Google Pay Shop & Pay Hunt Offer: Collect 5 Coins Earn ₹200

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G Pay Shop & Pay Hunt Loot Offer

Hey Everyone, You can Earn Upto ₹200 from the Google Play Shop & Pay Hunt offer. Taska is very Simple 1. Invite a Friend 2. Can & Pay with Google Pay 3. Shop Offline with Google Pay. Shop to Collect items and Final All 5 coins to up to ₹200 Cashback through Scrach Card.

Gpay Shop & Pay Hunt Task Types
  • #1: Invite a friend and get 3 coins
  • #2: Scan and pay with Google Pay and get 1 coin every day
  • #2: Shop online with Google Play and get 1 coin every day ₹
Shop & Pay Hunt Rewards Type
  • Rewards 1: Get an Assured Scratch Card of Rs.25-200 Cash
  • Rewards 2: Get ₹15-50 rupees cashback on mobile recharge

In this offer you will see a blank room, you have to decorate that home. For every decoration, you will get 1 coin this way you have to collect a total of 5 coins for your own reward scratch card up to Rs.200

Google Pay Shop & Pay Hunt Offer: Collect 5 Coins Earn ₹200
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What is Google Pay Shop and Pay Hund offer?

As with every festival this time also Google Pay has come with a great cashback offer on your online shopping and offline merchant transactions by doing this transaction everyone can get up to 200 rupees cashback in their bank account.

these all offer Google Pay shop and hunt offers. According to this offer you have to collect five coins by completing your home decoration.

Google Pay Shop & Pay Hunt OfferEarn Upto ₹200 Cash
Shop & Pay Hunt Invitation Link[Click Here]
Total Coins for Collecting Total 5 Coins
Best Rewards Rs.25-200 Cashback
Next RewardsRs.15-50 Cashback on Mobile Recharge
Google Pay Shop & Pay Hunt Table

Earn Upto Rs.200 Cashback from GPlay Shop & Pay Hunt Offer.

# Comment Your Referral Link in the Below Comment Box to Get Free Item

1. First of all you guys need to update the Google Pay app from the Play Store or App Store

2. Then open the app home page and then click over the offer section.

3. Here you can see exclusive offers, tap on the third number Get Started Shop, and pay Hunt offer.

Get Started Shop and pay hunt offer

4. Here you will see a blank room, you have to collect items for this room

Items Like: Watch, TV, Photo Frame, Tea Pot, Table, etc

Google Pay Shop & Pay Hunt Offer: Collect 5 Coins Earn ₹200

5. For the collect items [Room Iteams] you will get coins, there are a total of 5 coins

collect items [Room Iteams] you will get coins

6. Collect the whole home item and get all 5 points.

7. Collect All 5 coins and get a Scratch card in the Rewards Section

8. Open the Scratch Card and get Upto Rs.200 cashback you can check the below proof.

Gpay Shop & Pay Hunt Reward Proof

Gpay Shop & Pay Hunt Reward Proof

How to Earn Upto Rs.200 Cash Amount?

For the collect items you have to make a few simple tasks and transactions believe me that’s really very simple now I will tell you all the tasks of the offer by following the task you everyone can earn up to 200 cashback through a scratch card.

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Task 1: Invite a Friends

Get 3 items when your train scan and pay a merchant or shop online with Google Pay. For the tasks, you have to refer to your friends.

Task 1: Invite a Friends
  • Below the blank home, you will see Invite a Friend button
  • Tap on the Invite a Friend button and copy your referral link
  • Then share the link on social media like Facebook Instagram WhatsApp
  • Your friend scan and pay Merchant or shop online for rupees 100
  • You will get 3 new items that help for earn coins

Task 2: Scan & Pay With Google Pay

There is a self-task that is scanned and paid through Google Pay go to your nearest market and pay any Merchant QR code of rupees 100 or above this way you can collect one item per transaction.

Task 2: Scan & Pay With Google Pay
  • Offer to say that make rupees 100 merchant transaction and get one home item
  • But you can make any offline QR code transaction that could be a helpful transaction
  • So make a 100 rupees payment to your own PhonePe, Paytm, Google Pay, Merchant QR code and get one item
  • This way make 3 unique transactions and get daily 3 home item

Task3: Shop Online With Google Pay

The last and final task is to shop online with Google Play, as you know online shopping festival is going on within 2 days during this time. If you make an order on Amazon Flipkart Myntra on another shopping platform and make the payment from Google Pay you will get one item or one transaction.

Task3: Shop Online With Google Pay
  • You can order anything from Flipkart Amazon or other online shopping portal
  • The minimum transaction value should be rupees 100 or above to get an item
  • You can collect three items by doing 3 different transactions on the online shopping portal
  • Collect the all total items and get 1 coin from a total of 5 coins

Terms and Conditions

  • To Get Up To 200 Cashback, Collect All 5 Coins By October 15, 2023, 11:59 Pm Ist. You’ll Receive Cashback As A Scratch Card.
  • Scan And Pay At Stores Using Google Pay.
  • Shop Online With Google Pay.
  • Invite Friends To Use Google Pay At Merchants.
  • Only Transactions Using Google Pay With Merchants Count.
  • You Can Do 3 Store Payments And 3 Online Payments Daily. Each Should Be At Least 30 Inr.
  • Invite A Friend To Use Google Pay At A Merchant Or Accept An Invite. Completing A Transaction Gives 3 Extra Items For Both Of You.

Shop & Pay Hunt FAQs [Frequently Asked Questions]

Q: How does work Google Pay Shop and Pay Hunt invitation link?

Ans: The invitation link is like a referral link when anybody joins through the link into the offer he directly moves to the offer page, also referral person gets the extra home item and benefits

Q2: How to get Google All 5 coins easily?

Ans: yes you can get all 5 coins very easily if you have a good friend best friend group share your invitation link and tell them to make three transactions on the merchant’s QR code or online shop, this way you will get coins and home items.

Q3: what is the last date of the Google Pay Shop and Pay Hunt offer?

Ans: Ans: This offer has validity only for 16 days starting from 1 October and it will end on 16 October 2023. Main in the future offer can extend.

Q4: is that Google Pay Diwali offer?

Ans: No swap and pay hunt is not a Google Pay Diwali offer this is a different offer available for a short time, we hope so Diwali offer comes to us before the Diwali

Q5: how to hack Google Pay Shop and pay Hunt offers?

Ans: They do know any hack for this offer but you can earn up to 100 easily by doing some refer and online offline transactions through Google pay


At last, we are end of the post I have you all understand the topic clearly, here I will give you an extra bonus point for this offer which is CR your own referral link in our Tricksgang website comment section or you can join through our available link into the comment. This way you and how are you there easily achieve the five coins.

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