How to Call Someone Who Blocked You | Top 7 Method

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Call Someone Who Blocked You

  • Call Someone Who Blocked Your Number Iphone
  • Someone Blocked Me. How Can I Unblock My Number Without Touching Her Phone?
  • If I Call Someone Who Blocked Me Will They Know
Call Someone Who Blocked You
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How to Call Someone Who Blocked You | Top 7 Method – Sometimes You Might Need To Call Someone. But They Have Blocked Your Phone Number. This Could Be Because Of A Mistake, An Emergency, Doing Angry About You Or Maybe They Were Blocked by Any Reason You Without Any Reason. What Should You Do If This Happens With You?

For the Solving this Problem We are Going to Give You 6 Useful Methods Using that You Can Call Someone Who Has Blocked You, Imagine You Really, Really Need To Call Someone, But They’ve Blocked Your Number.

What Can You Do? Well, There Are Ways To Get Around This, But First, We Need To Know How to Call Blocking Works And Why Someone Might Block Your Number.

How Call Block Works?

Call Blocking Is Something That Phone Companies Features of Offer. Using That Someone Stop Certain Phone Numbers From Calling Or Texting Them.

How to Call Someone Who Blocked You | Top 7 Method

It Can Be A Useful Feature, But What If Someone Uses It to Block Your Number? What Do You Do Then? Don’t Worry We Will Tell you a Genuine Solution to this Problem. Before that Let’s Check Common Reasons For Being Blocked

People Block Numbers For Various Reasons, Such As:
  1. Annoying Marketing Calls
  2. Harassment Or Abuse
  3. Personal Disputes
  4. Accidental Blocking
  5. Other Valid Reasons

Sometimes, A Friend Or Family Member or Your Love One Might Block Our Number By Accident Or For A Personal Reason. If We Need To Call Them, We Have To Figure Out How To Unblock Our Number On Their Phone.

Important Notice and Disclaimer

  1. It’s Important To Remember Something. If You Keep Calling Someone Who Has Blocked Your Number, It Might Be Seen As Bothering Them, And That Could Be A Problem.
  2. You Should Always Think About How The Other Person Feels. If They Blocked Your Number, They Might Have A Good Reason, And It’s Best To Give Them Space If They Don’t Want To Talk To You.
  3. We Wrote This To Show You Some Ways To Call Someone If It’s Really, Really Important, Or If They Blocked You By Accident. But Remember, It’s Always Best To Be Kind And Think About The Other Person’s Feelings.

In This Article, We Talked About Different Ways To Call Someone If They Have Blocked You. We’re Always Looking For More Tips And Tricks, And We’ll Add More If We Find Them.

Method No. Method Name
1Call Through Internet
2Call Using Secondary Phone
3Call by Using 3rd Party Apps
4Call Using a Secondary Phone
5Call Over Social Media Platform
6Skype Free Calling Method
7US 67 Method for Calling

Method 1: Call Through Internet Using Annumas Number

On the Internet, You Will Get Many App That Provides Calling Features Through the Internet Using Annoumus Number, Today I Will Tell You About VoIP Stands For “Voice Over Internet Protocol.” It’s Like Making Phone Calls, But Instead Of Using A Regular Phone Line, You Use The Internet.

Imagine Your Voice Being Turned Into Tiny Packets Of Information, Sent Through The Internet, And Then Put Back Together On The Other End So The Person You’re Talking To Can Hear You.

Method 1: Call Through Internet Using Annumas Number

How Does It Work?

  • A Device With Internet Connection: First, You Need A Device Like A Computer, Tablet, Or Special Voip Phone That’s Connected To The Internet.
  • A Voip Service: You’ll Need To Sign Up With A Voip Service Provider. They Help Your Voice Get From One Place To Another.
  • A Microphone And Speaker: If You’re Using A Computer Or Tablet, You Might Need A Microphone And Speakers. Some People Use A Headset, Like What Gamers Wear.
    Making A Call:

How to Give a Call Using an Unknown Number

1. Open The App: Most VoIP Services Have An App Or Program That You Open On Your Device.

2. Call Someone Who Has Blocked You: You Can Search For A Friend’s Name Or Enter Their Phone Number.

3. Click To Call: When You Find The Person You Want To Call, You Click On Their Name Or Press A Button, And The Call Begins!

4. Receiving A Call: When Someone Calls You, A Notification Will Pop Up On Your Device, And You Can Answer Or Decline The Call.

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Why People Like Internet Calls:
  • It Can Be Cheaper: Sometimes, Calling Over The Internet Can Be Cheaper Than Regular Phone Calls, Especially For Long-distance Or International Calls.
  • Cool Features: Some VoIP Services Have Fun Features Like Video Calling Or Sending Texts And Pictures.
    Important Things To Remember:
  • You Need A Good Internet Connection: If Your Internet Is Slow Or Not Working, Voip Won’t Work Well Either.
  • It Might Not Work In An Emergency: Voip Might Not Be The Best Choice For Calling Emergency Services Like The Police Or Ambulance. Some Places Recommend Having A Regular Phone Just In Case.
  • And That’s Voip In A Nutshell! It’s Like Making A Phone Call But Using The Internet To Talk To Your Friends And Family. It’s Like Having A Magical Phone That Can Travel Through The Web!

Method 2: Call on Blocked Number Using a Secondary Phone

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It Seems Like You’re Asking How to Call Someone Who Has Blocked Your Primary Phone Number by Using a Secondary Phone.

It’s Important to Note That if Someone Has Blocked Your Number, It May Be Because They Do Not Wish to Receive Calls or Messages From You. Respecting Their Wishes and Privacy is Essential.

Method 2: Call on Blocked Number Using a Secondary Phone

Use a Secondary Phone Number For Calling

Someone Blocked You? However, if You Feel That There’s Been a Misunderstanding, and You Need to Contact the Person for a Legitimate Reason, You Might Consider the Following Steps:

How to Use a Secondary Number for Calling Someone?

1. Use Another Number: if Your Primary Number is Blocked, You May Try Calling From a Different Number That the Person Hasn’t Blocked. This Could Be a Secondary Phone or a Work Phone.

2. Send a Message First: if You’re Unsure Why You Were Blocked, You May Want to Send a Message First Explaining Who You Are and Why You’re Contacting Them.

3. Ask for Permission: if You’re Using Someone Else’s Phone or a Work Phone, Make Sure You Have Permission to Use It for Personal Calls.

4. Consider Alternatives: if the Person Has Blocked You and You Still Can’t Reach Them, You Might Want to Try Emailing Them or Contacting Them Through Social Media to Explain Why You Need to Talk.

5. Respect Their Decision: if They Continue to Ignore or Block Your Attempts to Communicate, It Might Be Best to Respect Their Decision and Find Another Way to Address the Situation.


Remember, Calling Someone Who Has Blocked You Without a Very Good Reason Might Be Considered Intrusive or Disrespectful. Always Approach the Situation With Care and Consideration for the Other Person’s Feelings and Privacy.

Method 3: Call on Blocked Number Using 3rd Party Apps

Use Third-party Applications To Disguise Your Number When Calling Someone Who Has Blocked You. Examples Of These Applications Include Burner, Bluff My Call, And Others.

While It Is Technically Possible To Use These Services To Change Your Caller Id Or Use A Temporary Number, I Must Emphasize That Doing So Can Be Seen As Deceptive And Possibly Even Illegal Depending On The Context And Jurisdiction. These Actions Might Also Violate The Terms Of Service Of Your Mobile Provider Or The Third-party App Itself.

Still, I Am Giving Here Some 3rd Pary Calling Apps, Check the Below List that Might Help to Calling Someone who Has Blocked You.

Method 3: Call on Blocked Number Using 3rd Party Apps

3rd Pary Call on Any International Nmuber

  • 2nd Phone Number
  • Unlimited Texting, Calling App
  • WePhone: WiFi Phone Calls & Text
  • Call Now – Privacy number
  • MobileVOIP International Calls

If You Feel That You Need To Contact Someone Who Has Blocked You, It Is Best To Try To Understand Why They Have Done So And To Respect Their Decision.

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If You Need To Contact The Person For Legitimate Reasons, Such As Legal Matters, Business Agreements, Or Family Emergencies, Consider The Following Alternatives:

Other Famous Methods to Contact SomeOne

1. Send A Letter Or Email: If You Know Their Physical Or Email Address, You Can Write A Formal Letter Or Send An Email.

2. Use Mutual Contacts: If You Know Someone Who Is In Contact With The Person Who Has Blocked You, Ask Them To Pass Along A Message.

3. Seek Professional Help: If The Matter Is Serious And Needs Resolution, Consider Seeking Legal Or Professional Assistance.


Using Third-party Applications To Disguise Your Number To Call Someone Who Has Explicitly Blocked You Is Not Recommended And Could Lead To Further Complications. Always Approach These Situations With Respect For The Other Person’s Privacy And Wishes.

Method 4: Send a Voice Massage / Voice Command After the Beep

Certainly! You’ve Described An Alternative Method For Attempting To Contact Someone Who Has Blocked Your Number: Leaving A Voicemail. This Can Be An Acceptable Way To Communicate If The Intent Is Respectful And The Message Is Important. Here’s What You Mentioned, Written In A Simple Way:

Method 4: Send a Voice Massage  / Voice Command After the Beep

Useful Way to Contact Someone Over Voice Mail

1. You Can Leave A Voicemail:

When Someone Blocks Your Number, They Usually Can’t Block Your Voicemails. This Means You Can Still Send Them A Voice Message. Here’s How You Can Do It:

2. Using Your Phone’s Built-in Voicemail System:

Many Smartphones Have A Voicemail Service Built Right In. You Can Use This To Send A Voice Message To The Person Who Has Blocked You.

3. Using A Third-party Voicemail App:

In Some Places, Like India, There Are Special Apps You Can Download That Let You Send And Receive Voicemails. These Can Work Too!

Using Voice Message Apps:

Some Messaging Apps, Like Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram, Line, And Signal, Let You Send Voice Messages. If The Person You’re Trying To Contact Has One Of These Apps, You Might Be Able To Send Them A Voicemail This Way.

How to Send Voice Massage to Contact Someone

The Process Is Fairly Standard And Can Be Performed Through Various Means, Such As Using A Mobile Carrier’s Voice Messaging System Or Through Messaging Apps. Here’s A Step-by-step Guide:

1. Using A Mobile Carrier’s Voicemail System

2. Dial The Voicemail Number Provided By Your Carrier. It May Be A Short Code Or A Specific Number.

3. Consult Your Carrier’s Support Page Or Customer Service If You’re Unsure.

4. Follow The Voice Prompts To Leave A Message In Another Person’s Voicemail Box. You’ll Likely Need To Know The Recipient’s Phone Number.

5. Record Your Message After The Beep.

6. Send Or Save The Message By Following The Prompts. This Usually Involves Pressing A Specific Key, Like “#” Or “1.”


Remember, It’s Important To Think About Why Someone Might Have Blocked Your Number. If You’re Trying To Reach Them For A Good Reason And In A Kind Way, These Methods Might Help.

But If They Continue To Avoid Contact, It Might Be Best To Respect Their Wishes And Give Them Space. After All, Being Thoughtful And Respectful Is Always A Good Choice!

Method 5: Social Media Platform for Contact with a Person

Hey, Guys! Social Media Is Like A Special Place On The Internet Where We Can Talk To Our Friends And Share Fun Stuff.

Sometimes, We Might Have A Little Fight Or Block Someone By Mistake. But Don’t Worry, Because There’s A Nice Way To Fix It And Say Sorry. Let’s Learn How To Do It.

Method 5: Social Media Platform for Contact with a Person

Social Media Platform to Contact Someone?

Step 1: Where To Say Sorry

When We Want To Apologize To Our Friends, We Can Use Social Media Platforms Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Or Facebook Messenger. It’s Like Writing A Nice Message To Them On The Computer Or Phone.

Step 2: Wait A Little

After A Little Fight, It’s A Good Idea To Wait For Some Time Before Saying Sorry. This Helps Everyone Calm Down And Feel Better. When We’re All Relaxed, It’s Easier To Talk And Understand Each Other.

Step 3: How To Say Sorry

When You’re Ready To Apologize, Tell Your Friend That You’re Sorry For What Happened. Remember To Be Honest And Say Why You’re Sorry. It’s Essential Not To Make Excuses, Just Take Responsibility For Your Part.

Step 4: Be Patient And Kind

After Saying Sorry, It’s Important To Give Your Friend Some Time To Think About It. They Might Need A Little While To Decide What They Want To Do Next. Be Patient And Don’t Rush Them. Remember, Being Kind Is Always The Right Thing To Do.


Apologizing On Social Media Is Like Sending A Nice Message To Your Friend To Say Sorry. Remember To Choose The Right Platform, Wait A Little, And Be Honest In Your Apology. It Might Take Time For Things To Be Better, But With Patience And Kindness, You Can Make Up With Your Friend And Have Fun Together Again. Friends Are Precious, So Let’s Treat Them With Care And Love.

Method 6: Use Skype Calling for Call Someone for Free

If You’re Trying To Reach Someone Who Has Blocked You, There’s Another Way To Give It A Shot – Making A Skype Call. If You Know Their Skype Username, You Can Use The Skype App To Call Them. But Remember, Just Like With Email, It’s Crucial To Think About Why You’re Calling And To Be Respectful.

Skype Calls Are A Good Alternative To Traditional Phone Calls And Can Be Handy When You Need To Contact Someone Who Has Blocked You. However, It’s Really Important To Think About The Other Person’s Privacy And Feelings. If They Blocked You, They Might Need Some Space Or Have Their Reasons.

Method 6: Use Skype Calling for Call Someone for Free

How to Contact Using Skype Call?

1. Download And Install Skype: Visit The Skype Website And Download The App For Your Device. Follow The Installation Instructions To Set Up Skype.

2. Sign In Or Create An Account: Launch The App And Sign In With Your Microsoft Account Or Create A New One. You Can Also Use Your Facebook Account.

3. Search For The Contact: Click Or Tap On The “Contacts” Tab And Use The Search Bar To Find The Person You Want To Call. Search By Their Skype Username, Name, Or Email.

4. Add The Contact (If Not Already Added): If The Person Isn’t On Your List, Click Or Tap “Add Contact” And Send Them A Request. They Need To Accept It Before You Can Call Them.

5. Check Their Status: Before Calling, Check If The Person Is Online And Available. A Green Dot Next To Their Name Means They Are Online.

6. Initiate The Call: Click Or Tap On Their Name To Open Their Profile, Then Click Or Tap “Call.” Choose Between An Audio Or Video Call.

7. Start The Call: The Call Will Ring On The Other Person’s Device. If They Accept, You’ll Be Connected, And The Call Will Begin.

8. During The Call: Talk, Chat, Or Share Information With The Other Person. If It’s A Video Call, Make Sure Your Webcam Is Working Correctly.

9. End The Call: Click Or Tap The Red Phone Icon To Hang Up And End The Call.

If You Still Want To Contact Them, Make Sure To Be Clear, Respectful, And Professional In Your Communication. Avoid Any Negative Or Aggressive Behavior. Showing Kindness And Understanding Can Go A Long Way In Rebuilding A Connection.


Always Remember, Respecting Someone’s Boundaries Is Vital, And If They Prefer Not To Communicate, It’s Best To Respect Their Decision And Find Another Way To Resolve The Situation. Being Respectful And Considerate Will Help You Handle Tricky Situations With Grace And Maturity.

Method 7: Use *67 Trick to Call Blocked Number (U.S Only)

In The Us, You Can Use The *67 Code Before Dialing A Number To Hide Your Phone Number From The Recipient. This Will Make Your Call Appear As A Private Number Or An Unknown Number On Their Caller Id.

To Use This Feature, Simply Dial *67 Followed By The Recipient’s Phone Number. For Example, If You Want To Call The Number 0999999999, You Would Dial *67-0999999999. This Can Be Helpful When You Want To Keep Your Number Private Or If You Prefer Not To Reveal Your Identity To The Person You’re Calling.

Method 7: Use *67 Trick to Call Blocked Number (U.S Only)

The Trick to Call on Us Number Using *67

1: Pick Up Your Phone And Get Ready To Make A Call.

2: Dial *67 On Your Phone’s Keypad. Make Sure To Enter *67 Before The Recipient’s Phone Number.

3: After Entering *67, Type The Phone Number Of The Person You Want To Call. For Example: *67-0999999999.

4: Once You’ve Entered The Number, Press The Call Button Or Hit The Send Key To Place The Call.

5: Your Call Will Now Be Masked, And Your Phone Number Will Appear As A Private Number Or An Unknown Number To The Recipient.


That’s It! By Following These Steps, You Can Use *67 To Keep Your Phone Number Private When Making A Call In The Us. These Ways Call Someone Who Blocked You.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I call someone who has blocked me without using special methods?

No, you need to use alternative means to bypass the block.

Is using third-party apps to call someone who has blocked me legally?

It depends on the app and the laws in your area. Always consult with legal counsel.

What if I’m blocked by mistake?

Try to contact the person through social media or email to clear up the misunderstanding.

Are there any risks associated with using VoIP services to call a blocked number?

Generally, VoIP services are safe, but always ensure you are using reputable services.

Can a person find out if I’ve used alternative methods to call them after blocking me?

Some methods may be detectable, so always be cautious and respectful in your approach.

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