Divisa Store Free Sample of Pet Saffa Ayurvedic Granules

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Divisa Store Offer

Get a Free Sample of Pet Saffa Ayurvedic Granules worth Rs.96 from Divisa Store Offer

Divisa Store Offer, Pet Saffa Sample Offer, Get Free Sample, Pet Saffa Ayurvedic Granules- Hi Viewers, hope you guys all are doing good and enjoying our Posts Himalaya Wow Shampoo Offer and Huobi Pro Offer. Today I am here with an Interesting Offer from Divisa Stores, Divisa Store Offer.

Divisa Store is commemorating the occasion by providing a free sample of Pet Saffa Ayurvedic Granules to all users who express an interest in receiving it. For all of their customers, Pet Saffa is offering a Free Sample Of Pet Saffa Ayurvedic Granules as a special thank you.

World Toilet Day is being observed this year. Pet Saffa is participating in World Toilet Day by promoting awareness about the necessity of having a toilet in your house as well as the relevance of global sanitation.

Everyone who signs up for this Free Sample will receive a Pet Saffa Ayurvedic Granules Free Sample (120 g), which is worth 96 rupees, absolutely free.

You only have to pay for delivery fees, and you can give this to any members of your family who are experiencing digestive difficulties. Read the entire post to find out how to get your free sample delivered to your door.

How to Get Free Sample of Pet Saffa Ayurvedic Granules worth Rs.96 from Divisa Store Offer?

1. To begin, click on the link provided to request a free sample of Pet Saffa Ayurvedic Granules.

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2. Select the Add To Cart option from the drop-down menu.

3. There is no requirement to use a coupon code in order to receive your free sample.

4. When you reach the payment page, the value of your cart will be zero.

5. Click on the Check-Out Button and enter your name and shipping address information.

6. Proceed as usual, and you will just be required to pay INR 50 in delivery charges.

Then choose a payment type from the drop-down menu and complete your transaction.

8. Your free Pet Saffa Ayurvedic Granules sample has been confirmed and will be delivered to your address shortly.

The free sample offer comes from Divasa and is only valid today, so take advantage of it while you can (World Toilet Day).

10. Distribute this information to your friends and family so that they can also receive this product for free.

Sample of Pet Saffa Ayurvedic Granules:

Pet Saffa, which is enriched with the goodness of nine natural herbs, aids in the improvement of bowel motions. It contains Ayurvedic herbs, which aid to soften firm stools, thereby alleviating constipation problems.

  • There is a limit of one packet of Pet Saffa Granules that may be purchased with this promotion (120g)
  • The deal is solely available to customers, and the products cannot be resold by third-party vendors.
  • It is understood that a customer will receive only one unit of Pet Saffa natural laxative granules and that this will be delivered only once to the specified address.
  • One unit of Pet Saffa Natural Laxative Granules -120g, MRP 96.00 will be provided at no cost.
  • Shipping charges are Rs. 50 (Prepaid), inclusive of all taxes.
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