Paytm Cadbury Silk Offer – Instant ₹10-20 Free Paytm Easily

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Paytm Cadbury Slik Paytm Loot

Instant Rs.20 Free Paytm Cash Without Doing Anything Using Paytm Cadbury Offer

Paytm Cadbury Silk Offer | Free Paytm Cash Without Doing Anything: Get Free Paytm Cash without doing anything, you don’t need to complete any tasks or to play games. You have to use this Paytm Cadbury Offer to get Rs.10 Paytm Cash for Free.

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Here, we are introducing another free Paytm cash instantly without doing anything, users have to use this Paytm Cadbury offer to get Paytm cash for Free. I already received Rs.10 cashback to my Paytm wallet within 48 hours after using this offer.

Paytm launched Cadbury Silk offer that was very simple to get free Paytm cash. Users need to provide their Paytm registered mobile number and write a message, that’s it you will get Rs.10 Free Paytm Cash within 48 hours to your Paytm wallet.

What Is Paytm Cadbury Silk Offer?

Paytm Cadbury Silk offer is available on the official Paytm app where the users will get Rs.10 Free Paytm Cash on every Paytm Account they have. To use this offer, the users must be 18 years above and become Indian citizens to be eligible for this Paytm Cadbury Offer.

We have already used this offer and won Rs.10 cashback to our Paytm wallet. To use this offer, you must have a Paytm account or create a new account if you don’t have one.

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Paytm Cadbury silkoffer
1 Paytm AccountRs.10 Free Paytm Cash
10 Paytm AccountsRs.100 Free Paytm Cash

And check out the Paytm app must be updated to the latest version before using this Paytm Cadbury Offer. Users just follow the procedure provided below to get Free Paytm cash to their wallets.

How to Get Rs.10 Free Paytm Cash Instantly To Your Wallet?

1. First of all, click on the link given below to download or update the Paytm app to the latest version.

2. Then, open the Paytm app and scroll down until you see the Cadbury silk banner like below.

3. If you are not able to find the banner, Click Here to go to the Cadbury Silk offer page(open this link on the mobile device only).

4. After that, click on the “LET’S BEGIN” button on the banner and you will be redirected to the next page.

5. Here, you need to provide your details like Name, Email, Registered mobile number on Paytm, and Gender.

6. After that, click on “I am Indian citizen of 18 Years of age and click on the Next button on the Cadbury Offer website.

7. Then, You need to enter any of the names you love or simply provide any name and click on the Next button.

8. After that, write a message and click on the “LET’S CREATE MAGIC” button.

9. At last, click on the “Unlock Rewards” button and you will get Rs.10 Free Paytm cash within 48 hours.

10. The Free Paytm Cash will be credited to your Paytm Wallet mostly within 48 hours.

Final Steps & Description About Paytm Cadbury Offer:

Any users as Indian citizens and are above 18 years of age can be able to use this Paytm Cadbury Silk Offer for Free. Users will get Rs.10 Free Paytm cash on every registered Paytm number they have. Share this Paytm Cadbury Offer with your friends and family members.

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