GPay KitKat Offer: Trick to Claim ₹10 for Unlimited Time

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G-pay KitKat Loot and the Google Pay KitKat Offer are the Same, Where We Will Discuss On Trick to Claim ₹10 for Unlimited Time in a Simple Account. Have a KitKat India and Get Up to ₹10 Cashback Offer. This Reward is for Everyone and the Offer Comes With Every 2024 KitKat ₹10 Packets.

Google Pay KitKat Offer
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Unlimited Free KitKat Loot Trick

In this Present 2024 G-pay Kitkat Offer, G-pay Give You Upto ₹10 Cashback on ₹10 Kitkat Cadbury Chocolate Purchase. After Claiming and Receiving Cashback into Your Bank Your KitKat Prices is ₹0 That’s Why We are Mentioned This Free KitKat Loot. Usually in One Account, a User Can Claim a Maximum of 3 Codes, Then Any More Code is Applied to the Same Account. But Don’t Worry We Will Share a Trick Following With Users who Claim / Redeem the Unlimited KitKat Coupon.

This Offer is Valid from 1st January 2024 to 30th June 2024, During this Time Only Purchase the KitKat G-pay Offer Pack From Online or Offline Shops to Take its Cashback Benefits.

Google Pay KitKat Offer

How to Claim ₹10 KitKat Code in Google Pay?

1: I Hope So, You Have a Google Pay Account and Completed Set-up for Ready to Goto.

2: First Visit to Nearby Market, Reliance Store, Big Bazaar and Buy ₹10 KitKat Packet.

3: Before Buying a Packet Make Sure Google Pay (G-Pay) Offer Mention on the Packet.

4: Eat the Chocolate, Under the Packet You Will Get a 9-digit Coupon Code.

5: Now You can Redeem that Code, So Open the Google Pay App

6: Goto Offers Section.

google pay offers

7: Click on Have a Break, Have a KitKat, and Get a Cashback Offer.

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Have a Break, Have a KitKat

8: Tap on the Apply Code Button

g pay kitkat apply code

9: Enter 9-digit code or Scan That.

10: Apply the Code and Instantly You Will get a Scratch Card:

Apply the Code

11: You Have to do a Transaction to Scratch the Card, Otherwise You Can’t Do it.

12: So Best Send Send ₹10 From Google Pay to Another UPI App. (Self Transfer)

13: Done, Open Scratch Card and Get Upto ₹10 Cashback in Your Google Pay Linked Bank Account.

14: You can Claim a Maximum of 3 KitKat Code in a Single Account.

Claim Unlimited KitKat Code Trick

Usually, Users can Claim a Maximum of 3 KitKat codes in G-pay accounts. But is that Possible to Apply the Unlimited Code in a Simple Account? yes, It’s Possible if You Follow a Simple Trick.

Once, You Apply 3 Codes, Clear the Data of Your Google Pay Account. Then Again Register With the Same Phone Number, and Choose a New Email. Set up a PIN and Login into the App.

Now You can Use the Again 3 Code on that Account and Get Credit Cashback on the Same Bank Account. Just Change the Bank Account for Every 3 Time Kitkit Code Used.

Again Clear Data and Registered With a New Gmail account and the Same Phone Number. That’s it, Do it for Unlimited Time.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This Offer is Available on the KitKat 2024 Packet of KitKat
  • Applicable on ₹10 KitKat Packet Only With G pay Offer Mention.
  • After applying the Coupon, You Have to do a Transaction to Scratch the Scratch Card
  • You Have to Do a Transaction Within 7 Days to Get Scraching the Scratch Card.
  • Users Can Claim a Maximum 3 KitKat Code in One G-pay Account.
  • Users Get ₹5-10 Scratch Cashback from Each Code.
  • Offer Valid Time 1 January 2024 to 30 June 2024


Google Pay is the Current Most Popular UPI App for Recharge, Money Transfer, Check Balance, and Bill Payments Other UPIs have Have Also Same Offers and Features But Google Pay is the Best One and Users’ Favorite Choice Because of its Easy Interface and Good Cashback Offers, I Hope You Everyone Grab Unlimited KitKat and Claim that in Single G pay Account through the Above Unlimited Tricks.

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