Gpay Britannia 5050 Offer: Win Cashback & Free Match Tickets

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Gpay Britannia 5050 Offer

4th Umpire Offer | Collect Cards | Win Cashback & Free Match Tickets

Gpay Britannia 5050 Offer- Hello Friends! again Gpay is with a new offer. In this offer, you can win cashback amazing gifts, and Free match tickets. You have to just collect cards and you can avail of this cool offer from gpay.

Gpay Britannia 5050 Offer
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play Gpay Britannia Game Win Cashback & Free Match Tickets

1. First Open Your Gpay Account.

2. Then Scroll below and click on Unlock Game.

Gpay Britannia 5050 Offer

3. Now, Buy a Britannia 5050 biscuit packet with the Google Pay logo.

4. Then Scan the QR code that is given on the Pack or enter the unique 16-digit code on the Offer Page.

(find the last row of packet details, along with the expiry date, batch number, etc.)

Gpay Britannia 5050 Offer

5. Each Promotional Pack gives a different number of gameplay

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  • 5050 Sweet and Salty: 2 gameplays
  • 5050 Maska Chaska: 3 gameplays
  • 5050 Golmaal: 4 gameplays
  • 5050 Potazos: 4 gameplays
Step 1: VerificationVerify the 16-digit unique numeric Game Code on the pack
Step 2: GameplayPlay a skill-based cricket match game as the umpire
Game DescriptionAct as the umpire for an animated cricket match video
Decision-MakingMake decisions about the match outcome within a time frame
ReplaysNo replays available; each video can be watched only once
Gpay Britannia 5050 Offer
  • Make correct decisions in the game to earn collectible game cards.
  • Game cards can be new or duplicates.
  • Collect unique game cards for each of the 4 game levels.
  • Progress through levels to earn cashback and exclusive rewards.
  • Trade game cards with friends or family to complete your collection.

There will be 8 Cards as follows, OUT, SIX, NO BALL, WIDE, POWERPLAY, FOUR, FREEHIT, DRS.

Gpay Britannia 5050 Offer

Unique Game Cards to Collect

Game LevelsUnique Game Cards to CollectRewards
Level 13₹10-₹25 cashback
Level 26₹25-₹100 cashback
Level 37Exclusive merchandise
Level 48Cricket match ticket

Reward Eligibility: To be eligible for a reward, you must complete all previous levels.

Cashback Redemption: Redeem cashback by using Google Pay for your next transaction within 7 days.

Announcement: Winners of cricket match tickets will be announce on Britannia’s contest website after verification.

Offer Period: The Google Pay Britannia Offer is valid from September 15, 2023, until November 7, 2023, or until stocks last, or product expiry, whichever comes first. Ensure you have the latest version of the Google Pay app for full access to the features.

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