(धमाल Loot) Mobikwik UPI Gullak – Upto ₹100 Guaranteed Cashback


MobiKwik UPI Offer 2020

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(Today’s Loot) Bank Linking Cashback Offer First Transaction UPI Offer (2020 Update) – ₹5000 Cashback On UPI Transaction

(धमाल Loot) MobiKwik UPI Cash Back Offer 2020 – This New Year Fastest Mobile App & Wallet MobiKwik Has Come With A New Offer Where Every New User Can Take The Benefits Of ₹10 / Account.

As Our Previous Offer There Also You Need To Money Transfer From One Account To Another Account.

(धमाल Loot) Mobikwik UPI Gullak - Upto ₹100 Guaranteed Cashback

Mobikwik Eid Offer Eidi UPI Cashback – So Let’s See This Offer & Get MobiKwik ₹25 UPI CashBack On Every Account Just Making ₹100 Money Transaction From One MobiKwik Account To Another Account.

MobiKwik New Dhamaka Offer

Get Free ₹15 On Every 10th Payment Through MobiKwik 2 MobiKwik UPI After Every 10th Transaction Get Instantly 15 Cashback This Way Earn ₹100 Time Cashback. Earn Upto ₹750 Assured Cashback From This New UPI Offer. Offer For All Old And New MobiKwik User. Just Link Your Bank Account And Starting To Transaction.

Before This Post, We Have Already Published Paytm 1 UPI Transaction Get ₹1 Cashback Every Time. MobiKwik Offer Is Better Then Payment So Must Try & Earn ₹250 + More Money From The Offer.

Gullak Cashback On UPI Transaction

How To Get Granteed Cashback :

1. First Of All User Check Update Of Mobikwik Official App& Updated It’s If Available Updated Version

2. Open Mobikwik Home Page & There You Will Show A New Offer “UPI Gullak Offer”

3. Open It & Read Terms & Conditions & Click Transfer

4. Now Send Money (Minimum ₹500/User) From Your UPI To 1 Different UPI User

5. Get Upto ₹100 CASHBACK For Transaction

6. Offer Valid For 1 to 28 March 2020 To Grab The Offer

Terms & Conditions :

  • Gullak cashback on UPI transfers!
  • Offer Details
  • Get guaranteed cashback in your Gullak on your first UPI transfer of February to any UPI handle.\
  • The minimum amount of transfer should be 500.
  • Users need to do KYC in order to receive cashback.
  • Offer valid between 1-29 Match ‘2020
  • Users who have linked their payments bank as the primary bank, won’t be eligible.
  • If the sender or receiver has de-registered VPA more than once, those users will not be eligible for cashback.
  • Mobikwik reserves the right to change offer terms or disqualif the offer without any prior notice.

Mobikwik Loot Per UPI

Mobikwik Paanch Ka Punchnama UPI Offer

Mobikwik UPI Offer 2019 – Get Assured ₹50 to 500 Cashback On Every Fo 5th UPI Transaction Only On Mobikwik UPI. Get Total 3 Gullaks Per Week Means You Have Opportunity To Earn Minimum ₹150 Per Week And Maximum 1500/ Week. If You Are A Mobikwik User And Already Complete Mobikwik KYC Then Take Benefits Of Paanch Ka Punchnama Offer.

This Offer For All User & Offical Offer That Offer Banner Showing In Mobikwik App. So Guy’s Let’s Started To apply This Offer Following Below Steps.

You Can Earn Upto ₹500 On Every 10th Transaction

How To Get ₹150 to 1500 Cashback / Week?

  1. First Of All Open MobiKwik Account Using Android App – Download Here
  2. Link Bank Account & Generate UPI Account If You Are A New User
  3. Then Go To Send Money Option & Make ₹1000 UPI Transaction For 5 Time
  4. You, Will, Receive Up to Rs 50 to 500 Cash Back In Your Wallet
  5. This Way Get 3 Time Cashback Per Week
  6. Note – Maximum Time Is 24 Hours To Get Credit
  7. Offer Stared From 18 Nov 2019 To 30 Mov 2019 UPI Transaction

Terms & Conditions –

Get guaranteed cashback in your Gullak on your UPI transfer of November to any UPI handle.

Every 5th UPI user will get assured cashback between 50-500

Users must tap the gullak after completing the money transfer on the success screen to claim the cashback.

Users can win only 3 Gullaks per week

The minimum amount of transfer should be1000

Users need to do KYC in order to receive the cashback

Offer valid between 18-30 November
Users who have linked their payments bank as the primary bank, won’t be eligible.

If the sender or receiver has de-registered VPA more than once, those users will not be eligible for cashback

Mobikwik has the right to discontinue the offer without any further notice.

Terms & Conditions :

  • UPI Offers CASHBACK Bag your cashback!
  • Get a chance to earn cashback up to 100 in your Gullak on every UPI Transfer to any UPI handle
  • The minimum amount of transfer should be 500
  • Users need to do KYC in order to receive the cashback
  • Offer valid between 1-31 October 2019
  • Users who have linked their payments bank as the primary bank, won’t be eligible.
  • If the sender or receiver has de-registered VPA more than once, those users will not be eligible for cashback
  • Get 100 Cashback On First Transaction Of October
  • Offer For All User For First Transaction Of 2019
  • Offer Valid Till 31 October 2019
  • Cashback Not Applicable On Payment Bank User
  • Minimum Transaction Amount Should Be ₹500 Or Above
  • Money Sender & Receive Both Should Be MobiKwik UPI User

Get assured cashback up to 100 in your Gullak

1. every 1st UPI Transfer to any UPI handle

2. The minimum amount of transfer should be 500

3. Users need to do KYC in order to receive the cashback

4. Offer valid between 19 July(1:00 PM)-30 July 2019

5. Offer valid 4 times during the offer period

6. Users who have linked their payments bank as the primary bank, won’t be eligible.

7. If the sender or receiver has de-registered VPA more thaT
once, those users will not be eligible for cashback


  1. Get 15 On 10th UPI Transfer To Mbk Upi (Ikwik) Handle
  2. One Can Earn Cashback 50 Times Max Cashback One Can Earn Is 750
  3. The Minimum Amount Of Each Transfer Should Be 50
  4. Users Need To Do KYC In Order To Receive Cashback
  5. All The Transfers Should Be During The Offer Period
  6. Receivers Should Not Necessarily Be Unique
  7. Offer Valid Only From 11th April Till 14th April 8. Users Who Have Linked Their Payments Bank As The Primary Bank, Won’t Be Eligible-if The Sender Or Receiver Has De-registered VPA Even Once, Those Users Will Not Be Eligible For Cashback

Offer 3 – MobiKwik UPI CashBack 1200 (28 June 2019)

MobiKwik New CashBack Offer – Here You Can Get ₹1200 Assures CashBack In Your MobiKwik Wallet As A Normal Cash That Could Be Use For Recharge, Bill Payment Or Much More. So Let’s See Free Bank To Bank Transfer Get Rs.1200 CashBack Offer.

MobiKwik ₹1200 UPI CashBack Offer

MobiKwik UPI CashBack – ₹1200 Cash Back In MobiKwik Wallet. Today MobiKwik Is Back With New Loot Offer For All User In This Offer User Get 60 CashBack Every 6th Transaction Of Amount ₹6000/Transaction. So Let’s See The Offer.

MobiKwik 1200 CashBack On UPI Transaction

  1. Send Money 6000 To Any MobiKwik User
  2. Send 7 Time Get 20 CashBack
  3. Get 1200 CashBack For 60 Time
  4. So Your Total CashBack Will Be 1200


(Genuine Loot Money) MobiKwik UPI Offer Get Free ₹250 Cashback Into Your Account For Creating UPI (VPA) & Making A Short Transaction. Download Latest Version MobiKwik App & Get Best UPI Future Where By Linking Your Bank Account You Can Earn Free Bank Cash Instantly. So Intriguing With MobiKwik UPI Loot / Offer / Steps Guide

Biggest Recharge & Bill Payment Website & Mobile App MobiKwik Finally Take Steps In Compilation Market They Also Stated UPI Future On The App.

First Offer – Rs.10 Cashback First Transfer On November

  • Get 10 Cashback In This November
  • Minimum Send Money 100
  • Send To Mobikwik UPI User
  • Not Applicable For Payment Bank User
  • Offer Valid Till 30th November

Second Offer – Rs.10 Cashback On First UPI Transfer

  • Minimum Transaction Value Rs.100
  • User Should Be KYC Verified
  • Offer Validity Till 31 December
  • Offer Applicable On First UPI Transaction

UPI – Free Bank To Bank Transfer Get Rs 250 CashBack
  1. First Of All Upgrade To MobiKwik App From Below Link
  2. Link Bank Account (Any Payment Bank Not Eligible For CashBack)
  3. I Hope You Done Above Two Steps So Follow Below
  4. Get ₹25 CashBack On Every 5Th UPI Transaction (Transaction Should Be @ikwik UPI Handle)
  5. You, Will, Get 25 CashBack For 10 Time (25×10) = 250
  6. Minimum Transaction Amount Should Be ₹5000
  7. User Not To Be Unique To CashBack. So You Can Send Money To A Single User

Third Offer – Rs.250 Cashback On UPI Transfer

  • Get 25 Cashback On Every 5Th Transaction
  • Minimum Transaction Value 5000
  • Both Users Should Be KYC Verified
  • Both User Should Mobikwik UPI
  • Who Have Linked Payment Bank Offer Not For Those
  • You, Will, Get 25 Cashback For 10 Time
  • Valid Till 30 November 2018

The first OfferGet ₹10 CashBack On First UPI Transfer

  • Get ₹10 Cash Back On First UPI Transaction
  • Minimum Transaction Amount Should Be ₹100
  • Your MobiKwik Account Should Be KYC Verified
  • Offer Valid From 9 November To 31 Movement 2018

The second OfferGet ₹125 Cash Back On UPI Transfer

  • Get ₹25 Cash Back On Every 5Th (MobiKwik) UPI Transfer
  • You Can Earn For 5 Time
  • Max Cash Back Amount ₹125 In A Account
  • Minimum Transaction Amount Should Be ₹5000
  • You, Will, Get Cash Back On 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th Transaction
  • Over Valid From 9 November To 15 November 2018
  • Receiver Should Not Necessarily To Unique

MobiKwik UPI – ₹100 Cashback 10th & 20th Transaction (All User)

NoteBefore Applying This Offer Must Read Its Terms & Conditions :

  1. First Of All Upgrade MobiKwik App
  2. Then Link Bank Account & Generate @Mobikwik VPA
  3. Go To UPI Section & Transfer Rs.5000 Or Above To A MobiKwik UPI
  4. After Making 10th Transaction You Will Get ₹50 Cashback Within 72 Hours
  5. This Way Make Another 10 Transaction & You Will Get ₹50 Cashback On 20th Transaction (Transaction Amount Should Be 5000 Or Above)

Terms & Conditions

  • Offer Not Applicable For Payment Bank Linked MobiKwik App
  • You Can Send Money On Same UPI Address For Recieve Cashback
  • Offer Validity For 23 October 24 October
  • Transaction Value Should Be Rs.5000 Or Above
  • You, Will, Get ₹50 On 10th Transaction & Another ₹50 On 20th Transaction
  • Minimum Cashback Amount Rs.100
  • Cashback Will Credited Within 72 Hours

How To Get ₹250 Cashback On MobiKwik UPI Transaction (OLD)

MobiKwik Has Launched A Another UPI Money Transaction Offer, Where You Can Earn Free 250 Assured Cashback In Your Bank Account, So Let’s See Today Offer & Starting Money Transfer From Your Account To Another Account Via MobiKwik.

  1. Firstly Open MobiKwik Account & Create UPI VPA Connection Bank Account (Payment Bank Not Eligible)
  2. Go To UPI Second > Starting To Send Money
  3. Send Rs.50 For 10 Time To A User Or Different User & Get 50 Cashback
  4. Same Way Send Money 50 On Every 10th Transaction
  5. (5×50 = 250) So You Will Get Total 250 Cashback
  6. You Can Send Money A Single User, Didn’t Required To Send New User

This is MobiKwik add money offer, they are now giving ₹125 free Cashback on add money in wallet through UPI, so let’s see the offer –

MobiKwik UPI Handle Offer – Get ₹175 Assured Cashback On Add Money (Live)

  1. First Of All Download MobiKwik Android Application & Link Bank Account
  2. Create A @Mobikwik UPI (If Already Done Then Follow Below Steps)
  3. Click On Add Money & Add Rs.100 In Wallet For First Time & Get Additional 50 Cashback
  4. Now Add 8 Time Rs.100 & You Will Get Rs.75 Cashback On 10th UPI Add Money. This Way Earn 125 Cashback
  5. Offer Valid From 19th September To 21 September 2018 September

MobiKwik UPI Offer (20 Cashback Instantly)

Hello buddy welcome to another loot offer, hope you all are enjoying our latest Free Recharge Tricks and best working & most popular Free Paytm Cash, today we going to share about MobiKwik UPI Loot Offer

In our previous, we already explained about
Enable Paytm UPI & Get Rs.50 Cashback
Active FreeCharge UPI & Get 75 Cashback

This above article was heavy popular, so after getting the MobiKwik offer score we instantly going to share this offer, I hope everyone will enjoy this offer.

MobiKwik is a popular mobile app & its have almost 10 million active installed, MobiKwik also now a partner of Cashless India. after changing note issues in india all UPI app getting popularity among them app Paytm, FreeCharge and MobiKwik are amazing.

MobiKwik UPI Future & Specifications

  • Instantly Bank To Bank Transfer
  • Personal MobiKwik UPI Address (VPA)
  • Its Will Work As Payment Method
  • Easy Way To Add Cash On UPI
  • Bank To Wallet Transfer
  • Fastest & Unlimited Transaction
  • 0% Charge For All Transaction

So Let’s See Today Offer & Earn 20 From Mobikwik Offer

Money transfer & transaction is most popular in FreeCharge, Paytm & MobiKwik, today we will discuss on MobiKwik UPI handle offer where every user has a good opportunity to earn 200 free wallet cashback just making 40 transactions. user will get 50 cashback on every 10th transaction. offer valid till 20 September 2018.

MobiKwik September 2018 Offer – Get ₹50 Cashback On First UPI Transaction Of This Month Applicable For All New & Old User, So Guys Are You Ready To Loot This MobiKwik Free 50 Cashback Offer, Offer Is Very Simple If You Reads It’s Terms & Conditions So Let’s See This UPI Cashback Offer.

App MobiKwik UPI Offer – Get Assured 100 + 500 Cashback (END)

MobiKwik Back With New 100 Cashback Offer For All, Get 50 Cashback On 10th Time Money Transaction & Get Additional 50 Cashback On 20th Transfer. Minimum Transaction Amount Rs.500 To Avail This Offer, You Can Send Money On Same @Mobikwik UPI That Eligible For Cashback.

  1. Firstly Open Mobikwik App & Link Bank Account
  2. Create @Mobikwik UPI
  3. Click On Send Money > Send Minimum Rs.5000 To A MobiKwik UPI User
  4. Send 5000 For 10th Time & Get 50 Cashback
  5. Continue This Transaction Till 20th Time & Get Additional ₹50 Cashback
  6. So Making 20 Transaction You Will Get 100 Cashback

Note – You Can Transaction On Same Mobikwik UPI Handle & Minimum Transaction Amount 5000 To Avail This Offer.

Get 500 Guaranteed Cashback Offer – Click Here

MobiKwik Weekend Delight Offer – Get ₹200 Cashback : (End)

Weekend Delight Offer – Hello Everyone MobiKwik has come with the biggest loot offer for all MobiKwik UPI users there you can get assured 200 Cashback for money Transaction & add money to wallet. this offer call weekend Delight offer I hope you everyone able to earn this offer. let’s see…

100 Cashback On Add Money In Wallet
  1. Get 50 Cashback For First 100 Add Money In Wallet
  2. Get Another 50 Cashback For Add Money For 5 Time Of Amount Rs.100
  3. Cashback Will Credited On 22 August 2018
  4. Offer Valid For New And Old Both User
  5. Offer Valid For 18th August To 19th August
  6. Applicable On On Those Account On Which Already Created MobiKwik VPA
Get 100 Cashback On Money Transaction
  1. Get 50 Cashback On 10Th Money Transaction
  2. Additional 50 Cashback On 25th Transaction
  3. Minimum Amount Transaction Should Be Rs.50
  4. Receive Under Not To Be Necessary Unique
  5. Offer Valid On UPI To UPI Transaction
  6. KYC Should Be Done To Get Cashback & Validity Of The Offer Is 18th to 19th August
  7. Offer Valid For Latest Version MobiKwik App & Android Phone

How To Get Rs.25 In Cashback Instantly – MobiKwik UPI Offer

  1. Firstly All User You Have Download MobiKwik Latest Version App From Below Link

Download Here

  1. After Downloading & Installed The App Open It Normally
  2. Then Cream A Account On MobiKwik Using Bank Registered Number
  3. Verify OTP & Login Into App & There You Will Get UPI Option As You Can See Below Pictures
  4. Click On UPI Option & Select Your Bank Account Name
  5. Then Select Sim & Verify Sim Card With OTP
  6. Now Set UPI Pin By Entering Debit Card Details
  7. Finally, Make A UPI Transaction Of Rs.25 Or Above Amount For 10 Time & Get Rs.25 Cashback In Your Account Instantly

Note – Transaction Should Be Unique & MobiKwik UP

MobiKwik UPI App Details

The first-rate UPI-enabled app inside the Play keep must be MobiKwik App. You could marvel at why this is so. Nicely, the answer is sincerely quite simple. MobiKwik UPI app is extremely secure. It makes use of MPIN and there may be no need to hyperlink your bank account to apply the utility.

Moreover, AirPel payments bank UPI platform permits you to ship bills to everyone, right from a merchant and shop to a person.

You can use the platform to recharge your pay as you go cell, no matter the network issuer, pay your software payments, book railway and film tickets, and make offline purchases.

What Is UPI (MobiKwik Offer)

Unified Payment Interface (UPI) is a mobile-based free application that helps you to do the economic transaction without the use of your card or bank account information whenever.

To apply UPI, you’ll need a digital charge cope with (VPA) that is like an email identification.

Final Description

Almost we are move on to the last position of this post. hope you all are able to earn free 20 bank cash through MobiKwik UPI offer if you facing any issues or you have any questions just ask us on below comment section.

We will back soon with another offer, keep visiting on our blog and know about all offers, thank you for Reading. don’t forget to get to share this post with your friends. Thank you.



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