Jio Bournvita Offer: Enjoy 2 GB Free Recharge as a Bonus

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Jio Bournvita Offer

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Jio Bournvita Offer Claim 2 GB Free Jio Recharge Now – Hey Readers, I hope you’re all doing well these days! I’m here to share an exciting opportunity with you: the Jio Bournvita Offer. During this promotion, you have a chance to win 1 GB of free Jio recharge and more through My Jio.

As part of the Jio Bournvita Offer, there is a special awareness video called ‘Bournvita Mann ki Baat’ available in the Jio Engage section. This video focuses on children’s mental health, raising awareness about the importance of taking care of their well-being.

To participate in this offer and claim your 1 GB of assured data

All you need to do is engage with the video and fill out the simple chatbot answers. It’s a quick and easy process that gives you the opportunity to not only win free recharge but also contribute to spreading awareness about mental health among children.

So, don’t miss out on this chance to recharge your Jio account with 1 GB of data for free! Head over to the Jio Engage section, watch the ‘Bournvita Mann ki Baat’ video, and follow the instructions to enter. Stay connected and take care of your mental health with Jio Bournvita Offer. Happy participating!

Participate in the Jio Bournvita Offer and enjoy 2 GB Free Recharge as a Bonus

1. Download or update the My Jio app from the Google Play Store or App Store.

2. Open the My Jio app and log in using your Jio number.

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3. Navigate to the Jio Engage section within the app.

4. Look for the scrolling banner related to the Jio Bournvita Offer in the header section.

5. Click on the banner to open it.

6. Watch the short video provided. You can choose to skip it, but it’s recommended to watch the full video.

7. On the next page, a chatbot will initiate a conversation. Simply select any answers given.

8. After completing the chat, fill in your name and mobile number.

9. Congratulations! You have successfully participated in the Jio Bournvita Offer.

terms and conditions apply to the Jio Bournvita Offer:

  • Eligibility: To participate in the campaign, you must be a natural person, not acting on behalf of a business or profession. Additionally, you must be a citizen of India and an individual legal resident of the Republic of India.
  • Age Requirement: You should be 18 years of age or older at the time of entry into the campaign.
  • Legal Competency: You must possess the legal capacity to enter into a binding contract as per the applicable laws of India.

It’s important to read and understand the complete terms and conditions provided by Jio for the specific campaign to ensure compliance with all requirements.


In conclusion, the Jio Bournvita Offer presents an exciting opportunity for Jio users to win free data and contribute to the awareness of children’s mental health. By participating in the campaign through the My Jio app, eligible individuals have the chance to win up to 2 GB of assured data and receive an eBook on child mental health.

Remember to download or update the My Jio app, log in using your Jio number, navigate to the JioEngage section, and follow the instructions provided to participate in the campaign. Make sure to meet the eligibility criteria, including being a natural person, a citizen of India, and of legal age.

Always refer to the specific terms and conditions outlined by Jio for complete details. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to recharge your Jio account and contribute to spreading awareness about children’s mental health. Happy participating and staying connected with Jio!

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