MyJio Ultratech Offer: Get 1 GB Free Jio Data – Claim Yours Now!

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MyJio Ultratech Offer: Gives 1 GB of Free Data

“MyJio Ultratech Offer Don’t Miss Out! Watch the Video and Win 1 GB of Free Jio Data Today!”

MyJio Ultratech Offer

Jio Ultratech Offer – Hello Friends! the company provides an extraordinary experience to its customers. This offer combines the reliability of Jio’s network with the cutting-edge technology of Ultratech, a leading brand in its respective industry. By partnering with Ultratech, Jio ensures that its customers receive the best of both worlds.

Jio’s Ultratech Offer continues the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction by offering innovative and rewarding experiences to its users.

To earn the free 1 GB of Jio data, users must answer the quiz questions correctly. The quiz is designed to test their understanding of the Ultratech Offer details and the benefits it offers. Upon successfully answering all the quiz questions accurately, users will be rewarded with a free 1 GB of Jio data.

About MyJio appDetails
1. Version:7.0.35
2. Requires Android:5.0 and up
3. Released on:09-Mar-2018
4. Updated on:18-Apr-2023
5. Downloads:500,000,000+ downloads
6. Offered by:Jio Platforms Limited
To avail of this offer, you are required to follow a simple process on the My Jio App.

get a Free 1 GB Jio Data Offer:

1.. Make sure that you have the latest version of the My Jio App installed on your device. If not, please update it from the Play Store.

2.. Open the My Jio App and go to the Play & Win section, which is the gaming section of the app.

3.. Look for the Ultratech banner within the Play & Win section and click on it to proceed.

4.. Inside the Ultratech section, you will find a selection of videos accompanied by quizzes.

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5.. Choose a video that interests you and start watching it. Pay attention to the content as the quiz questions will be based on the video.

6.. After watching the video, answer the quiz questions associated with it. Make sure to answer accurately to increase your chances of winning.

watch this video for more details:


Q: How can I participate in the MyJio Ultratech Offer?

A: To participate, you need to update the MyJio app, go to the Play & Win section, find the Ultratech banner, watch videos with quizzes, and answer the questions correctly.

Q: Is there any cost involved in participating in the Ultratech Offer?

A: No, there is no cost involved. Participating in the offer is completely free for MyJio app users.

Q: How many times can I participate in the MyJio Ultratech Offer?

A: You can participate as many times as you want, provided there are new videos with quizzes available in the MyJio Ultratech Offer section.

Q: What happens if I answer the quiz questions incorrectly?

A: If you answer any quiz question incorrectly, you may not be eligible for the free 1 GB Jio data reward.

Q: How will I receive the free 1 GB Jio data?

A: You can check your data balance in the MyJio Ultratech Offer

Note: Please note that the answers provided above are based on general assumptions and the specific terms and conditions of the MyJio Ultratech Offer may vary. It is recommended to refer to the official information and guidelines provided by Jio for accurate and detailed information about the offer.

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