[Last day] Google Pay Kite Fest Offer: Fly Kites Get ₹100 Cash

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Google Pay Kite Fest Offer

The Trick to Earn Rs.100 from G Pay Kite Fest Loot

Google Pay Kite Fest Offer Contest 2023 – Hello Friends! Google Pay Came with a New ]Offer of the Gpay Kites New Contest: Let Fly Kites Together Earn Up to ₹100 Cashback! Get Ready to Participate and Grab the Cashback and Also Win Big Prizes.

This Time it’s all About Flying Kites. Collect Them And Enjoy The Chance To Win A Cashback Of Up To ₹100. Don’t Miss Out On This Incredible Opportunity.

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What is Google Pay Kites Fest Offer?

Here We Will Explain How Work G Pay Kites Fest Offer, On this Happy Independence Day, G pay Users Play Kites Game Together, Collect 200 Kites and Get Upto Rs.100 Scratch Card Cashback. Also, You can Grab Free Kites by Grab Flying Kites from the Game to Get Extra Bonus Rewards.

This is a Simple Google Pay Game for All the UPI Users, Where Users Need to Collect 200 Kites by Doing Simple Tasks, and Every User Gets Upto Rs.100 Cashback as a Reward.

Participate In Google Pay Fly Kites Offer On Google Pay And Fly 200 Kites To Claim A Flat Cashback Of Up To ₹100. There Are Two Exciting Ways To Collect Mangoes During The Offer Period.

You Can Play The Fly Kites Match Game Or Share Your Unique Referral Links With Your Friends.

G Pay Fly KitesGame Details
Google Pay Fly Kites:Join Here
Fly Kites Refer Code:yo9f76p
Game Difficulty Level:Normal/ Hard/ Expert
200 Kites Earn Money Rs.100 Cashback
Kites Fest another Name:Happy Independence Day

How to Collect 200 Kites & Claim ₹100 Cashback?

1. First update your Google Pay app from the Google Play store.

2. Go Home page Then you will see this ‘Google Pay Kite Offer’ page.

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3. If the banner is not showing on your phone screen then simply open Google Indi-Home Game and then you will see this banner there.

4. Then Start the Fly kites Offer. And click on the Let’s Go button.

5. You will instantly Get 5 Kites just by Joining G Pay Kite Fest Offer.

6. Now click Kite Match Game button from the bottom right corner & Play the Game.

7. You need to score well by flying kites and collect kites from there.

8. Share  25 Kites from them or you can earn Cashback Card Directly.

9. After collecting 200 Kites or Opening Google Pay Kite Fest using Friends Link, You are eligible for up to ₹100 cashback.

10. Scratch the card & Claim cashback of Upto ₹100

When Is The Offer?

The Kite Fest Offer Is Available For A Limited Time. It Usually Starts From A Special Day And Lasts For A Few Weeks. Keep An Eye Out For The Dates So You Don’t Miss The Fun!

Help Friend & get Up To ₹50 cashback

One More Offer Is Going Inside The Google Pay Kite Fest Offer. You Just Have To Help Your Friend By Joining Google Pay Kite Fest Offer Using Their Link To Get Cashback.

G Pay Kite Fest Terms and Details:

  1. Gather 200 kites with your buddies by 21 August and get some money back, up to ₹100!
  2. Tell as many pals as you want to collect kites. But remember, kites only count if they say ‘yes’ to help. Friends can only help once.
  3. Once you have 200 kites, you’ll get special Kite Fest prizes.
  4. Any prizes you win will appear in your prize area.
  5. If you get a “scratch and see” card, remember to scratch it within 45 days, or it will go away.
  6. If you win money, it will go into your bank account. Make sure you have your bank set up with Google Pay. If not, the money might disappear in 45 days.
  7. The most money you can win in a year from all Google Pay games is ₹9,000.
  8. Only use one Google Pay account that’s really yours and not used before.
  9. Friends from Tamil Nadu can’t play this game because of a special rule. If you live there or where this game isn’t allowed, please don’t join.
  10. Google can say “no” to players who cheat or do sneaky things.
  11. People who work at Google or are closely related to them can’t play.
  12. This game has rules, and if you play, you follow them. Google can change them whenever they want.
  13. This kite game won’t last forever, so play while you can! And remember, rules can change.
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