Paytm Cashback Dhamaka – Send Money Win 1 Lakh / ₹100 / ₹50

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Paytm Cashback Dhamaka Offer

superfast UPI Money Transfer On Paytm Everyone Get Chance to Win ₹1 Lakh

Paytm Cashback Dhamaka Offer, Send Money & Get ₹1 Lakh, Paytm Cashback Dhamaka Offer- Hello guys! We are back with a beautiful Paytm Cashback Offer.

You can have a chance to win ₹1 Lakh Every Day by only sending money to anyone from Paytm Cashback Dhamaka Offer. Send money Now with Superfast UPI Money Transfer on Paytm, where everyone has a chance to win a prize of Rs. 1 lakh every day.

There is a chance to win a cashback of Rs.100 Crores! You can send money right now, pay at any store, recharge your phone, or pay your bills using your Paytm latest version app.

Paytm Cashback Dhamaka Offer

Paytm Cashback Dhamaka Send Money Win 1 Lakh / ₹100 / ₹50 – The Daily Lucky Draw Promotional Offer How do I enter to win a prize in this lucky draw? To be eligible to participate in the “Paytm Cashback Dhamaka” Lucky Draw. You must make a UPI money transfer to anyone or make any payment using the Paytm mobile application.

Winning Prize :

No. of PrizeTotal WinnerPrize Money
110 People₹1 Lakh Cashback
210,000 People₹100 Cashback
310,000 People₹50 Cashback

Send Money And Get ₹1 Lakh Every Day Using Paytm Cashback Offer. Your scratch card will be locked in the “Cashback & Offers” section of the website until 9:00 a.m. And that will be available from the next day.

How to Get Cash Prizes up to 1 Lakh from Paytm Cashback Dhamaka Offer?

You have to follow the below steps and enjoy this wonderful offer from Paytm.

1. First of all, update your PayTM App through the link given below.

2. Open the Paytm App and get a login to your account.

3. Go to dashboard and click on Cashback & Offers Option.

4. Here you need to find the banner which is new, Paytm Cashback Dhamaka Offer.

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Paytm Cashback Dhamaka - Send Money Win 1 Lakh / ₹100 / ₹50

5. Click on that Banner and click on Send Money Now. And make any Payment to a bank account or UPI Payments and get the chance to win Rs.1 Lakh.

Paytm Cashback Dhamaka Offer

6. If you make an acceptable money transfer or payment, you will receive a locked scratchcard. Which will be accessible to scratch from 12:30 a.m. the next day and will expire in 10 days if it is not scratched. 

7. You are able to get a maximum of 3 Scratchcards per a Day.

8. If you scratch a lucky draw card, you will be able to see if you have won and what you have won. 

9. Here you can Win 1 Lakh / ₹100 / ₹50 Cashback Per Transaction

Paytm Cashback Dhamaka - Send Money Win 1 Lakh / ₹100 / ₹50

Terms & Conditions:

  • This Offer is Valid from 00:00:00 hours on the 14th of October, 2021, through 23:59:59 hours on the 14th of November, 2021 (hence referred to as the “Offer Period”), unless otherwise stated. 
  • During the Offer time, Paytm will conduct daily lucky draws in which the user/s will have the opportunity to earn cashback for UPI money transfers that they have completed.
  • Using Paytm for money transfers or payments more than once in a day. Increases your chances of winning the prize draw for that day.
  • Unsuccessful and cancelled transactions are not concedered.
  • The user would be responsible for paying TDS on winnings (Rs 1 lac and Rs 10 lac rewards).
  • Paytm will contact the winners of the Rs 1 lac and Rs 10 lac prizes, who shall be referred to as ‘Mega Prize Winners’ in this document. And they will be needed to share certain essential documentation in order for the rewards to be credited to their bank accounts.
  • If You are one of the Mega Prize Winners, we will also call you to inform you that you have won the prize. When attempting to contact You if you are one of the Mega Prize Winners, a maximum of five attempts will be made. If You do not react within 24 hours, the award will be forfeited.
Paytm Cashback Dhamaka - Send Money Win 1 Lakh / ₹100 / ₹50
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