[ Goa ] Tricks to Get *Rare Tickets* in Google Go India

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Rare Tickets Go India

How to Get Goa Rare City Ticket in Google Pay-Go India

[100% Goa Verified] Tricks to Get Rare Tickets in Google Go IndiaHow to Get Goa, Kochi, Bastar, Gaya, Varanasi, Gangtok, Nainital City Tickers in Google Pay-Go India – Day by Day This Over Move on Hard to Harder Because of Collection Tickers To Visit in India Map to Earn Flat ₹101 to 501 Assured Rewards Cash. This Time Very Rare Case Users Success to Collect Nainital Card by Which Method Following You Will Get This Specific Ticket & Some KM We Will Explain Here.

To May People Now Stuck in Go India Map For Such Tickets Collection. So We Will Give You Some Powerful Trick Following That You Can Grab Google Go India All-City Card to Earn Flat Cashback.

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To Complete The Full Map You Have to Collect a Total of 30 to 31 Tickets Including Goa Kochi Bastar Gaya Varanasi Gangtok Nainital Etc.

But We Tried All The Official Methods to Grab Tickers, Unfortunately, the Maximum Time We Are Getting the Same Tickers Multiple Time That Already We Have Collected. So We Have to Do Something Different to Grab This City Scratch Card.

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Many Users Asking Us How to Get Goa City Tickets and Many Of Give Me Any Trick to Get Nainital Ticket Card.

This Article For Those Who Are Stuck in This Kind of Rare Tickers. After reading The All Below Method & Steps I Am Sure You Will Abe to Collect Rare Card That You Want.

Read More – (Proof) Go India – Trick to Collect All-City & Earn ₹501

How to Get Below Rare Tickers Easily

  • Goa
  • Kochi
  • Bastar
  • Gaya
  • Varanasi
  • Gangtok
  • Nainital

Now Let’s See How You Can Get The Above Tickets by Trying Few Method. That All Are Added In Below Section So Let’s Start.

Note – Try Before Transaction Method If You Actually Want any Service, Don’t Do This Just For Google Pay Earn Rare Tickers.

Final Trick to Get Nainital, Kochi, Goa, Puri, Gaya Rare Tickets

If You are Still Unavailable to Complete Go India Full Map For Just 1 or 2 Rare Tickets, Then This Method For You. This The Final & Official Trick For Collect, Goa, Nainital, Puri, Kochi & This Kind of Tickets.

Google Promised That They Will Give You Everyone Who Play The Celebrate Diwali Go India City Game, Then You Will Get Assured Rare Tickets or ₹20 to 100 Cashback into Bank Account. We Just Try This Method and Grab Most Required Tickers Nainital.

How to Get Rare Tickets

Method 1 – Rare Tickets by Play Goa Event Quiz

1) First of All Users Open Google Pay Go India App

2) There Are Running Goa Event

3) Participate in The Event & Answers Correctly of All The Questions

4) Check Out Goa Event All The Answers – Click Here

5) You Will Get a Rare Tickets (Nainital, Kochi, Puri, Gaya, Kaziranga etc)

Method 2 – Rare Ticket From Flipkart

1) If You Want to Buy Any Product Online Try This Method

2) Open Flipkart App and Login to Your Account

3) Choose a Product of Amount Rs.50 or Above (But I Will Recommend to Buy Rs.700 or Above)

4) Now Choose Payment Method as Google PAY UPI

5) Enter Google Pay UPI VPA and Placed Payment Request

6) Open Google Pay and Confrom The Request and Make The Payment

8) You Will Get a Rare Tickets INSTANTLY

Method 3 – Easy And Risk-Free Method

Note : Try This Trick For From 4 AM to 7 AM

1) First of All Open Google Pay App in Updated Version

2) Goto Your Rewards Section & Check Out Any Cashback offer Available or Not

3) If Available Then Try This Method. Goto Recharge Options & Make ₹10 or Above Prepaid Recharge

4) You Can Recharge Also Your DTH Connection

5) Instantly You Will Get a Scratch Card Cashback + One Rare Ticket

6) Scratch The Card & Earn ₹5 to 100 Assured Cashback

7) Visit Go India Offer & Checkout Ticket. I Hope You Also Get a Rare Tickets

Method 4 – No Investment Offer

Note : Try This Method Also at 5AM to 6AM at Morning

1) Open Google Pay App & Go to New Payment Options

2) There You Will Show Scan & Pay Method

3) Scan Only Paytm Merchant QR Code

4) Then Make Payment ₹35 ₹50 or Above Amount

5) Instantly You Will Get a Rare Ticket instantly (High Chances)

Method 5 – High Risk & High Chance to Get Rare Tickets

I am Not Recommended to Try This Method

1) Goto Your Offer Section & Check Out There Have 5% Cashback Offer On Gold Purchase is Available or Not

2) If Available You Can Try it. Otherwise Don’t Try. Because There Here you will lose ₹300

3) If There Available 5% Cashback Then You Will Loss Just ₹40 to 50

4) So I Am Not Recommended You to Try This Method

5) If You Want to Try – Goto Google Pay App

6) Click on Gold Locket

7) Buy Gold Minimum ₹5000 and Make Payment

8) For That You Will Get a Rare Tickets (3 Time Per Day)

9) Sale it and Take Cash into Bank Account

[Verified Tricks] How to Get Unlimited Goa, Kochi, Nainital Tickets

The trick to Get Rare Tickers from for Go India Visit All The City Games, Currently, Very Few People Get Kochi, Nainital, Goa, Puri, Gaya, Gangtok Tickets. We Have Few Rare Tickets in Stock Those Are Provide You by Giveaway in Our Telegram Channel.

Recently We Just Tried a Method For Collect Rare Tickets and 90% of We Are Success for This Trick. Here We Are Going to Share a Working Method for getting Required Tickets.

Here is The Working Fine Tricks (No Investment)

1: First of All You Need a PayTM Merchant QR Code or Your Friends / Relative PayTM QR Code

2: Open Google Pay App & Directly Move on Scan & Pay Option

3: Scan The Paytm Merchant QR Code and Enter Amount ₹50 to 100 Any Random Amount

4: Send The Amount From Google Pay Linked Bank Account to QR Code

5: Instantly You Will Get a Rare Ticket in G Pay

6: Also Directly or Indirectly Take PayTM QR Payment to Your Bank Account

How to Get Nainital, Goa, Kochi, Gaya Puri Tickets

1: First of All Users Open Google Pay App

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2: Goto Go India Game by Click on Enter Game

3: There You Will Show Celebrate Diwali Event Offer

4: Click on Diwali Event & Start The Game

5: There You Have Answers 5 Simple Questions About on Diwali Topic –

6: Once You Answers Correctly All Questions, You Will Get Assured Rare Tickets or ₹20-100 Scratch Card

Mostly Worked !! Tricks 4 Collect Rare Tickets – Go India

18 November Update – Trick to Get Rare Tickers

Google Pay Right Now Not Given any Rare Tickers Without Transaction, So You Have to Attempt Few Transaction Method That Will Profitable For You. Yesterday Many Users Gor Goa, Nainital Kochi Tickers Easily.

  • First of All Users Open Google Pay Account
  • Scroll Down The The Below & Click New Payment
  • There Search As GOLD & Click On Gold Options
  • Now Click on Buy & Purchase Minimum ₹100 Gold
  • Instantly You Will Get a Rare Tickets For Gold Purchase
  • Once Gold Value Increase, You Can Sale it and Take The Amount to Your Bank Account

1) MakeMyTrip Trick to Collect Ticket

If You Are Purchase Digital Gold From MakeMyTrip or Book Anything MakeMyTrip and Make The Payment From Google Bhim UPI You Have a Great Chance to Win Lot’s Rate Tickers Like Gangtok.

  • Buy MakeMyTrip Digital Gold From Google Pay
  • Or Visit MakeMyTrip App Book Anything That You Want
  • Make The Payment From G-pay Bhim UPI
  • Get a Free Rate Tickets

2) Urban Club Offer

Urban Company is a Big Platform For Your Home, Ac Service. Many People Booked Urban Company Service to Their Home If You Are Grab This Urban Company Service and From Google Pay, You Will Get Unique Tickets every day.

  1. Open Google Pay Enter Your Lock Code
  2. There Search Options Click Urban Company
  3. Click on Urban Company & Choose Which Kind of Service You Need
  4. Then Move on Payment Page & Make The Payment
  5. Get a Free Ticket Like Nainital

2) Buy Google Play Store Products

Want to Get Rare Tickets? You Have Transaction in any Payment Getway From Your G-Pay Account, Among The Best Transaction Options, Google Play is The Best & Great One.

  1. First of All Open Play Store
  2. Find any Paid App or Game (Amount Should Be ₹30 Or Above
  3. Nov Click on Buy and Make Payment From Pay Google UPI
  4. You, Will, Get Instant Tickers That Could Be Required
  5. You Can Get 3 Tickets Per Day By Google Play Store Transaction
  6. Buy Only, If You Have Required to Buy App or Game. Not For Only Complete Go India Tickets

3) Paytm Transaction Trick –

Paytm Also a Great Platform to Buy Deals, or Make Recharge Bill Payment. Using Paytm Transaction You Can Grab Rare Tickers From For Go India Map Complete & Grab the Rare Tickets.

  1. Open Your Paytm Account & Goto Recharge Section and Initiate a 30 Or More Recharge
  2. You Can Buy Paytm Mall Product Also
  3. Go to Payment Page & Choose Bhim UPI
  4. Enter Google Pay UPI ID
  5. Make The Transaction & Get Free Tickers
  6. Get 3 Tickets Per Day For This Kind of Transaction

4) BigCash Add Money Offer –

BigCash an Indian Biggest Online Gaming App, Here You Can Play Fight Game, Racing Game, Adventure Game and More, Play And Scores Higher and You Will Be a Winner to Redeem Winning Amount into Paytm Account.

  1. Download Big Cash That is an Online Game Platform
  2. Playing Game You Can Earn Paytm Cash
  3. Go to Add Money Option of Big Cash App
  4. Add ₹30 Or More Using Google Pay (Bhim UPI)
  5. Get Free 1 Scratch Card (Tickets) Per Day
  6. Full Add Money Usable For Game Play & Win

5) Exchange Method –

This Right Tine Almost 10 Million Plus People Already Participate in The Google Go India Offer, There You Have to Collect 30 Tickets, I Hope Everyone Have Different Tickers For 2 or Above. So You Can Exchange Extra Tickets With Your Friends

  1. Open Go India In Google Page
  2. Click on Your Ticket Sector
  3. Then Click on Gift Options & Send Your Extra Card To Your Friends
  4. This Way Told Your Friends to Send His Extra Tickets to You
  5. This is The Best Way to Exchange and Grab Free Tickers Without Transaction
  6. Grab Unlimited Tickets every day by This Way

6) Join Giveaway –

In This Topic, We Have Recently Shared a Post That is Go India Rare Tickets Giveaway. Where We Are Shared 500 + Free Tickets For You by Joining in Our Telegram Channel or Leave Ticket Link In The Comment Section You Will Get Many Rare Tickers. Like How to Get Gaya City Ticket.

Visit Here & Get Full Giveaway Ticket List

7) Unique Transaction –

To Many App, Website, Platform & E-commerce Website & Hosting Company Available Those Are Take Payment Online by Google UPI. Giving a Different Kind of Google Pay Transaction You Will Get Rate Tickets.

  1. Purchase any Service or Product
  2. The amount Should Be ₹30 or More
  3. Choose Payment Options as Google Pay
  4. Get 3 Tickers Per Day For 3 Payment
  5. Make Transaction on Shopping Site, Hosting & Domain Site or Digital Products

8) Bill Payment Or Recharge –

Google Pay Have Own Recharge, Bill Payment, And Rants Payment Options in Their App, If You Are Making Online any Transaction You Can Get Rare Tickers. May Everyone Make Prepaid Recharge or Dish Recharge This Way Earn Bastar or Other Rate Tickets

  1. Open Updated Google Pay App
  2. Then Goto Payment Options
  3. Make Recharge or Bill Payment of ₹30 Or Above
  4. Payment With Google Pay Bank Link Account
  5. Get 3 Cards Per Say That Could Be Unique

9) Share Photo or Map

Google Pay Have Own Platform to Grab 5 Tickers every day Just Shared Your Photo or Map, For Doing This Complete Step You Need Only One Minutes. So Let’s See The Most Popular Free Tickers Collect Method

  1. Open Your Google Pay App
  2. Then Click on Go India Options
  3. There You Will Get Map Options
  4. Click on Map
  5. Then Share Map / Tickers With Your Friends
  6. Make Share for 5 Time and Get 5 Tickets

This Above Content For

  • How to Get Nainital
  • How to Get Bastar
  • How to Get Goa
  • How to Get Varanasi
  • How to Get Gangtok
  • How to Get Gaya
  • How to Get Kochi
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