’s Very Hard to Collect 501 Shaguns for Individual Account Users Basically for those who Don’t Have a Good Friend-based Based Group or Channel. If You Belong to this Kind of Group this Article Helps You to Collect Flat 150 Shagun. Complete Your Diwali Special Shagun Tasks. Recently Google Has Launched 3 Special Tasks for Everyone by Completing All the Tasks Get Flat 150 Extra Shagun.

If You are Still Running to Complete the Gpay Tasks and Want to Earn Upto ₹501 then Read the Festival City Rangoli Fest Offer Details. For the Answer to Each Question, You Will Get 10 Seconds which is Enough to Select the Right One.

1. Special Task | One Card Quiz Answers

Collect One Card and Get 50 Shagun. Complete the One Card Quiz and Get 50 Shagun. All the G-pay One Card Based Questions Answers Added There.

  • Q: What is One Credit Card Made Of?
  • Ans: Metal
1. Special Task | One Card Quiz Answers

2. Special Task | Visa Card Quiz Answers.

Recently We Have Told You about the Visa Card Puzzle Game Now, They and Google Pay Come With Visa Card Quiz Content. Get 50 Shaguns When You Take the Tap to Play With Visa Quiz.

  • Q. Why is it Convenient to Tap to Pay with Your NFC Phone?
  • Ans: Both
2. Special Task | Visa Card Quiz Answers.

3. Special Task | Kotak Credit Card Quiz

Kotak811 Recently Launched a Credit Card Where They are Giving Huge Discount on Online Shopping. If Customer Complete the Quiz Answers Contest they Get Free 50 Shaguns in their Google Festival City Game.

  • Q: Why do People Choose the Kotak811 Credit Card for Festival Shipping?
  • Ans: All of the Above
Special Task | Kotak Credit Card Quiz

Method 2: Big Shagun | No Transaction

1: Play Visa Game Earn +100 Shagun

This is Only One Game that Gives +100 Shagun. In this Offer Collect Points by Tapping on Card, Mobile, and Stand, Don’t Click or Avoid Cash Amount. This is the same as Rain Games.

1: Play Visa Game Earn +100 Shagun
  • Tap on Card Get +10 Points
  • Collect Mobile Get +20 Points
  • Grab Mobile Standa and Get +30 Points
  • Don’t Tap on Cash, Lose +5 For Every Click.

2: Play Samsung Game Earn +100 Shagun

In this Specific Game, Users Can Claim +20 to 100 Shagun Just by Playing an Easy Game, matching many I Coins in 8 Moves. Get a Reward for 3 or More Matches.

1: Play Visa Game Earn +100 Shagun 2: Play Samsung Game Earn +100 Shagun
  • Here You Will 8 Moves
  • Match the Items
  • Match Minimum 3 Items for 3 Time
  • Get +200 to 100 Shagun

3: Play Kotak Game Earn +100 Shagun

Match Many Items (Kotak Card) and Get Free +100 Shagun. There You Will Get a Total of 8 Moves, Complete that to Get Instant Shagun.

3: Play Kotak Game Earn +100 Shagun
  • Start the Kotak Game
  • Move the Card and Match 3 Cards
  • Do it 3 Times or Above Under 30 Seconds
  • Get +100 Shagun For Free.

4: Play RummyCercle Earn +100 Shagun

There You have to Answer a Simple Question. Here We Have Answered the Simple Question and Earned 20-100 Shagun. Take a Quiz to get 20 Shagun and up to ₹5,555 Bonus on RummyCircle.

3: Play Kotak Game Earn +100 Shagun 4: Play RummyCercle Earn +100 Shagun

Question – In a Game of Rummy How Many Cards are Dealt to Each Player?

Answer – 13 Cards

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Method 3: Medium Shagun | Transaction

1: Mobile Recharge Earn +60 Shagun

  • Do Mobile Recharges of 30 or Above
  • Make a Total of 3 Recharge
  • Get +60 Shagun
1: Mobile Recharge Earn +60 Shagun

2: QR Code Payment Earn +20 Shagun

  • Scan the QR Code of the Merchant to Build QR Kirana Store
  • Make Minimum ₹30 Transaction
  • Do 7 Transactions and +20 Shagun
  • Daily 2 Transaction Count for the Offer

3: Send Money to a Friend Earn +20 Shagun

  • Send Minimum ₹150 or Above to Your Friends
  • Daily 2 Qualified Transaction is Count
  • Make 6+ Transaction
  • Get +20 Shagun

4: Make UPI Lite Payment Earn +60 Shagun

  • Make UPI Lite Minimum ₹30
  • Complete 4 UPI Lite Payment
  • Get +60 Shagun for Free

5: Pay Bill And Earn +30 Shagun

  • Pay Bill Minimum ₹150 Amount
  • 2 Qualified Transaction Count Daily
  • Get +30 Free Shagun
5: Pay Bill And Earn +30 Shagun

Method 4: Unlimited Shagun | No Transaction

Recently this Festival Added a New Feature that is Shared and Earned. Come to Join me At Festival City Earn +501 Shagun.

Method 3: Unlimited Shagun | No Transaction
  • Open the Shagun Festival Offer
  • There You Will See a Share Button
  • Tap on the Share Button
  • Then Shared the Google Play Festival Link
  • Shared With Your Friends
  • Once Your Friends Join The Game from Your Link
  • You Both Get + Free Shagun
  • Make Unlimited Share and Earn Shagun

How to participate in Google Pay Festival City Loot?

1. First open The Google Pay App.

2. Then go to The Homepage and search the “Promotions” Section and Click On “Festival City”.

Google Pay Festival City Loot

3. Now, You Will Be on The Diwali Map, then Just Enter The Festival City.

4. Then unlock News Areas.

Google Pay Festival City Loot

Note: Each Area has Its Own Games and Challenges.

5. Now, Collect The Welcome Shaguns And Make a transaction Of ₹.

6. Then Complete the Challenges When you get your Welcome Shaguns.

Google Pay Festival City Loot

7. Now, share These Challenges With your friends!

Sharing With Your Friends Will Increase Your Chances of Earning Extra Sghaguns.

8. Now, Unlock the Scratch Cards.

1. Cashback: You Could Win a Cashback From ₹10 to ₹501. This cashback Will Be Credited To Your Account.

2. Special Locked Reward: This Will Be a Bonus Discount Offer. To unlock This Reward You Have to Follow The Special Terms & conditions That are Provided.

Google Pay Festival City Loot

The trick to Get Unlimited ₹501 Scratch Card in a Single Account.

There is an Unlimited Trick that is to change your Google Account Every Time and Get a Fresh Shagun Festival. Linked to Same Bank Account. Once You Join through a New Account You Will Get a Fresh Festival Offer. Now Start collecting Shagun Points by Doing the Above Tasks.

Once You Will Get the Scratch Card, Don’t Open the Card. Goto Settings and Clear Data of Google Pay App. Then log in With the Same Google Account. Linked Same Bank Account and Scratch the Card. Instantly You Will Get the Shagun Cash in Your Bank Account.

Again Logout Google Pay Account and this Time in with a Fresh New Gmail. And Start to Complete the Task. Remember Before Scratching Card. Must Clear Data Google Pay App and Login Again.


Google Pay completing these tasks not only helps you to win rewards but also you can make your transaction with many benefits.


1. What does Google pay festival City Shaguns Offer?

Ans: it’s An offer Where you Can Collect Shaguns By Complaining different Challenges.

2. How Can I Unlock The Welcome Shaguns In Festival City?

Ans: To Collect Welcome Shaguns Make a transaction of Rs.1 in GPay.

3. Can I share my game With Friends?

Ans: Yes, you Can but In Some challenges.

4. Are There Any Limitations On the Number Of Scratch cards I receive?

Ans: you will get 2 scratch Cards after Collecting 501 Shaguns as per one User.

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