How to Reactivate Jio Number: Jio Reactivation Method

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How to Reactivate Jio Number: Jio Reactivation Method

How to Reactivate Jio Number 2023: Jio Reactivation Method, Have a Jio Number Stopped Working? This Guide Will Help You Make It Work Again. Check This Guide by Telling All the Details of Reactivate Your Deactivated Jio Number.

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Jio Reactivation Method

Why Did Your Jio Number Stop Working?

Sometimes, Our Jio Number Can Stop Working. Here’s Why:

  • Not Using It: If You Don’t Call Or Message For A Long Time, It Might Stop Working.
  • Wrong Details: If Jio Has The Wrong Info About You, They Might Stop The Number.
  • No Recharge: Someone If Didn’t Recharge of Minimum Rs.149 Plan Then Jio Sim Can Top to Working
  • Sim Card Problems: Sometimes The Little Card In Your Phone Has Issues.
How to Reactivate Jio Number:  Jio Reactivation Method

Issue You Face After Deactivate Jio Number

  • Stop Incoming and Outgoing Calls
  • No Internet For Surfing, Downloading and Uploading
  • You Can Send SMS or May Not Receive Incoming
  • Unavailable to Use UPI and Other Internet Based Service

Starting From March 22, 2013, as Per Trai Rules, If Your Prepaid Phone Has Less Than Rs.99 Balance And You Don’t Use It For 90 Days (No Calls, Texts, Data, Or Other Services), It Will Be Turned Off.

But, You Can Turn It Back On! If It’s Within 15 Days If You Make a Recharge of Rs.99 or Above Jio Plans.

If You are Using Jio then Try this Reactivate Method:

  • Your Phone Can Be Turned Back On Within Those 15 Days.
  • You Have to Recharge a Minimum Unlimited Plan of Rs.149 or More
  • Call to Jio’s Help Center To Ask For It To Be Turned it On Again.
  • Or, Go To A Jio Store And Ask There. Bring Your ID and Address Proof.
  • They Might Call To Check, And Then They’ll Turn Your Phone Back On.

Steps To Make It Work Again

Here’s How You Can Make Your Jio Number Work Again:

  1. Go To A Jio Store Or Call the Jio Helpline: They Can Help You The Best.
  2. Check Your Details: Sometimes, Jio Needs To See Your ID Again.
  3. Pay If You Owe Money: If You Didn’t Recharge Your Number, You Might Have To Pay.
  4. New Sim Card: If The Old One Is Broken, Get A New One.

Cool Things About Jio

  • Special Deals: Jio Gives Fun Deals And Gifts.
  • Jio Apps: With Jio, You Can Watch Movies And Listen To Songs.
  • Good Signal: Jio Works Everywhere In India.

Tips To Keep Your Jio Number Working

  • Recharge On Time: Add Money To Your Number Before It Runs Out.
  • Use It Often: Make A Call Or Send A Message Once In A While.
  • Update Your Details: If You Move Or Change Your Name, Tell Jio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Long To Wait For Jio Number To Work Again?

Once You’ve Done Everything Right, Wait For 2 Days.

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Q2. Do I Have To Pay Extra Money To Make It Work?

No, Just Pay What You Owe.

Q3. Is It The Same For Monthly Plans And Regular Plans?

It’s Almost The Same, But Monthly Users Need To Pay Their Bill.

Q4. What If My Sim Card Breaks?

Get A New One From The Jio Store.

Q5. My Jio Number Is Off For 6 Months. Can It Work Again?

It’s Best To Ask Jio. Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No.

Q6. What Fun Things Can I Do With Jio Once It Works?

You Can Call, Message, Use The Internet, And Enjoy Jio Apps

End Notes

Jio Is Fun And Helpful. If It Stops Working, You Can Make It Work Again Easily. Remember, The Magic Book At How To Reactivate Your Deactivated Jio Number Has More Stories And Help! Read More Here.


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