Huobi Wallet Loot – Get NFT Worth 50$ – 200$ for Free

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Huobi Wallet Loot

Get NFT Worth 50$ – 200$  [Or Even More] for Free from Huobi Wallet Loot

Huobi Wallet Loot App Lucky Draw Offer, Get NFT’s for Free from Huobi Wallet Loot – Hi Guys, hope you guys all are doing good and enjoying our Posts Shell Asia App and Zest Money App. Today I am back with an Interesting Offer from Huobi App.

Huobi Wallet Loot

Huobi Wallet, the expert, multi-chain light wallet of the Huobi ecosystem, today announced the launch of Ula NFTs, a one-of-a-kind collection of NFTs that will represent users’ personal accounts and identities on the platform. Ula NFTs will be used to represent users’ individual accounts and identities on the platform. 

Huobi Wallet Loot

Huobi Wallet is organizing a lucky draw event to thank all of its faithful users and to celebrate the start of a new year. During the event, 45,000 Ula NFTs will be given out to users for free as a thank you. Each Ula NFT will be distinguished by its own set of traits and designs. Not only will they serve as the official mascot of Huobi Wallet, but they’ll still have unique functions that are only available via Huobi Wallet. 

Huobi Wallet Loot - Get NFT Worth 50$ - 200$ for Free

User’s customized social avatar on Huobi Wallet will be Ula NFTs, which will reflect their unique identities on the Huobi Wallet platform, and will be represented by their unique identities just on the Huobi Wallet platform.

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How to Get NFT Worth 50$ – 200$  [Or Even More] for Free from Huobi Wallet Loot?


1. First of all Download the Huobi App through the link provided below.

2. Open the App and click on the Add Wallet Option.

3. Now Choose the Matic option and Enter Your Password 

4. Your Wallet Created Successfully.


1. Go to the DApps through the link Provided here>>CLICK HERE

2. Enter Referral Code In the Banner & Click on Submit.

Refer Code is- WJD883

3. Now Click On Link Address option on the Page you entered.

5. Click On the Link Your Wallet option.

Huobi Wallet Loot

6. That’s all, you’ll get one free draw for referring a friend.

7. You may draw tomorrow at 1 p.m. on December 29th.

About Huobi Wallet:

Huobi Wallet is a smart, multi-chain lite wallet built by security specialists that were established under the aegis of Huobi Group — the world’s top blockchain enterprise.

Huobi Wallet, as a standalone entity inside the Huobi ecosystem, aspires to deliver a safe, easy-to-use, and professional digital wallet that is compatible with practically all popular public blockchains and the many tokens that exist on these blockchains.

Huobi Wallet simplifies the management of multi-chain assets by integrating a range of DApp interfaces. Users can also watch their real-time Defi mining profits and collect incentives with a single click using Huobi Wallet.

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Huobi Pro Offer

Earn 40 Free DOGE Coin from this Crypto Offer from Huobi Pro

Huobi Pro Offer, Earn 40 Free DOGE Coin, Huobi Pro Apk Crypto Loot, Huobi Pro DOGE Offer, [Global Offer] Huobi Pro App Download Earn 40 Free DOGE Coin, Huobi Global Exchange – Hello Guys! I hope you guys all are doing good and Enjoying our Posts. I’m back with an exciting new offer from Huobi Pro, which you can read about here.

The first 100 people to sign up for and trade in the Huobi Pro Welcome Offer will each receive a free 40 DOGE coin.

Huobi Pro Offer

In the field of digital asset exchanges, Huobi Global is the world’s leading platform for professional users. Founded in 2012, Huobi Global is dedicated to offering customers throughout the world secure and dependable digital asset trading and wealth management services.

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In reliance on the advantages of the Huobi Group with five years of accumulation & steady development, Huobi Worldwide has grown into a company with global competition and influence, according to the company.

How to Earn 40 Free DOGE Coin from this Huobi Pro Offer?

1. If you are a first-time Huobi Global user, you need to register on Huobi by clicking the link provided below.

2. Fill out the registration form with your email address and password.

3. Install the app and then log in with the same credentials. Create a new user account.

4. Verify your identity by uploading your PAN, Aadhar card, and a selfie. The entire KYC process takes no more than 2 minutes.

5. Now, you can deposit XRP Tokens into your Huobi account from any exchange, such as CoinDCX or Wazirx. The minimum amount is 20 XRP and the maximum amount is 100 XRP.

6. After you have completed your deposit, go to the Market Option and trade the USDT/HUSD currency pair.

7. Place a market order with a minimum trading volume of Rs.2000 (meaning that if you deposit Rs.20, you must trade 100 times, and if you deposit Rs.100, you must trade 20 times).

8. When your trading volume reaches Rs.2000, you will receive 40 DOGECOIN, which you can use to make purchases.

9. After that, convert your Dogecoin to XRP and withdraw.

10. You’re done!!! Now Login Huobi Global Exchange

Huobi Pro Offer

About Huobi App:

Huobi Worldwide ( is a major global digital asset exchange committed to providing secure and dependable digital asset trading and asset management services.

Huobi Global has grown into an internationally competitive firm that plays an influential role in the cryptocurrency market by leveraging the strengths of Huobi Group and its experience. Huobi Group and its sub-brands set themselves apart from their worldwide competitors by offering world-class technology platforms, product lines, security risk management systems, operations, and customer service.

Huobi Global is dedicated to providing its global user base with competent, secure, and transparent digital asset services.

Size: We have tens of millions of users in over 130 countries, with an annual trade volume of more than $1.2 trillion.

Security: For the past eight years, we have operated in a secure manner. Users’ digital assets are kept in multi-signature crypto wallets, which may be accessed using the Huobi mobile app.

Stability: Huobi Global has one of the best technical teams in the world, which powers our distributed parallel technology and high-speed order matching engine.

Professionalism: Our financial risk control team has a combined experience of more than a decade in the financial services business.

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