Google Pay Shop Decoration Stamps Offer – Earn Upto ₹2000

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Shop Decoration Stamps Offer

[Loot Lo] UPI 2021 Stamps Offer, Earn Upto ₹2000 Bank Cash

How to Complete Google Pay Shop Decoration Stamps Loot Offer in 2021, Shop Collection Stamps Giveaway Channel, Google New Shop Decoration Stamps Everyday and Earn Upto ₹2000 – this Diwali Indian most popular UPI app Google UPI has come with a really such a great offer. As like two previous years this year also Google UPI come back with Diwali special offer.

In this offer, you have to collect a total of 7 stamps after completing the goal of seventh stamps you will get up to 2000 scratch cards. By scratching this card you can earn real money into Bank.

I hope so this time also Google pays a decorations stamp to offer gate popularity from the users. Here you need to collect 7 stamps in 7 days. Once you complete the goal, you will get two scratch cards. 1 Will Be Assured amount of ₹101 or ₹201 and Another Card Amount will be up to ₹2000.

NO. of StampsStamps NameAvailibility
1Monday Very Easy
2TuesdayVery Easy
3Wednesday Very Easy
4Thursday Medium
7Sunday Very Rare

Once successfully launched this offer I will tell you more about information and details and how to collect shop decoration stamps. So everyone keeps visiting our blog and joining our Telegram channel. Now let’s see the offer concept and step to collect weekly stamps.

What is Google Pay Shop Decoration Stamp Offer?

This is a Diwali offer that comes from the Google pay Indian UPI app. According to this offer you have to complete a few tasks in the app and you will get stamps in a return. This way you have to collect 7 Unique stamps. Once you complete the collection of 7 stamps you will get an instant scratch card why are you can earn up to 2000 cashback.

How to Participate in Shop Decoration Stamps Offer?

1. First of all users download or update or upgrade Google pay mobile app from Play Store or Apple Store.

2. Open the app login with your bank register mobile number. You have to verify OTP to login into the app.

3. Now you will be on the homepage of the app. Here your most important work is to link your bank account with the Google pay app.

4. Now back to the app homepage and you will get to add a new option that’s called all shop decoration. Click on it

5. Now you are successfully participating in the offer. Your next job is to collect stamps complete your goal of 7 days stamps.

6. After collecting all the cards or stamp you will get a scratch card. Scratch the card and you can earn up to ₹2000 Cashback

7. Important point of the Google pay offer is this cashback will be credited into your bank account within 24 hours.

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8. In the below section we have mentioned some important talks following which you can grab 7 stamps easily

How to Collect All 7 Stamps in Google Decoration Offer

Here Google company has given us a few good tasks to gate total of 7 days special 7 tasks. we have explained all the seven tasks in detail in the below section I hope everyone’s tricks gang user will be able to collect all the shop decoration stamp easily and up to 2000 cashback. try out this below-all method into your all Google pay account and earn maximum.

#1 Method – make a mobile recharge using your Google pay app. minimum amount of prepaid recharge is ₹49. this way get a new stamp.

#2 Method – make a bill payment using the Google pay UPI app to get a new stamp in the shop decoration offer. minimum bill payment amount rupees 99.

#3 Method – get another new stamp by making a rent payment of a minimum of rupees 1000.

#4 Method – buy anything from an online merchant app and gate a free unique stamp. minimum transaction amount rupees 99.

#5 Method – scan QR code of nearest merchant. minimum transaction amount rupees 49. in this way you can grab 1 stamp every day.

#6 Method – make electricity bill payment of a minimum of 100 rupees to get a new stamp for these shop decoration offer.

#7 Method – add money into any online fantasy app by making payment via Google pay. the minimum add money amount is rupees 100.

#8 Method – buy digital gold of minimum rupees 99 in Google pay. this way you can get an area ticket easily.

#9 Method – if you have a credit card then make a bill payment credit card using Google pay and get a free stamp

#10 Method – stamp exchange is also will be a popular method to get a new stamp. you have to exchange stamps with your friend.

#11 Method – join our telegram challenge to gate unique And rate stamps in this offer.

#12 Method – send money from Google pay to Google pay and bank account and get a free stamp.

How to Collect Rate Stamps in Shop Decoration

if you want to collect rare stamps you have to make unique transactions like purchasing gold amount of 5000. you have to find an app and website which takes payment directly from Google UPI. For example Flipkart, Amazon, this kind of many apps available and internet you have two transactions on it as your requirements.

stay tuned with us we will give you more exciting methods to get Saturday Sunday stamps for free.

Shop Decoration Stamps Giveaway

We don’t think so Google pays easily to give all the cards. they will be stuck in 1 or 2 cards. if you want to rare stamp card easily without completing any kind of talks I will suggest you join our telegram channel. as our previous experience, we have giveaway 5000+ stamps to our telegram members.

So everyone telegram joins link available below into this post. so just go and join us. thank you.

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