Trick to Get ₹500 into Bank A/c from LazyPay Offer {Enjoy}

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LazyPay LazyCard Offer

Get Free Cashback of Rs.500 on 1st Transaction from LazyPay LazyCard Offer

LazyPay LazyCard Offer Get Free Rs.500 Cashback for First Transaction – Hi Viewers, hope you guys all are doing good. Today I am here with a New offer from LazyPay and you can get a Free Lifetime Lazy card and Rs.500 Cashback on your 1st Transaction from this LazyPay Lazy Card Offer.

LazyPay LazyCard Offer
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Get Rs.500 Cashback On Your First Transaction For Using This Your LazyCard On Any Platforms Like PhonePe, Flipkart, Amazon, And Flipkart Etc. Lazard’s Minimum Transaction Amount Of Rs.1 Indicates That There Is No Limit.

The New Features for LazyCard Newly Launched for Completed Process the Card Activated and Receive on your First Transaction.

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You Can Download LazyPay App and Required Details Via Comprehensive Regulations on Your Account Successfully Created And again Introducing LazyCard for Bigger, Best Rewards Like Never Before for You Can Use LazyCard & Get Super Rewards Below.

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Requirement for LazyPay Card:

  • Aadhar Recharge Mobile Number
  • WhatsApp Enable Phone Number
  • Pan Card / Pan Number
  • Android Phone
  • LezyPay Mobile App

How to Get Free Cashback of Rs.500 on 1st Transaction from LazyPay

1. Get the LazyPay App through the link provided below.

2. Installing/Opening the LazyPay App and Paying Later With an Instant Credit Limit Without Documents

3. Enter your phone number and confirm it with a four-digit OTP.

LazyPay LazyCard Offer

4. Get ready to buy now and pay later by starting with the permissions listed below (100 percent Secure)

LazyPay LazyCard Offer

5. Congratulations! You have been approved for a LazyPay Instant Credit Limit of Rs.500 to Rs.10,000.

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LazyPay LazyCard Offer

6. Last but not least, provide the following information to unlock your credit limit: Your Name, Email Address, Date of Birth, and Unlock Now.

LazyPay LazyCard Offer

7. Pay Later at all of your favorite locations, pay with credit from a bank account, and make instant payments, with no interest after 15 days.

LazyPay LazyCard Offer

8. After you’ve signed up for a LazyPay account, click this link to activate your LazyCard.

9. Close your LazyPay app and open it again after a few minutes, looking for Introducing LazyCard for Bigger Rewards to Claim Your LazyCard Now.

LazyPay LazyCard Offer

10. Just a Few Easy Steps and You’re Done! Verify Your KYC with a PAN Card by entering the same information and confirming your delivery address.

LazyPay LazyCard Offer

11.  Accept the terms and conditions to obtain your LazyCard now.

12. Many congrats! Take a snapshot of your LazyCard details, such as card number, expiration date, and CVV code, once you’ve activated it.

LazyPay LazyCard Offer

13. Please do not use the back button; you are ordering a physical LazyCard, which will be sent to your door right now.

14. Making the first transaction with a LazyCard Virtual Card on any platform such as Paytm, Flipkart, Amazon, and so on.  

15. Congratulations! You’ve earned rewards for completing your first LazyCard transaction, and we’ll give you an Rs.500 cashback. There is no minimum transaction amount.

LazyPay LazyCard Offer

16. you can transfer this card cashback to a bank account using snaPay app.

How to Activate LezyPay Card in Reward Section?

1. Once You KYC on LezyPay App, You Will Get Upto ₹200 Credit Limit

2. Use ₹100 From This Credit Limit every day

[Transfer Money into Bank Using SnaPay App and Again Return the Money in LezyPay From Bank Account.

3. And Add the Amount On LezyPay Pay Credit Account

4. Make these Steps For 10 Days and You Will Get an Offer on WhatsApp

5. You are Eligible to Activate Your LezyPay Card, There Are a Link Click on That

6. Now Enter Simple Details and Activate LezyPay Card

7. Now Make Minimum ₹10 Transaction Using LezyPay Credit Card

8. You Will Get ₹500 Instant Cashback. Enjoy. LazyPay LazyCard Offer

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